The Pinkie Cooper Doll: Half Human, Half Dog, All Fabulous?

The man behind the Bratz dolls, Carter Bryant, aims for an interspecies hit.

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The guy who invented the Bratz dolls, Carter Bryant, is at it again, and he’s hit gold: A doll named Pinkie Cooper that’s part human, part dog, and attends New York City’s World of Original Fashion academy — WOOF, for short.

This thing should be … gangbusters?

Actually, we don’t know. We’re not 9. Do 9-year-olds like fashionable girl-dolls who look like dogs and in turn have their own dogs who look like their half-dog parts? Or rather, isn’t that exactly what they want?

You’ve got to admire Bryant’s spirit. His plan, according to CNNMoney, was to “create a doll that was sweet, cute, stylish and looked like [his sister’s] real Cocker Spaniel named Pinkie Cooper.”

He wanted to make a doll that looked like his sister’s dog. We love inventors.

Three girl-dog dolls are in the line. They are Pinkie Cooper, Ginger, and Pepper. We like how the names are equally “dog” and “girl” — will 8-year-olds like that? Which is to say, 8-year-olds who like their fashionable girl-dolls to have a bunch of dog in them?

The toy industry is ecstatic at the launch, which is expected in July.

“When you put a dog’s head on a human body, you’ve already crossed over to something that we haven’t seen before in fashion dolls,” Gerrick Johnson, toy industry analyst with BMO Capital Markets, told CNNMoney. “She’s an example of the risk and innovation that the toy industry badly needs right now.”

Jay Foreman, founder and CEO of Florida-based The Bridge Direct, which is producing the dolls, said, “Pinkie Cooper is our single biggest product launch in our four-year history.”

“She’s unusual. Like Bratz, she has the potential to break the mold,” he continued, but “ultimately our livelihood is based on the whims of 4- to 8-year-olds.”

Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Kmart have already placed their orders.

Of course, we could be a little wary of this — dogs are not playthings to be dressed up and forced to go to fashion school. Respect the canine, people! But that would be silly. Anyway, it’s sort of cute?

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