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Supersize Your Fun With These Newfoundland Puppy Pictures!

Written by: Melvin Peña

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Dogster Team


Supersize Your Fun With These Newfoundland Puppy Pictures!

Say the word “Newfoundland” aloud. Feel your mind expand as you contemplate one of two vast, expansive, and beautiful visions. In the first, perhaps you are captivated by scenic vistas, encompassing broad, untouched, and unspoiled swaths of nature. Maybe you are filled with admiration for the physicality, long hours, and constant labor of people seeking the treasures of the sea in Canadian fishing villages.

Image Credit: Claude Huot, Shutterstock.

The other likely scenario is that your thoughts turn to the contemplation of Newfoundland dogs, for centuries the constant companions of those northern anglers and fisherfolk. Newfoundland puppies grow very quickly from tiny, adorable puffballs like young Coco here into creatures of almost unbelievable bulk and power.

Photo by coco_the_newfie on Instagram.

They grow up so fast!

The rapid growth rate of Newfoundland puppies — affectionately known as “Newfies,” or simply “Newfs” — is really astounding. King’s black and white coat pattern is the hallmark of a Landseer Newfoundland puppy. He is still quite young and will still fit comfortably next to you on the couch or in your lap. Enjoy these precious moments while you can!

Photo by tizay16 on Instagram.

Our next Newfoundland puppy is named Lord Vader, and he’s only four months old! Don’t let the ominous moniker fool you; a Newfoundland puppy would never go over to the dark side. An imposing physical presence and a freshly groomed head of hair, which resembles a helmet, are the only things Lord Vader shares with his ill-fated namesake.

Photo by lordvadernewfie on Instagram.

In the blink of an eye, Newfoundland puppies go from sitting in your lap to taking up most of your living room. Lord Vader is already a beast at four months. Next up, weighing in at a healthy 88 pounds, is Flynn, who appears to be a fully grown dog. Would you believe — can you even comprehend — that Flynn is just 11 months old? Nor is he finished growing. An adult Newfie can tip the scales at anywhere between 120 and 180 pounds!

Photo by mindypea on Instagram.

An active Newfie is a happy Newfie

With consistent and positive training, Newfoundland puppies are widely reputed for their friendliness, gentleness, and even demeanor. It’s a well-established fact that regular exercise not only makes bodies healthier, but is vital to maintaining a calm perspective. This is as true for Newfoundland puppies as it is for humans. Jarvis is waiting patiently by the door. Won’t you join him for a romp outside?

Photo by _king_jarvis_ on Instagram.

Rocco is also longing for a nice stretch. The eyes of these Newfoundland puppies are so expressive, they almost seem to speak. Newfoundland puppies have long been known as active working dogs. Not even the most inclement conditions deter Newfies from aching to be outdoors. Their large, powerful bodies and thick double coats mean they are ready for whatever in any kind of weather.

Photo by bexhal on Instagram.

It’s impossible to gaze into these Newfoundland puppies’ faces and not feel a dull pang of regret tempering all of the joy. Why? Because you can’t just reach into the photo and give each adorable, fluffy baby puppy a big bear hug! It’s probably for the best. As a lifelong dog owner, I readily admit I can barely handle one medium-sized dog at a time, much less a parade of Newfoundlands, each needing love and attention.

Photo by jayrenee6 on Instagram.

Everything’s more fun with friends!

One of the best things about cute puppy pictures is that I get to feel all of the love and have none of the associated responsibilities. How many Newfoundland puppies would make you truly happy under these conditions? Let’s go completely nuts and imaginatively spend several hours with a wagon-load of Newfies! Look at the little baby puppy with his tongue lolling out! He’s up to mischief!

Photo posted by newfoundlandsofinstagram on Instagram.

How about two different breeds, both with reputations as gentle giants, having a laugh in the sunshine? Here’s Cousteau the Newfoundland puppy and pal Samson the baby Mastiff. In this photo, they are preserved as tiny and precious forever. In reality, it won’t be long before their owners are swimming in drool.

Photo by justalexbreed on Instagram.

Whenever I see photos of puppies playing together, I start daydreaming about the adventures they’re having. A little red wagon swarming with Newfoundland puppies seems like the start of a legendary quest. A Newfie and a Mastiff suggests a hilarious buddy comedy. Now we have Thunder the Newfoundland puppy and Milo the Boston Terrier, gazing intently into the distance. This is certainly a gritty, but ultimately redemptive, crime drama.

Photo by thunderbumblethenewf on Instagram.

Newfie puppies: poetry in motion

Little Landseer puppy in the garden by Shutterstock.

Newfoundlands have been inspiring storytellers, poets, and artistic minds of all sorts for hundreds of years. Our final Newfoundland puppy is Alexis, a Landseer Newfoundland. This coat coloration derives its name from its frequent depiction in the paintings of Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873). Check out some of Landseer’s evocative and moving portraits of the dogs who bear his name.

Are you a fan of Newfoundland puppies? Have you raised and loved Newfies all your life? What is your favorite thing about these amazing dogs? Is it the contrast of their unwieldy size with their gentle nature? Share your photos, stories, and Newfoundland fan art in the comments!

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