Overstock.com Features Adoptable Pets? Who Knew?

We finally noticed a neat feature of the shopping giant: It advertises pets for adoptions from shelters and rescues around the country.

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Usually I only visit Overstock.com when I’m looking for something like a tool set and I’ve been putting in serious time at the computer, comparison shopping and reading reviews until I’m repeatedly punching myself in the head. Why do we have to become experts on every silly thing we buy? Why do we need to figure out the best vacuum or the best microwave or the best multifunction screwdriver for the money? How can a single negative review from Tom from Phoenix suddenly change my whole thinking about car wax, something I haven’t thought about for more than 10 minutes in my whole life prior to the SIX FULL HOURS I researched it on a recent Sunday?

Screw car wax! I hate computers.

Anyway: Overstock. I was there. And I noticed some overstock pet adoptions the site was advertising. Yes: Overstock, which touts “quality products at the best prices possible,” has a pet adoption page. Confused, I scanned the page and noticed these remarkable words:

At Overstock.com, we believe every life is valuable. That’s why we’ve figured out how to use our technology to help the lives of homeless and abandoned pets. We’re providing this as a public service because a world where there are no homeless pets is a better place to be.

Cue the trumpets! What a wonderful thing, Overstock. Really: This is just the kind of moment of zen that needs to be inserted into your typically insane binge-researching session that shoppers looking for deals submit regularly themselves to. Sometimes the decision to adopt comes at a most unlikely time, such as when you’re looking for a twin bed with a headboard in white.

Along with a search technology that features hundreds of pets, photos, and the contact info of the rescues and shelters who have the animals, the page also features articles like “Adoption success stories,” “All about adopting cats,” “All about adopting dogs,” and one we particularly like: “5 reasons to adopt an older pet.”

In a way, it makes perfect sense. In a system flush with pets, the dogs and cats in shelters can be considered overstock. The people at Overstock.com are simply helping clear out the inventory. Good for them.

Read more about rescue on Dogster:

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