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10 Off-Leash Dog Parks in France You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Dogster Team

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10 Off-Leash Dog Parks in France You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024

Traveling with your dog can be both an exciting and challenging experience. One of the challenges many dog parents face when abroad is finding dog-friendly establishments and parks to make sure their canine friends don’t spend the whole trip cooped up. To add to this, not speaking the language can make it even harder to find out if your dog is welcome in a certain place or not.

To help you prepare in advance for your trip to France with your pooch, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best parks with off-leash areas where your dog can safely let off some steam.

Before we get started, please note that the law in France restricts certain breeds from entering the country. Some dogs are permitted but must be muzzled. Please check website1 (official page in French) and petraveller.com2 (English) for more information.

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The 10 Off-Leash Dog Parks in France

1.  Square Pour Chiens Rue Bonaparte, Paris

️ Address: 898, All. du Séminaire, 75006, Paris 
Open Times: 24 hours
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Off-leash allowed in a fenced-in area.
  • In the 6th arrondissement of Paris, which was home to many famous writers and artists and is an area known for its vibrancy, diversity, and quant vibes.
  • A nice spot for socializing with other dog owners (and practicing your French, of course!).

2.  Dog Park at Jardin Compans Caffarelli, Toulouse

️ Address: Boulevard Lascrosses, Toulouse, 31000 
Open Times: 1st November to 28th February: 8.00–18.00, 1st March to 31st May: 8.00—20.00, 1st June to 31st August: 8.00–21.00
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Off-leash permitted in a fenced-off area.
  • The Toulouse tourist website does not list opening hours for September for this park, so it may close in September—you can call the park to check this.
  • Poop bags can be found in dispensers.
  • The Japanese garden within the park is off-limits to dogs.

3. Bois de Vincennes, Paris

️ Address: Rte de la Pyramide, 12th Arrondissement, 75012, Paris 
Open Times: 24 hours (woods)
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • A beautiful wooded area with large areas for dogs to run freely.
  • Located in the 12th arrondissement, which is home to the market street, Rue d’Aligre as well as various museums, the Place de la Bastille opera house, and Lafayette’s tomb.
  • Great views and hiking trails.

4. Parc Castel des Deux Rois, Nice

️ Address: 32 Avenue du Mont Alban, 06300, Nice 
Open Times: April 1st to 31st May: 8.00–19.00, 1st June to 31st August: 8.00–20.00, 1st–30th September: 8.00–19.00, 1st October to 31st March: 8.00–18.00
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Gorgeous views of the Bay of Angels.
  • Off-leash allowed in a spacious fenced-off area.
  • A great park for kids and families, with a playground, amusement park, sprinklers, and palm-tree-lined walking trails.

5. Parc de l’Orangerie, Strasbourg

️ Address: Parc de l’Orangerie, 67000, Strasbourg
Open Times: 7.00–20.00
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Dogs are allowed off-leash in certain areas of the park
  • This is the oldest park in town, and planting may have started in the early 19th century
  • Here, you can find the Josephine Pavillion, a historical monument that was burned down in 1968 and was later reconstructed

6. Parc de La Tête D’or, Lyon

️ Address: Place Générale Leclerc, 69006, Lyon
Open Times: 15th April to 14th October: 6.30–22.30, 15th October to 14th April: 6:30–20.30
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Dogs are allowed off-leash in designated areas.
  • Here, you will find two special areas for dogs—one for puppies and small dogs and one for large dogs.
  • There are plenty of activities to get involved in at this park, including taking a tourist train around the park or a boat ride on the lake, quad pedaling, mini-karting, and mini-boating.

7. Vallée De L’Eure à Uzès, Uzès

️ Address: 30700, Uzès
Open Times: 24 hours
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • A beautiful river valley with walking trails for strolling and hiking.
  • A safe area away from traffic.
  • Keep an eye out for Roman remains.

8. Le Parc du Docteur Jean Guillard, Nice

️ Address: 15 bis, Avenue de la Clua, 06100, Nice 
Open Times: November to March: 10.00–17.00, April to October: 9.00–19.00, closed in August
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • Dogs are allowed off-leash in the dog playground.
  • You can find poop bag dispensers at this park.
  • Vast city views.

9. Jardin Royale, Toulouse

️ Address: Angle Rue Ozenne et Allées, Jules Guesde, 31000, Toulouse 
Open Times: 1st November to 28th February: 8.00–18.00, 1st March to 31st May: 8.00–20.00, 1st June to 31st August: 8.00 to 21.00
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • The website does not list opening hours for September, so the park may be closed during this time.
  • Two dog off-leash areas.
  • Poop bags are provided by dispensers.
  • This was the first public garden in Toulouse and dates back to 1754.

10. Parc à Chiens, La Madeleine

️ Address: Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc, 59110, La Madeleine 
Open Times: 7.00–22.00
Cost: Free
Off-Leash: Yes
  • A safe space for dogs to run free and socialize.
  • Picnic areas available.
  • Poop bags and drinking water are available for dogs.
  • This park has received many excellent reviews, with particular praise for its cleanliness, thoughtful provision of poop bags at the entrance, shady spots, and benches.

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So, if you’re planning to visit France anytime soon, we hope you’ve found this guide useful. One thing we’d recommend is making sure to bring your own poop bags because though many dog-friendly parks generously provide dispensers, there’s no guarantee these won’t run out! Also, remember to double-check and always respect the park’s rules on where dogs can be off-leash to make sure you don’t run into trouble. Bon voyage!

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