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Phoenix was the victim of horrible animal cruelty, it happened on May 27th. I didn't originally post the story because I try to keep a...


Phoenix was the victim of horrible animal cruelty, it happened on May 27th. I didn’t originally post the story because I try to keep a balance on the blog so it doesn’t become too depressing. However, when there is a chance that we can do something to help find the perpetrators or make the difference when it comes to getting justice I feel it’s important to get the word out.

In Baltimore, MD. a pit bull was set on fire and left to die. A Baltimore police officer came to her rescue but unfortunately the dog, despite medical treatment, didn’t make it. Two brothers were later arrested, due to their age they were charged as juveniles with animal abuse and cruelty.

The dog had burns on 98 percent of her body.

“This was one of the most cruel things I’ve ever seen. It hurt me to my heart,” said Baltimore city police Officer Syreeta Teel, who used her sweatshirt to put the fire out.

Denise Griffin said her boys were taken in for questioning on Friday night. She said her sons could never do something like that and thinks it’s all about money.

“I know they didn’t do it. I keep hearing different things around the neighborhood about the dog ran up to there. The dog — nobody said the dog was right there. So, I feel as though I know my boys didn’t do it. It’s a reward out and then wasn’t nobody picked up around there until they said something about a reward,” Griffin said.

The reward grew to $24,500 by the end of last week.

“They didn’t do it. I would put my life on the line that they didn’t do it,” said the boys’ father, Charles Johnson. “If you’re on fire or anybody else is on fire, you’re going to take off running. That’s probably what the dog (did). Who knows where it was set on fire at.”

“You know, 17-year-olds, they’re going to get into a little something. But they wouldn’t set a dog on fire. I think one of them is afraid of a dog,” Charles Johnson said.

Can you say denial?

Martin Mersereau, director of the cruelty casework division of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, said he hopes the juveniles receive maximum penalties for the incident if convicted.

“We’re thrilled to hear [of the arrests],” Mersereau told “People who abuse animals rarely do it once and almost never stop there.”

Mersereau said abuse of animals is common among serial killers and that FBI officials frequently use such crimes to gauge the potential threat of suspected and known criminals.

“The biggest mistake here is that people call this a ‘boys being boys’ thing,” Mersereau said. “I do hope they’re charged with felonies for malicious torture.”

Penalties for felony animal abuse in Maryland include up to $5,000 in fines and three years imprisonment, he said.

This is not a ‘boys being boys’ thing, it is a callous and cowardly act committed on an innocent animal. Travis and Jermaine Johnson are headed for a life of crime, they are just getting started. We need to make sure they are tried as adults and not juveniles. A petition has been started to make this happen, please go to the Care2 Petition Site and add your pawprint to ensure justice for Phoenix.

Post and crosspost this message everywhere, the Griffin boys’ need to be stopped now, not later.

* Pic courtesy WBAL TV 11

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