Pet Peek Lets Dogs Spy on Things Through Your Fence

At last, there's a way to let your inquisitive dog see what's going on in the neighbor's yard.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

Why not give your dog a view through your backyard fence? After all, dogs are naturally curious, inquisitive creatures, so why not let them have their own little porthole into the outside world? That way dogs can see what’s going on without trying to tear down the wall (or, more accurately, dig holes under it)!

Pet Peek provides dogs with the ability to see through walls in a safe, attractive way. The plastic viewing bubbles are made from durable dog-proof materials and are self-installed, so you can place them exactly how you like. The domes are great for wood panels, vinyl fences, and drywall.

Animal advocate Carolin Best says she got the idea for Pet Peek while watching her own dogs run along the fence at her home in Colorado. She says it was a stroke of “simple genius” that led her to investigate how she could allow her dogs to see what was going on beyond the yard. Since Best started selling her Pet Peeks, people have found new uses for them, including as rocketship portholes for a kids’ museum in Massachusetts. They’ve also been used for dog houses and for doggie daycares.

We think we need some Pet Peeks for Dogster HQ!

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