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90 Popular & Unique Irish Wolfhound Names

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

Irish Wolfhound Names

90 Popular & Unique Irish Wolfhound Names

Irish Wolfhounds are an incredible breed and the centerpiece of Irish history, poetry, music, and art. These wise and independent dogs have been used as hunters, guardians, and companions—truly “man’s best friend.”

Naturally, an Irish Wolfhound needs a name just as special as the breed itself. Here are 90 popular and unique Irish Wolfhound names.

divider-dog pawGaelic Names for Irish Wolfhounds

Scottish Gaelic is the Goidelic language of the Gaels in Scotland, which developed out of Old Irish. It’s common in some isolated areas of the Celtic Isles and offers virtually endless names for your Wolfhound.

irish wolfhound is standing on a green meadow
Image Credit: Tikhomirov Sergey, Shutterstock
  • Ailean: Means “like a rock”
  • Anluan: Means “great hound”
  • Aodh: Means “Celtic god of fire”
  • Artair: Means “like a bear”
  • Bran: Means “raven”
  • Cailean: Means “young girl”
  • Cona: Means “wolf pup”
  • Conan: Means “hound”
  • Conchur: Means “wolf lover”
  • Conmhaol: Means “wolf warrior”
  • Conn: Means “intelligent man”
  • Connal: Means “strong as a wolf”
  • Connor: Means “lover of hounds”
  • Conry: Means “king of the hounds”
  • Cosgrach: Means “victor”
  • Faolan: Means “wolf”
  • Eochaidh: Means “warrior on a horse”
  • Latharn: Means “like a fox”
  • Luag: Means “the winner”
  • Madadh: Means “dog”
  • Madin: Means “little dog”
  • Maidrin: Means “little puppy”
  • Milish: Means “sweetie”
  • Mungan: Means “beloved”
  • Murchu: Means “hound of the sea”
  • Onchu: Means “mighty dog”
  • Olcan: Means “wolf”
  • Sionn: Means “fox”

Gaelic Names for an Irish Wolfhound’s Colors

Irish Wolfhounds come in a variety of stunning colors. These Gaelic names for colors offer a unique way to describe your dog’s appearance in its name.

  • Ailpein: Means “white”
  • Barra: Means “fair-haired”
  • Blaine: Means “yellow”
  • Brandubh: Means “black raven”
  • Donnan: Means “brown”
  • Dubh: Means “black”
  • Dughal: Means “black stranger”
  • 3Odhran: Means “dun”
  • Lios liadh: Means “gray fort”
  • Roidh: Means “red”

Traditional Irish Names for Wolfhounds

If you want to salute your dog’s heritage in its name, these traditional Irish names have endured for centuries.

Irish Wolfhound resting on grass
Image Credit: Lutz Prager, Pixabay
  • Aiden: Means “born of fire”
  • Blarney: A castle in Cork County
  • Blasket: Islands off the Kerry peninsula
  • Boru: Surname for a great Irish king
  • Caeli: An Irish folk dance
  • Darragh: Celtic god of the underworld
  • Derry: A city and river
  • Dingle: Peninsula in Kerry County
  • Dylan: Means “faithful and loyal”
  • Keeva: Means “gentle and precious”
  • Kerry: The county
  • MacCool: Surname of a giant
  • Niamh: Means “radiant”
  • Shannon: A famous river
  • Siobhan: Means “god is gracious”
  • Tara: Burial place of Irish kings

Names from Celtic Mythology

Though it may not get the attention of Roman, Greek, or Egyptian mythology, Celtic mythology has incredible stories about deities, epic battles, and the balance of nature.

  • Aengus: God of love, youth, and poetic inspiration
  • Aillen: The Burner of the Underworld
  • Aine: Goddess of wealth, sovereignty, and summer
  • Balor: King of the Fomorians, depicted as shaggy
  • Brigid: Dawn goddess of spring, fertility, and healing
  • Cian: Name for long, enduring, or distant
  • Conand: Fomorian Giant
  • Danu: Mother goddess of land
  • Deirdre: Deirdre of the Sorrows
  • Fionnuala: Character from a story about inner beauty
  • Lir: Irish god of the sea
  • Nemain: Goddess of the havoc of war
  • Nera: Brave knight of Cuachan
  • Oisin: Great Irish poet
  • Rinnal: High King of Ireland

Names Based on Famous Irish People

From actors and actresses to singers and public figures, these names are an excellent choice for your Irish Wolfhound.

  • Enya: Famous singer/songwriter
  • Oscar Wilde: Literary great
  • James Joyce: Influential writer
  • Bram Stoker: Famous novelist and author of Dracula
  • Sinead O’Connor: Beloved Irish singer
  • Bono: Famous U2 singer and philanthropist
  • Maureen O’Hara: Famous Golden Age actress
  • Mary Robinson: Ireland’s first female president
  • Liam Neeson: Famous actor
  • Conor McGregor: Famous MMA fighter
  • George Bernard Shaw: Playwright and Nobel Prize recipient
  • Samuel Beckett: Novelist, playwright, and theater director
  • Pierce Brosnan: Famous actor and recent James Bond lead
  • Colin Farrell: Famous actor
  • Maureen O’Sullivan: Golden Age actress
  • John Tyndall: Scientist who discovered radiation
  • Ernest Walton: Nobel Prize winner and scientist
  • Michael Collins: Revolutionary war leader during the Irish Civil War
  • C.S. Lewis: Famous writer of The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Graham Norton: Television show host
  • Saoirse Ronan: Young and gifted actress

divider-dog pawFind Your Unique Irish Wolfhound Name

With a list of Celtic gods, famous actors and actresses, and beautiful Gaelic words and names, you have no shortage of options to give your Irish Wolfhound a one-of-a-kind and fitting name.

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