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Paris Hilton Spends $13K on “Mr. Amazing,” a Pocket-Sized Pomeranian

In a totally unsurprising move, the heiress adds another furry tea cup something or other to her collection.

Anneli Rufus  |  Sep 15th 2014

For $13,000, Paris Hilton has just bought the world’s allegedly smallest Pomeranian. Alongside a photograph of the adorable little snowball — which, at 11.6 ounces, weighs less than the average grapefruit — Hilton tweeted: “just ordered this aaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Because, you know, punctuation. And “ordered,” as one would a sandwich. And, ahem, “this.” [Editor’s Note: Sigh. We wake up screaming.]


Granted, Hilton in a subsequent tweet called her new purse passenger, purchased from Canadian breeder Betty’s Tea Cup Yorkies, “my lil love.” As for why she didn’t conscientiously adopt a totally cute shelter dog, girlfriend is worth $100 million and also didn’t conscientiously buy a totally cute Goodwill swimsuit. So we’ll file this under disappointing-but-not-terribly-surprising news.



Although the puppy’s original name is Mr. Amazing, Hilton hopes to change it — tweeting, “He’s so perfect! I need the perfect name for him!” then soliciting suggestions, because while Paris can be snipped into countless fetching nicknames (Par, for example, and Is), how in blazes to abbreviate Mr. Amazing? Misty? Gender confusion, helloooo. Jessica Alba named her Pom pal Lucky; Keanu Reeves named his Fluffy; Sir Isaac Newton named his Diamond; Queen Victoria had many, but named three of them Marco, Beppo and Lulu.

Thoughts on Ms. Hilton’s latest acquisition?

Photos via Paris Hilton’s Instagram page.