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70 Historical Dog Names Inspired by Ancient Figures

Written by: Chris Dinesen Rogers

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Dogster Team

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70 Historical Dog Names Inspired by Ancient Figures

Naming your dog is probably one of the most fun things about getting a new pet. It’s worth taking your time to find the best one. Sometimes, your pet gives you all the inspiration you need. Their actions or looks might remind you of someone. Ancient figures are another source of interesting and unique names, though, especially if you’re lacking inspiration.

How to Name Your Dog

We suggest sticking with a name that is short instead of long and that is easy to pronounce. That’s especially true if you have kids. We also recommend a history lesson—for you! The last thing you want is to give your pup an offensive moniker. Remember that Google is your friend in this case.

Your pet’s name should always have positive associations, as it will help them learn it. It could also save your dog’s life if they slip their collar and are headed for a busy road. Remember that a long name can have many nicknames. You can save the formal one for your dog’s American Kennel Club registration.

Technically, ancient applies to a time before the end of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. Our round-up includes names from a time long past, before TVs, movies, and sitcoms, to influence your pick.

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Gods and Goddesses

Names from mythology provide an excellent choice for a pet name, especially if a specific association exists with an individual. If your dog’s personality is already evident, many of these can be no-brainers that describe your dog with a single word. Some are longer, making nicknames an option. It’s worth mentioning that your pet might have some big shoes to fill with some of these names.

  • Gaia (Greek goddess of the Earth)
  • Hera (Greek queen of the gods and wife of Zeus)
  • Iris (Greek goddess of the sea and sky)
  • Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)
  • Phoebe (Greek goddess of prophecy)
  • Zeus (Greek king of the gods; god of thunder and weather)
  • Aurora (Roman goddess of the dawn)
  • Diana (Roman goddess of the hunt)
  • Flora (Roman goddess of spring and flowers)
  • Hercules (Roman god of strength)
  • Honos (Roman god of chivalry )
  • Janus (Roman god of beginnings)
  • Juno (Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth)
  • Luna (Roman goddess of the Moon)
  • Minerva (Roman goddess of wisdom)
  • Pluto (Roman god of the underworld)
  • Victoria (Roman goddess of victory)
  • Brigid (Celtic goddess of agriculture and healing)
  • Ra (Egyptian god of the sun)
  • Pele (Hawaiian volcano goddess)
  • Apu (Inca god of the mountains)
  • Inti (Inca god of the sun)
  • Freya (Norse goddess of love and fertility)
  • Thor (Norse god of lightning and thunder)
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Historical Figures

Many historical figures live on because of their deeds and accomplishments. It only makes sense to honor their memory by giving your pet one of their names. We combed several sources, including some that are newer than others because of their significance. We’re sure some of our picks will continue to make roundups like this one for years ahead.

  • Abel (son of Adam and Eve)
  • Ajax (Greek warrior in the Trojan War)
  • Alex (Alexander the Great)
  • Aristotle (Greek philosopher)
  • Arthus (King Arthur)
  • Augustus (Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor)
  • Bonaparte (French military leader)
  • Boudica (Queen of the Iceni people)
  • Brutus (Roman politician)
  • Cassandra (Trojan princess and prophet)
  • Claudius (Emperor of the Roman Empire)
  • Cleo (Cleopatra, the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt)
  • Clovis (King of the Franks)
  • Helen (Queen of Troy)
  • Herodotus (Father of History)
  • Homer (Greek poet)
  • Joan (from Joan of Arc)
  • Julius (Julius Caesar, emperor of the Roman Empire)
  • Khan (Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Emperor)
  • King (title given to royalty)
  • Leif (Leif Ericson, the Viking explorer)
  • Marcus (Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius)
  • Nero (Nero, Roman emperor)
  • Noah (from the Bible)
  • Penelope (Wife of Ulysses, Greek king of Ithaca)
  • Pepi (Third king of the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt)
  • Pharaoh (title given to royalty)
  • Plato (Greek philosopher)
  • Ramses (Egyptian 19th Dynasty New Kingdom pharaoh)
  • Sheba (Queen of Sheba in the Bible)
  • Socrates (Greek philosopher)
  • Spartacus (Thracian gladiator)
  • Teti (6th century Egyptian pharaoh)
  • Thales (Greek philosopher and founder of the scientific method)
  • Ulysses (Greek king of Ithaca)
  • Virgil (Roman writer)
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Ancient Egyptian Words

Unfamiliar words have a mystique that may strike the right note when naming your dog. It’ll make your dog stand out from the pack with a word that describes your pet to a tee. They are good choices if your pet is an ancient breed, such as a Saluki or Pharaoh Hound. It’s an excellent way to celebrate your dog’s heritage as well.

  • Adio (word meaning righteous)
  • Akins (word meaning brave)
  • Dalila (word meaning gentle)
  • Layla (word meaning born at night)
  • Mandisa (word meaning sweet)
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Latin Words as Dog Names

Latin is a classical language that slowly faded from use during the mid-18th century. It remained in the Church and science, although no native speakers exist today. Yet, its legacy remains if just for its influence on many modern-day languages—and pet names! We included several Latin words in our round-up to make it a bona fide list of historical dog names inspired by ancient figures.

  • Amare (word meaning love)
  • Amica (word meaning friend)
  • Cara (word meaning dear)
  • Confido (word meaning trust)
  • Fidelis (word meaning trustworthy)
  • Fidus ((word meaning loyal)
  • Fortis (word meaning brave)
  • Mitis (word meaning gentle)
  • Patiente (word meaning patient)
  • Pax (word meaning peace)
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The right name says a lot about your pet. It tells others a bit about your dog’s personality, even if they’ve just met. Ancient figures can provide plenty of inspiration for your dog to make their mark on the world. Perhaps choosing one of the entries on our list can positively influence you and your pooch for greatness.

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