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How to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Dog: 10 Festive Tips

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Dogster Team

owner and dog dressed for mardi gras

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Dog: 10 Festive Tips

Fat Tuesday. Pancake Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday. Mardi Gras has many names because of its ties to many cultures and traditions. It’s not a stretch to have celebrations that include your favorite canine companion. Things can get pretty rowdy in New Orleans, but you can have a tamer gala without the risqué stuff that’s usually involved.

The chances are that your pup will pick up on your excitement during this holiday. You probably won’t need to do much to get them swept up in the party. Mardi Gras has a long tradition, but everyone has their own way of celebrating the day, which marks the end of the Carnival or Shrovetide. Yours will just have a canine flair!

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The 10 Tips to Celebrate Mardi Gras With Your Dog

1. Get Your Pup a Costume

The first order of business is to get your dog a costume. Anything featuring the celebratory colors of gold, green, and purple will fit the bill. However, you know your pup best and how tolerant they are, and you shouldn’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. You don’t have to go the whole nine yards; a pretty bandana or bowtie will work. Of course, if you want something more elaborate, you’ll have no problem finding something online.

2. Buy Your Dog a Matching Collar and Leash

If you’re going out to celebrate, your pup must have their collar and leash. However, in keeping with the theme, you can get them a set in the appropriate colors for the event. Make sure to get products with reflective tape if you plan on going out at night. The more visible your pet is, the better.

pit bull mix with fun collar
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock

3. Have a Doggie Party

If you’d rather stick close to home, Mardi Gras is the perfect excuse for a doggie party. You can invite your pup’s besties to join in on the celebration. We recommend this tip for pet owners with fenced yards since things will likely get pretty rambunctious with a bunch of happy dogs chasing each other around your home.

4. Skip the Beads

Even though beads are a part of Mardi Gras, we suggest forgoing them. Some products aren’t as sturdy as we’d like. They can easily break and set up the perfect storm for a gastrointestinal obstruction if a dog swallows them. Stick with toys that can handle a reasonable amount of play and chewing.

Image Credit: Ruben Kazaryan, Shutterstock

5. Supervise the Festivities

Supervising the fun is imperative. Rules and other acceptable canine behavior seem to fall to the wayside when the excitement runs high. Mardi Gras is traditionally a time for eating and feasting. However, that may mean foods that dogs shouldn’t eat will be around. Ensure anything that is potentially poisonous to your pet is out of reach. Also, keep an eye on any doggie playtime so that it doesn’t turn into fights.

6. Go to a Mardi Gras Parade

Going to a parade is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. However, we suggest looking for a dog-friendly event. Your pooch may even be able to join the parade or enter a costume contest.

happy woman and at a festival parade
Image Credit: Vergani Fotografia, Shutterstock

7. Make a Special Treat for Your Pup

We’ve discussed feasting already, and there’s no reason why your pup can’t partake in the party with a special treat of their own. You can make a plate of safe vegetables your pet can eat for a fancy crudités platter. Make sure to cut the pieces small enough for your dog to chew. If you’re lucky, they’ll share some with you!

8. Create a Party Atmosphere at Home

Costumes and party food are great, but the finishing touch is decorating your home for the celebration. Strings of lights are always a good choice for creating a festive atmosphere. You can get your kids involved with creating other decorations to add to the fun. Your dog will surely pick up on the good moods and want to join you in the fun.

a group of friends partying at home
Image Credit: DC Studio, Shutterstock

9. Dress Up

Of course, your dog isn’t the only one that should be dressing up for the occasion. Treat yourself to a costume. You can even find one to match your pup’s outfit so you can attend a party or go to a parade as a couple.

10. Safety First!

Safety must come first, no matter where or how you celebrate. We often let down our guard on these occasions when the focus is on fun and happiness. It’s easy to get caught up in the merriment. However, that’s just the time when you must be alert. Don’t leave your dog unattended or off-leash if outdoors. It’s even more important when partying. If you do plan to leave your house, ensure they are microchipped and have ID tags on their collar.

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Image Credit: Rock and Wasp, Shutterstock

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Mardi Gras has evolved through the ages to become a festive gala where we let down our proverbial hair and have fun. Sharing it with your canine best friend can be even more enjoyable. They will surely enjoy the excitement and festivities. It’s another excellent way to bond with your pet. So, revel in it and let the good times roll!

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