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How Much Does a Maltese Like to Cuddle? Facts, Benefits & Tips

Written by: Grant Piper

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

How Much Does a Maltese Like to Cuddle? Facts, Benefits & Tips

Many people love a good snuggle or cuddle session with a furry dog. In fact, some people try to choose their canine companions based on their perceived levels of cuddliness or cuteness. This has led many people to ask how much does a Maltese like to cuddle? Are they generally considered to be cuddly dogs? For some, this is a critically important question. Some people don’t want to bother getting a dog that they can’t reliably cuddle with at night. The good news for those considering a Maltese as their next dog is the fact that Maltese dogs typically love to cuddle. But that is only part of the story.


Maltese Love to Cuddle

It’s difficult to definitely say whether or not a dog of any type or breed is going to be cuddly. Every dog is different, and cuddliness is not an easily measurable trait like height, weight, or energy level. That being said, Maltese dogs are generally considered to be very cuddly. That means you have a good chance of getting a Maltese that likes to cuddle. This is because Maltese dogs love humans, and they have been heavily bred for human companionship. They like being around people, they like cuddling with people, and they like being close to people as much as possible.

However, you are not guaranteed to get a cuddly Maltese. Some dogs, even “cuddly breeds,” just don’t like cuddling any person. That is not a knock on you. That is just the way some dogs are. In fact, there was a survey of Maltese owners that unearthed some interesting data in the name of trying to answer this very question. How cuddly is a Maltese, really?

Little girl cuddles small white maltese puppy
Image Credit: Jovan Barajevac, Shutterstock

Maltese Cuddling Statistics

How cuddly are Maltese? That is the question one survey set out to answer. In a questionnaire aimed at 300 Maltese owners, people were specifically asked how much their Maltese likes to cuddle or snuggle. 85% of respondents reported that their Maltese “loved to cuddle with them [the owner].” That represents 255 respondents out of 300 total. By contrast, only 8% of people responded that their Maltese liked “little to no cuddles.” That is 24 respondents out of 300 total that claimed their Maltese likes no cuddles.

While this study was not particularly large or scientific, it does attempt to quantify what people convey by word of mouth. Many people claim that Maltese dogs are cuddly, and this is one of the few surveys that can confirm that claim.

Every Dog Is Different

It is important to note and remember that each dog is different. Every dog has its own unique personality that is based on a combination of factors, including genetics, lineage, early life experiences, and interactions with people. For some dogs, it can only take one bad experience with humans, even an accident, to turn them off from being cuddly or snuggly. Other dogs simply don’t like cuddles because they have a personality that is opposed to such contact.

While 85% of Maltese owners reported that their dog loved to snuggle, there were nearly 1 in 10 people that said their dog didn’t like to snuggle at all. So, the odds are good that you will get a cuddly Maltese, but you are not guaranteed to get a dog that loves to cuddle. Just like people, dogs are all different, and no two dogs are exactly the same.

Cuddliness Is Not Breed Specific

Some people like to claim that a dog’s willingness to cuddle is tied to their breed. But that is not the case. Cuddliness and dog breeds have nothing to do with one another. There are some extremely cuddly dogs from every type of breed on the spectrum, from Great Danes to Boston Terriers to Rottweilers. In the case of a dog like a Maltese, breeding does play some role. Maltese are bred primarily for human companionship, so they are more likely to be raised in an environment conducive to cuddling. You can raise an “aggressive” dog breed from a young age in pampered companionship, and it would likely turn out similarly to a Maltese.

Little girl is with maltese dog indoors in domestic room
Image Credit: Standret, Shutterstock

Benefits of Cuddling Your Maltese

While most people do not need an excuse to cuddle their dog, there are some benefits to having a cuddly Maltese. Cuddling with your dog can reduce stress levels in both you and the dog. Cuddling can also help form a bond between you and your dog. Cuddling a dog can also help you fall asleep at night and get a better night’s sleep than if you slept alone. All of these things together mean a happier and healthier pet and a happier and healthier you. These claims have been tied to medical claims and in-depth studies that look at the relationship between man and pooch.

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If you are looking for a cuddly dog, there is a good chance that most standard Maltese will fit the bill. But not all of them will. If you want to extrapolate the one survey that we have on this question, 15 out of every 100 Maltese will be averse to cuddling. That is not a large number, but it is definitely not zero. Every dog is different, and some dogs simply don’t like cuddling. That can be the result of genetics, personality, or life experience. It can be hard to tell if a dog would like to cuddle just by looking at them, and even harder to tell quickly because most dogs will not fully open up for a few weeks after coming home from the shelter or breeder. But all in all, Maltese have a good chance of being the cuddly companion you’ve been dreaming of.

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