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Julius K9 Longwalk Dog Harness Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Amanda Jaeger

Last Updated on July 23, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Julius K9 Longwalk Dog Harness Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Julius K9 Longwalk Harness a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 4.5/5
Design: 4.9/5
Value: 4.5/5

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What Is Julius K9 Longwalk Harness? How Does It Work?

Certain dogs just need a good harness. I’m talking about dogs who get excited at any “w” word just in case it means going for a walk. Call them walkers. Call them runners. Call them athletic. These are dogs who simply need something that’s going to last while keeping them comfortable, wherever their owners take them.

AKA my dogs. Zeta and Blanche are both Standard Poodles. At a year and a half, they’re full-grown puppies who cannot contain their excitement if they even think the front door is going to open and let them out to the rest of the world. We’ve tried several different harnesses in the past that have been okay-ish. So I was excited to try this one out to see how it compared. Spoil alert: it’s our favorite.

The Julius K9 Longwalk harness was created with a smart design in mind. The creators knew that some dogs need long walks, and these dogs will want the same comfort their humans get with a good-fitting pair of shoes.

Julius K9 is a Hungarian company founded by Gyula Sebő and his wife Anikó Bakos in 1997. Like many great ideas, they started in their garage, developing ideas to improve on the current equipment for dogs. They’ve dedicated their business to pet welfare innovations so that dog owners everywhere can care for their dogs with respectful responsibility.

zeta with julius k9 longwalk harness

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness – A Quick Look

  • Lightweight
  • Designed for cleaner walks
  • Durable fabric
  • Easy adjustment straps/buckles
  • Only one leash point

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness Pricing

Julius K9 is generous with their sizing options for the Longwalk harness. If you’ve got yourself an adorable tiny terrier, you’ll be happy to see that they offer a 2XS, ensuring you won’t have to worry about it slipping off easily. For all you big extra large dog owners, they also offer up to a 2XL. Most of these sizes, you can currently purchase right on the Julius K9 website.

While this may seem on the higher end when it comes to dog harnesses, after testing it out with my two, I’d say the quality is well worth the price tag.

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness Contents

blanche wearing julius k9 longwalk harness

  • Innovative DuoFlex system
  • Interchangeable hoop and loop patch
  • Adjustable and openable straps
  • Chest hook and loop fastener
  • Neoprene Lining
  • Super-Grip Handle
  • Bag and torch attachment (Optional)

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness: Quality

The quality of this harness is outstanding. Not only is the fabric soft and durable, but simply holding it feels like it’ll be my dogs’ favorite outfit to always put on. Even with little padding, it feels comfortable. The stitching feels like it will hold for a lifetime, and the velcro straps are easier to adjust than other harnesses we have tried in the past.

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness: Design

Clearly, Julius K9 have done their due diligence with the lightweight design of this harness. The padding on the back is a thin, micro-vibration absorber, protecting your dog’s joints as they move. The chest padding is even thinner, which means your dog can walk through parks, woods, puddles… you name it, and they’re not going to drag back a harness soaked with mud or water. There’s also a durable handle, so if your dog is like my Zeta, it makes it easier to hold them back from chasing squirrels. Or birds. Or stray shadows.

My favorite part has to be the four adjustment points and two strong buckles. I can easily adjust the size of this harness to fit both Zeta, who is a little stocky, and Blanche, who is more fluff than meat. The velcro adjustments make it so much easier to ensure snug fit for both of them.

zeta lying on the concrete ground wearing julius k9 longwalk harness

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness: Variety

The Longwalk harness has four different colors to choose from. Three options are dark gray with a highlighted area of a secondary color (either blue, red, or black). The fourth color option is neon green.

What’s more impressive is the variety in sizes. This harness comes in every size from 2XS to 2XL, and with the adjustable straps, I’m willing to bet you can find a size that will literally work on any sized dog in any breed you can imagine.

Julius K9 Longwalk Harness: Leash Attachments

Currently, the Julius K9 only has one leash attachment on the back, which works great. This provides the utmost control over your pooch while on outings.

blance wearing julius k9 longwalk harness with leash

Is Julius K9 Longwalk Harness a Good Value?

Without question, the Julius K9 Longwalk Harness is a fantastic value. Not only is it designed to keep dogs comfortable during long walks, but it’s also built like a dream. We’ve gone through harnesses before. Some Blanche has eaten through. Some, Zeta has worn out. But I get the feeling that this is one that will last them a very long time. I can only imagine how many adventures we’ll have in the park, around the neighborhood, or visiting the city.  Plus, if they get a little bigger or lose any weight, it’ll still fit them.

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How durable is the Julius K9 Longwalk Harness?

Extremely. As stated above, we’ve tried several different harnesses in the past, and I don’t think any of them compared to the fabric and design of this harness.

Is it easy to adjust?

Yes! It took me less than 5 minutes to figure out the right straps and pulls to pull on to adjust. Once I figured it out, it was super easy to make the velcro straps shorter for Blanche, and give a little extra room for Zeta.

What size will fit my dog?

This depends on your dog’s measurements. However, to give you an idea, both of my dogs fit well in a size Large, which displays the versatility of their sizing since both dogs have different body types. These are their measurements:

  • Neck: 15 in
  • Chest: 25.5 in
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Neck: 13.5 in
  • Chest: 24 in
  • Weight: 40 lbs

Will my dog get out of the harness?

The answer to this comes down to: maybe. Like any harness, it may be possible for a dog who is backing up and an owner who pulls back just the right (wrong) way. That being said, if you adjust the harness to fit snuggly and keep yourself from pulling while on a walk, you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

blanche wearing julius k9 harness with leash

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Our Experience With Julius K9 Longwalk Harness

Unpacking this harness was so much fun. Not because it had any crazy bells and whistles shoved into the packaging, but because my dogs know what harnesses are, and both of them are absolute hounds when it comes to going on walks.

My first impression was nothing short of “Wow!” I mean this thing feels comfortable. I wish my own clothes had the support it has in the padding and the durability in the stitches. Think: Your best running shoes that fit 100% perfectly the first day you buy them. It’s that good.

Putting on the harness was, admittedly, a little tricky at first. I mean, having a wild Standard Poodle who gets antsy every time she even thinks “outside” doesn’t make it easy. As soon as I learned which way was up and which straps to pull where it was incredibly simple. Zeta was strapped in without a problem.

I noticed that the velcro straps could be tighter once we got walking but was an easy fit for us. A tighter of the velcro and we were ready to go. This is such a big bonus, because both of my dogs are in between sizes and so many harnesses are an either/or. However, Julius K9 found a way to be flexible in their sizing, letting my medium-ish dogs fit fine in the Large.

Zeta and I took a three mile walk through the neighborhood, across the street, and around the local school. And even though she was worn out at the end, she seemed so pleased with the fact that I gave her a chance to enjoy her new harness. It even came in handy when her eyes caught a squirrel and I had to grab the handle to keep her from running to catch it. (Note: we’re still working on leave it in “the wild”)

Once we got home, I decided to let Blanche take a spin with the a long walk. She was antsy. I imagine she probably danced by the door the whole time we were gone, anxiously waiting for her turn. So I slipped Zeta out and Blanche in, adjusting the straps again.

By then, I had figured out exactly where to pull and tug, and we were on our way. I took Blanche on the same route as Zeta and was even more impressed with how the harness did. Blanche is a different walker. She’s a lot more calm and checks in more often, leaving a lot more slack on the leash. Since she’s littler and the harness was originally a little loose on Zeta, I had thought surely this was going to swim on her, at least a little. To my surprise, it didn’t. We had such a wonderful walk on our usual route. I can’t wait to take them by the river and see how well it does there, too!

zeta walking on the road wearing julius k9 longwalk harness

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This is a goldmine of a harness. I can’t say it enough: I love the design. Even though we only took it on a spin around the neighborhood, I can imagine it would be fantastic for a walk in the city, a hike in the park, or a stroll by the river. With big(er) dogs, I’m always aware of what we can do to help their joints, and this seems to be a great way to support their joint health. Also, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of the adjustable straps. They’re easy to use and make sizing a little more forgiving. This makes it even more impressive with the dog breeds and sizes Julius K9 will fit. If you go on regular walks with your dogs, if your pup fits in between sizes, and if you’re after something that will last you adventures through all terrains, I definitely suggest you give the Julius K9 Longwalk harness a try.

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