Magic Bullet Fund Aids Canines with Cancer

This in from Maybe it can help some Dogsters. The Magic Bullet Fund Giving dogs with cancer a fighting chance to survive In July...


Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

This in from Maybe it can help some Dogsters.

The Magic Bullet Fund Giving dogs with cancer a fighting chance to survive

In July of 2004, JanGen Press published a book called Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.” The author searched for a charitable organization to which she might donate a portion of proceeds, she was looking for an organization that finances treatment for cancer dogs anywhere in the U.S. when caretakers cant afford the costs. Not finding such an organization, she created one under the umbrella of the Perseus Foundation and named it the Magic Bullet Fund, after her own lymphoma survivor, Bullet.

Research projects and clinical trials abound in the field of canine cancer, partially because of the value that this work may have toward the cure, treatment and management of human cancer. Ongoing projects and trials are conducted within the veterinary and medical communities. But to the caretaker of a dog with cancer, the primary objective in treating that dog is not to advance medical science. It is to spare or prolong the life of the companion that they love. The Magic Bullet Fund brings the issue of canine cancer from the laboratory, pharmaceutical company and veterinary clinic into the home of the caretaker.

The Magic Bullet Fund has launched into operation and is fulfilling its mission. Currently, four dogs are in treatment through the fund. Regal in New Jersey is in chemotherapy for lymphoma, Potsy in Colorado had surgery and radiation therapy for malignant melanoma, Chloe in California had chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and Emma in NY is having chemotherapy for lymphoma. Educational objectives of the Magic Bullet Fund are to inform caretakers about canine cancer prevention and to promote responsible guardianship, including regular at-home checkups and medical insurance plans.

The Magic Bullet Fund helps those who have made room in their homes and in their hearts for a canine companion but who do not have the resources to provide treatment for their pet with cancer. The fund helps those who would be heartbroken watching their pets succumb to this disease without making an effort to fight it. Donations are needed so that the fund will be able to give more dogs a fighting chance to survive cancer.

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