Landlord Arrested for Throwing Dog Poop into Tenant’s Home

Anytime there's an odd story about dog poop, I have to bring it to you, Dogsters. I think we can all usually identify with one...
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Anytime there’s an odd story about dog poop, I have to bring it to you, Dogsters. I think we can all usually identify with one side or the other each time. Here’s an odd little Monday morning addition to our growing Dog Poop Hall of Fame.

An Ohio landlord is chilling out in jail after getting hot under the collar about poop left on the flat rooftop porch of a tenant with six dogs. Apparently the tenant “walks” his dogs on the rooftop. When the landlord saw large amounts of trash on the roof, and piles of poop everywhere, he became upset. The tenant says the garbage was strewn around because the dogs broke into the garbage bag, and that the poop had been hidden in the snow, and was only obvious because the snow had melted.

According to reports, the landlord started yelling at the tenant, who called police. They came by, and told the landlord to leave, saying he had no business there, even though he owned the property. According to the Morning Journal, the tenant called police 19 minutes later, saying the landlord threw dog poop into his home.

Police found the landlord on the rooftop with a shovel, throwing garbage cans, loose trash, and poop, the Morning Journal reports. They arrested him and charged him with all sorts of things. Scooping the poop was not one of them.

I would not like to be a landlord whose roof was covered with dog poop, and to be told by cops there was nothing I could do about it. What do you think, Dogsters? Did he overreact? Can you understand his frustration? What should he have done?

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