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Member’s Mark Dog Food Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Recalls, & FAQ

Written by: Jessica Rossetti

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Dogster Team

Member’s Mark Dog Food - Featured Image

Member’s Mark Dog Food Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Recalls, & FAQ

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Member’s Mark dog food a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. 

Member’s Mark is the brand of Sam’s Club. Named after its founder, Sam Walton, Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart. The Member’s Mark dog food is sold in large bags for a bargain price, appealing to dog owners who want to buy a good quality dog food in bulk. Owners of multiple dogs like this option, and those who shop at the store regularly find that buying their dog’s food there is convenient.

Since Member’s Mark is Sam’s Club’s brand, it’s only available for purchase at Sam’s Club. You can find some bags online from other sellers but likely for a higher price than at the store. To shop at Sam’s Club, you are encouraged to purchase a yearly membership to enjoy the bargain prices. If you don’t purchase this membership, you can still shop at the store, but you’ll be charged a service fee on your purchase total.

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At a Glance: The Best Member’s Mark Dog Food Recipes:

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Member’s Mark Chicken & Rice Dog Food Member’s Mark Chicken & Rice Dog Food
  • Contains a essential vitamins and nutrients
  • No added Fillers or artificial preservatives
  • Includes a useful feeding guide on back
  • Second place
    Member's Mark Dog Food, Lamb & Rice Member's Mark Dog Food, Lamb & Rice
  • Provides balanced nutrition
  • Real lamb is the first ingredient
  • High in protein
  • Third place
    Member's Mark Puppy Food Member's Mark Puppy Food
  • Supports puppies’ healthy growth
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Nothing artificial added
  • Member's Mark Grain-Free Dog Food Member's Mark Grain-Free Dog Food
  • High in protein from real meat sources
  • Contains fatty acids for healthy coats and skin
  • Easy to digest
  • Member’s Mark Dog Food Reviewed

    Member’s Mark dog food uses high-quality ingredients and real meat, like chicken, lamb, and salmon. It contains essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and uses no artificial fillers or preservatives.

    Who Makes Member’s Mark Dog Food and Where Is It Produced?

    Member’s Mark dog food is made in the United States. It’s rumored to be produced by Purina, but there is no real evidence of this being true or false.

    bernese mountain dog eating
    Image by: Kristesoro, Shutterstock

    Which Type of Dog Is Member’s Mark Dog Food Best Suited For?

    Member’s Mark dog food is best suited for a healthy dog without any specific medical concerns. The food is geared toward average healthy dogs and puppies. There are also grain-free options.

    Which Type of Dog Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

    If your dog requires a specific diet, a different brand may offer what they need. For example, Member’s Mark doesn’t include specific foods for dogs with allergies, kidney issues, or urinary tract issues. This doesn’t mean that the food won’t be suitable for dogs with health issues, but it’s always best to speak with your vet before switching your dog’s food. Dogs that need a more tailored diet might do better with another brand. There are options for dogs with special concerns, like Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food or Royal Canin Renal Support Dry Dog Food.

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    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    The ingredients in Member’s Mark dog food offer quality nutrition with a great taste. Here are a few of the main ingredients that the brand uses in its recipes.

    Chicken, Lamb, or Salmon

    While real meat is used in the recipes and is always the first ingredient in each bag, the chicken is chicken meal. This means it’s a concentrated form of chicken that contains more protein than fresh chicken.

    One thing to be aware of is that chicken meal is present in the lamb and rice flavor. If your dog is allergic to poultry, it’s best to carefully read the ingredients of any food to make sure chicken isn’t in the recipe.

    Dog eating in a dog bowl
    Image by: Karsten Wineagart, Unsplash

    Menhaden Fish Meal

    Dogs get protein and fat from menhaden fish meal. It’s also a great source of omega fatty acids and fish oil. This gives dogs healthy skin and coats.

    Brown Rice

    Brown rice is less starchy than white rice and gives your dog an easily digestible carbohydrate for energy.


    Barley provides a starchy carb along with nutrients and fiber.

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    A Quick Look at Member’s Mark Dog Food

    • High in protein from real meat sources
    • Contains fatty acids for healthy coats and skin
    • Easy to digest
    • Available in large bags for bulk buying
    • Reasonable price
    • No specialized diets for health issues
    • Large bags may be difficult to properly store
    • Only available at Sam’s Club for a bargain price

    Recall History

    There has been a small number of recalls issued for the brand regarding Member’s Mark Beef Stick Dog Treats. A recall was issued by Sam’s Club for these products with a certain UPC and sold since March 1, 2021. There was a concern that the treats may contain metal.

    In August of 2023, there was a voluntary recall of Member’s Mark Chicken and Rice Recipe Dog Food (35-lb and 40-lb bags) that were produced at the Nacogdoches, Texas, facility because of the risk of Salmonella.

    More recently, Mid America Pet Food at the Mount Pleasant facility in Texas had to, again, voluntarily recall certain recipes (Member’s Mark, Beef & Brown Rice Recipe and Member’s Mark, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe) on October 30, 2023, due to the potential of Salmonella as well.

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    Reviews of the 3 Best Member’s Mark Dog Food Recipes

    1. Member’s Mark Exceed Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

    Member's Mark Exceed Dry Dog Food

    The Chicken & Rice Adult Dog food is available in a 35-pound bag. The food meets the nutritional standards put in place by the AAFCO and contains essential vitamins and nutrients. Your dog gets properly balanced servings of protein, calcium, fiber, and vitamins. Vitamin E is included for healthy skin and coat, along with cell health and eye function. There are no by-products in the recipe.

    Real chicken is the first ingredient, followed by chicken meal. Lamb meal, menhaden fish meal, and eggs are added to boost the protein content and keep your dog satisfied. Some dog owners claim that this food has a fishy smell and that their dogs don’t like it.

    • Large bag is good for bulk buying and multiple dogs
    • Balanced nutrition
    • Real meat is the first ingredient
    • Fishy odor

    2. Member’s Mark Exceed Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

    Member's Mark Exceed Dry Dog Food, Lamb & Rice

    The Lamb & Rice formula is similar to the chicken and rice, but lamb and lamb meal are included in the recipe. This may seem like a good option for dogs that are allergic or have sensitivities to poultry, but it contains chicken meal too. Like the chicken and rice formula, this food provides a balanced diet with essential nutrients.

    • Provides balanced nutrition
    • Real lamb is the first ingredient
    • High in protein
    • Not a good option for dogs that are allergic to poultry

    3. Member’s Mark Exceed Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food

    Member's Mark Exceed Dry Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice

    The Chicken & Brown Rice Puppy formula comes in a 20-pound bag and provides high-quality nutrition for your puppy. Real chicken is the first ingredient. Brown rice promotes gentle digestion for puppies’ sensitive systems. They get balanced servings of calcium, fiber, protein, and vitamins for healthy growth. There are no artificial preservatives or fillers added.

    • Supports puppies’ healthy growth
    • Balanced nutrition
    • Nothing artificial added
    • The bag is smaller than some other flavors

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    What Other Users Are Saying

    • All Pets Advisor — “Member’s Mark dog food contains only the highest quality ingredients.”
    • The Cold Wire — “Member’s Mark, being a successful brand, is able to provide dog food that your pet loves at an affordable price.”
    • Amazon — One of the best ways that dog owners can find out about certain dog foods is to read what other dog owners are saying about them. You can read more about Member’s Mark dog food here.

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    Final Thoughts

    Member’s Mark dog food offers quality nutrition at a bargain price, which is great for those who like to buy in bulk or have multiple dogs to feed. If you’re already a Sam’s Club member, you can pick this food up when you do your regular shopping.

    If you’d like to purchase this food outside of a Sam’s Club, you may be able to find it on some websites, but the price will be considerably higher. You can also purchase this food from the store without a membership, but you’ll have to pay a fee.

    The recipes include real meat and fish, easily digestible carbs, and healthy fats to give your dog the nutrition that they need. However, Member’s Mark doesn’t include specialized diets. If your dog needs more tailored nutrition, you will be better off looking for another brand.

    Overall, Member’s Mark dog food is a great option for healthy dogs that don’t need extra care in their diet. It’s a healthy food that will give your dog a balanced meal.

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