K9 Magazine Accuses Scottish Kennel Club Selling Out Over New Dangerous Dogs Proposal

Are you watching Breed Specific Legislation around the world? If so, check out the recent post by the ever-watchful Ryan O'Meara of K9 Magazine. Scottish...


Are you watching Breed Specific Legislation around the world? If so, check out the recent post by the ever-watchful Ryan O’Meara of K9 Magazine.

Scottish Dog Owners Have Been Sold Out Over new Dangerous Dogs Proposal
16 Jan
Posted by Ryan O’Meara as Dangerous Dogs, Social Issues, Canine Columns

A prominent daily newspaper in Scotland is calling them ASBOS for dangerous dogs.

The Kennel Club is calling it A step in the right direction.

Were calling it a complete and utter sell out of dogs, dog owners and the victims of dog attacks.

Ever hear the one about the organisation who claims to be anti breed specific legislation but believes it wouldnt be practical to do away with the section in the dangerous dogs act which, wait for it., bans breeds?

Apparently the current political climate is not right for the elements of the Dangerous Dogs Act that legislate against dog breeds to be challenged.

Instead though a step in the right direction is how a proposal which will do nothing to prevent unsuitable people getting or producing unsuitable dogs, is being described.

A proposal that will not stop people being attacked or killed. A proposal which is nothing more than a weak, pathetic capitulation to the political view than certain dog breeds are dangerous. A proposal which would NOT have prevented ANY of the three children who have lost their lives to dog attacks over the past 16 months from happening. A proposal which will not reduce dog attacks in anyway. A proposal which claims to be about prevention but actually does nothing to prevent.

So how does this work exactly?

If youre like me you might have a reasonably simplistic view on breed specific legislation. You might think to yourself that either BSL is a good, effective thing. Or it is a bad, non effective thing. You might hold the pretty clear cut opinion that bans on dog breeds are right or they are wrong. It either works, or it doesnt. So that may leave you asking, what, exactly, does the current climate have to do with anything? A law is either good or bad. The political climate is irrelevant.

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