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Pet Supplies Plus Grooming Review 2024: Services, Prices, User Ratings and FAQs

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

Pet Supplies Plus Grooming Review 2024: Services, Prices, User Ratings and FAQs


Our Final Verdict

We give Pet Supplies Plus Grooming a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Services Offered
Ease of booking

It is difficult to find a good groomer, but if you have a Pet Supplies Plus in your area (and chances are that you do), they offer a wide range of grooming services. The downside is that they only groom dogs (wolf hybrids are a no-go, though). However, if you’re the owner of a lovely pup that’s in desperate need of grooming, this pet store could be your perfect fit.

Not only does Pet Supplies Plus offer the typical grooming services of baths, haircuts, and a good brush-out, but they also provide some pretty fancy extra treatments for your pup. Some of these include treatments to soften up rough paws and hair rejuvenation. Pet Supplies Plus seems to be all in on pampering your dog! And if you don’t want to drop them off at the groomers but still want to clean your pet up, you can use the available self-wash stations.


Pet Supplies Plus Grooming – A Quick Look

Pet Supplies Plus
Pet Supplies Plus (image Credit: Ed!(talk)(Hall of Fame), Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Only grooms dogs
  • Rare complaints about staff

  • Brand name: Pet Supplies Plus
  • Grooming: Dog only
  • Number of services offered: 22
  • How to book: Online, phone
  • Restricted breeds: Wolf hybrids
  • Length of time: Varies by breed, type of service purchased, and coat condition
  • Vaccinations needed: Yes

Types of Services Offered

The Pet Supplies Plus grooming department offers a wealth of services, mainly in the form of packages and add-ons.

  • Bath package – includes bath, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trim
  • Full-service package – includes bath, brushing, haircut, ear cleaning, and nail trim
  • Hair rejuvenation treatment – includes an argan spray and shampoo to increase shine and softness of coat
  • Luxury shampoos – includes lavender & chamomile, brightening, flea, and oatmeal
  • Medicated oatmeal treatment – designed to calm dry, itchy skin
  • Skin work treatment – designed to moisturize skin and soften calluses
  • De-shed treatment – includes a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner
  • Skunk treatment – designed to neutralize odors
  • Grapeseed oil paw revitalizer – includes grapeseed oil blend designed to soften rough paws
  • Paw wax application – designed to keep dogs’ paws safe from elements such as hot roads, sand, and gravel
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear cleaning plus nail cut and electronic nail file
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail trim/grind
  • Accessory – addition of bandana or bow after grooming
  • Gland cleaning
  • Express service groom
  • De-shed plus package – includes de-shedding shampoo and conditioner, plus either teeth brushing or electronic nail grind
  • De-shed deluxe package – includes de-shedding shampoo and conditioner, plus teeth brushing and electronic nail grind
  • Dog Spaw upgrade – includes your choice of luxury shampoo, nail grinding, and teeth brushing
  • Grooming VIP package – includes grapeseed oil paw revitalizer, hair rejuvenating package, skin-works treatment, teeth brushing, and nail grinding

They also offer a self-service wash where you can come in and wash your dog yourself.

woman grooming black dog
Image by: dotshock, Shutterstock

Booking & Cancellation

Pet Supplies Plus offers plenty of ease in booking and canceling appointments. Depending on the store, you can book online through their appointment scheduler (not all stores will have this option). Otherwise, you can phone for an appointment. Walk-ins are only available for quick services such as ear cleaning or nail trimming. You can schedule your appointment up to 90 days in advance.

Canceling your appointment can be done in the same way—either online or via phone—and should be done at least 24 hours in advance.

Groomer Training & Certification

Groomers at Pet Supplies Plus take a 4-week class to learn the ins and outs of dog grooming. To complete the course, they must take an exam and pass, plus undergo field practice where they groom dogs while an experienced groomer supervises. All groomers must also pass a yearly safety test with a perfect score.


One aspect of Pet Supplies Plus grooming services that’s a bit of a bummer is that not every store will offer grooming. You’ll need to go online and locate your store to find out if it does have a salon. You’ll also find that the days and hours that grooming services are offered vary by store, so you may run into your local store not having hours that suit you.



What vaccinations does my dog require to be groomed at Pet Supplies Plus?

Your dog must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination (although some states do require more vaccinations than that; you’ll need to contact your local store to see if anything else is needed). You’ll need to bring paperwork from your vet to prove your vaccination status.

dog getting a vaccine
Image by: Syda Productions, Shutterstock

If my dog isn’t up-to-date, can I get him vaccinated the day before his appointment?

Unfortunately, no. Your dog must’ve been vaccinated at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment, so it can be ensured that your dog hasn’t experienced any adverse reactions.

Can I bring the shampoo my dog regularly uses for her bath?

You can! But it must be a shampoo that’s been formulated specifically for dogs, and it must be in the original container. It also cannot be a shampoo used to treat fleas, ticks, mange, or mites.

Can I stay with my dog during grooming?

While you can’t stay right next to them, you can watch from outside the grooming area.

Does Pet Supplies Plus groom to breed standards?


What happens if I dislike the haircut given to my dog?

Let Pet Supplies Plus know, and they’ll do everything we can to fix the problem before you leave!

grooming shih tzu dog
Image by: Vershinin89, Shutterstock


What the Users Say

Finding out what other users of a service have to say is vital to decide if you’d trust the service as well. As such, we’ve looked at what people are saying about Pet Supplies Plus grooming services to discover the good and the bad.

The Good


Several people commented on how convenient the Pet Supplies Plus grooming services are. Getting in and out seems to be quick and easy, plus the self-wash stations seem to be a winner as they have several options and no time limit to them.


Most customers seem to find the grooming employees incredibly kind, helpful, and extremely talented in what they do.


Most people also seem pleased with the cost of getting their dogs groomed at Pet Supplies Plus. While the self-wash stations are super affordable, even the cost of regular grooming services doesn’t seem to get too astronomical.

The Less Good


While most people raved about the helpfulness and talent of the grooming employees, there were rare complaints too. These complaints mostly dealt with groomers accidentally nicking or scratching pets during grooming and doing little to nothing to rectify the situation. A few other complaints were about groomers adding services the customer hadn’t requested.



Overall, the grooming at Pet Supplies Plus seems to be quite good. Most customers seemed very happy with how well the staff could groom and how helpful they were. There were some complaints about accidental nicks or scratches on pets or extra services being added without permission, but these were few and far between. Experiences will likely vary by store. But groomers seem to be well-trained for the job, and they offer a wealth of services to clean up and pamper your pup.

Featured Image Credit: Pet Supplies Plus (Image Credit: Ed, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

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