Natural Balance Adds Canned Foods to Their Recall List

Hold onto your pet food bowls; it looks like we may be entering another round of recalls. Several pet food companies are accusing American Nutrition,...
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Hold onto your pet food bowls; it looks like we may be entering another round of recalls. Several pet food companies are accusing American Nutrition, a packager like Menu Pet, of adding rice protein concentrate to their products without telling them. This may be another long recall day.

Here’s a novel idea. What if so-called pet food companies actually produced their own food? You know, as in had a factory, oversaw the quality, that sort of thing? Otherwise, how can ANY of us trust the food they brand and sell? We can’t. Heck, according to this and the other recent recalls, the people who pay to have this stuff canned or packaged can’t trust the people they pay to produce it. So how can we trust Natural Balance or any other company that has no real control over their packaging process?

As for me, if I find out that a company is not the packager of its own food or treats, I am making a point of avoiding those products, no matter who says they are okay. The bottom line to pet food companies — make it yourself or I cross you off the list of what I give my furbabies.

Thanks to Nika for barking this in and Itchmo for covering it.

Here is the announcement from the Natural Balance site.

Breaking Voluntary Recall News:
Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Our canned food manufacturer, American Nutrition, from Ogden Utah, just informed us that they are recalling all canned products made in their plant that contain rice protein concentrate. American Nutrition continued by telling us that they added this ingredient to four of our canned products without our knowledge or consent. The four products involved are:

Chicken Formula Canned Dog Food 13 oz
Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food 13 oz
Beef Formula Canned Dog Food 13 oz
Ocean Fish Formula Canned Cat Food 3 oz & 6 oz

There have been no illnesses reported related to feeding these formulas, however, to comply with the American Nutrition recall of the four products, we are pulling all dates and batches of these four formulas. We also ask that our customers return unused product for a full credit to their store.

To make sure that this does not happen in the future, we are demanding from each of our co-manufacturers daily production record of all of our formulas before they are shipped to us and written certification of NO rice protein or any deviation of our formulas. We have reviewed all of our other products and determined that they are free of rice protein concentrate and that all of our other product labels are accurate.

Products NOT involved in the recall are:

Ultra Premium Formula Dry Dog Food
Reduced Calorie Formula Dry Dog Food
Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat Food
Reduced Calorie Formula Dry Cat Food
Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Food
Potato & Duck Formula Dry Dog Food
Organic Formula Dry Dog Food
Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food

Roll-A-Rounds Dog Treats
Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Treats
Potato & Duck Formula Treats
Crunch-E-Bones TreatsDOG FOOD ROLLS
Turkey Formula Dog Food Rolls
Beef Formula Dog Food Rolls
Lamb Formula Dog Food Rolls

Liver Formula canned dog food
Duck and Potato Formula canned dog food
Sweet Potato & Fish canned dog food
Eatables Irish Stew canned dog food
Eatables Hobo Chili canned dog food
Eatables Southern Style Dumplins with Gravy
Eatables Chinese Take-Out W/Sauce
Ultra Formula canned cat food
Turkey & Giblets Formula canned cat food
Venison & Green Pea canned cat food
Chicken &Liver Pate Formula canned cat food
Tuna w/ Shrimp Formula canned cat food
Salmon Formula canned cat food
Indoor Cat Formula canned cat food

Lamb Formula Frozen Loaf
Beef Formula Frozen Loaf
Chicken Formula Frozen Loaf
Raw Chicken Formula
Raw Beef Formula


4/26/07: We Have Recalled the Following Products:
Venison and Brown Rice Dry Dog Formula
Venison and Brown Rice Canned Dog Food
Venison & Brown Rice Formula Dog Treats
Venison and Green Pea Dry Cat Formula
Chicken Formula Canned Dog Food
Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food
Beef Formula Canned Dog Food
Ocean Fish Formula Canned Cat Food

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