OK Dogs, Who Farted?!

A fart rings out, and the hunt is on for the dog who dealt it.


Owning a dog means confronting your own humanity. Dogs don’t care if it’s socially unacceptable to flatulate in a room full of diner guests — all that matters to a dog is living life in the moment, as it comes. Which includes passing gas. The dog farts, the room goes silent, and the dog wags his tail at the sudden attention he receives. No matter how toxic the fumes, you can’t begrudge a dog his bodily functions. So everyone laughs instead, because they’re glad they aren’t responsible for the faux pas. Blame it on the dog, who bears the burden with no shame.

But sometimes dogs have funny reactions to farts, like this dog who thinks the sounds of a fart machine are her own confused creation. Sometimes dogs are genuinely startled by their own farts, stirring themselves from their own slumber, as if awaking to an earthquake.

So let’s see if these dogs can solve the mystery of who farted?

Whoa! What was that?

Something just happened!

Did you hear it?

I heard it!

I didn’t hear it, but I can smell it.

Yikes, that smells bad!

I think it was this guy.

Or maybe it was the baby.

Or the cat.

Oh no — wait. Yeah. It was definitely me.

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