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140 Hawaiian Dog Names for Relaxed Island Pups

Written by: Melody Russell

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

Hawaiian Dog Names

140 Hawaiian Dog Names for Relaxed Island Pups

The joy and excitement of bringing a new dog into your home is incomparable. You have the toys, the comfy bed, the chewy treats, and maybe even a snazzy dog shirt. But what’s missing? Ah, yes, the perfect name for your new family member. Maybe you want a name that encapsulates their personality or looks, or perhaps you’re looking for something unique, inspired by Hawaii’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Choosing the right name can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are countless options, and you want to find one that just clicks. Well, leave your worries at the door because we have you covered. We’ve curated a list of 140 Hawaiian dog names, each infused with the warmth, beauty, and spirit of the Aloha State!

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Dog Names Based on Hawaiian Words

dog with hawaiian flower necklace and sunglasses
Image By: Leandro Omine, Shutterstock

The Hawaiian language is rich, unique, and melodic, making it a great source of inspiration for dog names. Here are some Hawaiian words that would make great names for your canine companion.

  • Aloha: It means both ‘hello’ and ‘love.’ Ideal for a friendly and affectionate dog.
  • Lani: In Hawaiian, Lani means ‘sky.’ Perfect for a dreamy or contemplative pup.
  • Kai: This simple name means ‘sea,’ an excellent choice for water-loving dogs.
  • Makai: It translates to ‘toward the sea.’ Might be a great fit for a dog who loves beach days.
  • Hoku: In Hawaiian, it means ‘star.’ A lovely choice for the shining light in your life.
  • Pele: Named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, this is a unique choice for an energetic and fiery pup.
  • Ipo: This sweet term means ‘sweetheart’ in Hawaiian.
  • Kona: It translates to ‘lady,’ but it’s also a district in Hawaii known for its beautiful beaches.
  • Nani: It means ‘beautiful’ in Hawaiian. Perfect for a dog with a gorgeous coat or striking eyes.
  • Miki: This cute name means ‘quick.’ It could be an excellent choice for a speedy pup!

Dog Names Based on Hawaiian Flora & Fauna

smiling chihuahua puppy dressed in a tropical hawaiian shirt
Image By: Chuck Wagner, Shutterstock

Hawaii’s unique flora and fauna can serve as an excellent inspiration for dog names. These names celebrate the biodiversity of Hawaii.

  • Lehua: Named after the flower of the Ohia tree, native to Hawaii.
  • Kukui: This is the Hawaiian name for the candlenut tree, which is the state tree of Hawaii.
  • Pua: It means ‘flower’ in Hawaiian.
  • Honu: This is the Hawaiian term for a green sea turtle.
  • Mano: The Hawaiian word for ‘shark.’ Perfect for a brave and bold dog!
  • I’iwi: Named after a Hawaiian bird known for its bright red plumage.
  • Palila: This is another Hawaiian bird species.
  • Akala: The Hawaiian term for the wild raspberry.
  • Ko’a: This means ‘coral’ in Hawaiian, a fantastic choice for a dog with a colorful personality.
  • Moa: It’s the Hawaiian word for ‘chicken.’ It could be a fun choice for a small, peppy dog!

Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian Geography

dachshund puppy in flower hawaiian necklace
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

The diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes of Hawaii can provide unique names for your dog. These names celebrate some of Hawaii’s most impressive natural features.

  • Kilauea: Named after one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii.
  • Mauna: This name means ‘mountain’ in Hawaiian.
  • Pali: In Hawaiian, it means ‘cliff.’
  • Haleakala: Named after the massive shield volcano in Maui.
  • Waimea: This is a place in Hawaii known for its canyon, often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
  • Kapalua: A beautiful bay in Maui.
  • Puna: A district in Hawaii known for its lava flow sites.
  • Molokai: One of the Hawaiian Islands known for its rural charm.
  • Lanai: Named after the smallest inhabited Hawaiian island.
  • Kahoolawe: This is the smallest of the eight main volcanic islands in Hawaii.

Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian Culture & Traditions

dog in hawaiian costume
Image By: WildStrawberry, Shutterstock

Hawaii has a rich cultural history, which can be an excellent source of inspiration when naming your dog. These names celebrate various aspects of Hawaiian culture and tradition.

  • Hula: The traditional dance of Hawaii.
  • Luau: A traditional Hawaiian party or feast.
  • Ukulele: A musical instrument associated with Hawaiian music.
  • Aumakua: In Hawaiian mythology, aumakua are family gods, often appearing as animals.
  • Mana: It means ‘power’ in Hawaiian.
  • Ohana: This popular Hawaiian term means ‘family.’
  • Kahuna: The term for a wise person or shaman in Hawaii.
  • Poi: A traditional Hawaiian dish made from taro root.
  • Lei: A garland or wreath more commonly made from flowers.
  • Mahalo: This is the Hawaiian word for ‘thank you.’

Fun Hawaiian Names for Your Playful Pooch

weimaraner dog wearing hawaiian flower chain at the park
Image Credit: RaquelVizcaino, Shutterstock

And, of course, we mustn’t forget our playful and fun-loving canines. These names capture the joy and playfulness of our canine friends.

  • Wikiwiki: This fun word means ‘quick’ in Hawaiian.
  • Haole: In Hawaiian slang, this means ‘foreigner’ or ‘newcomer,’ which could be perfect for a new addition to your family!
  • Kolohe: It means ‘rascal’ in Hawaiian, perfect for a mischievous pup.
  • Malihini: This term means ‘newcomer.’ It might be an excellent fit for a recent rescue or addition to your family.
  • Lolo: In Hawaiian slang, it means ‘crazy.’ It’s a fitting name for a dog with tons of energy.
  • Kanani: A beautiful Hawaiian name meaning ‘the beauty.’
  • Keiki: This means ‘child’ or ‘baby’ in Hawaiian, perfect for a puppy.
  • Ono: This Hawaiian term means ‘delicious.’
  • Pupule: Another word for ‘crazy’ in Hawaiian slang.
  • Wahine: It translates to ‘woman’ or ‘lady’ in Hawaiian.

Shy Hawaiian Dog Names

west highland white terrier dressed up as a hula dancer
Image Credit: WilleeCole Photography, Shutterstock

For those pups with a more reserved demeanor, these Hawaiian names may be the perfect match.

  • Maha: Means ‘shy’ in Hawaiian, suitable for a bashful pup.
  • Hali: Translates to ‘to run for cover,’ a good fit for a skittish pet.
  • Malie: Means ‘calm’ or ‘serene,’ perfect for a quiet and gentle dog.
  • Komo: Translates to ‘enter’ for dogs that take their time entering new spaces.
  • Lalama: Meaning ‘to tread softly.’

Funny Hawaiian Dog Names

corgi dog in sunglasses and hawaiian beads
Image Credit: Kristina Igumnova26_, Shutterstock

For those dogs that have an entertaining and humorous side to their personality, these names might capture their spirit.

  • Holo: It means ‘run’ in Hawaiian, fitting for a dog who is always racing around.
  • Wiki: Translates to ‘fast,’ suitable for a dog that dashes around like a lightning bolt.
  • Polu: Meaning ‘blue,’ for a dog that is oddly fascinated with blue objects.
  • Kaleo: Means ‘sound’ or ‘voice,’ perfect for a dog that loves to bark or howl.
  • Hau: Translates to ‘snow,’ a fun, ironic name for a dog living in tropical weather.

Names for Tiny Hawaiian Dogs

dog in an aloha shirt on a beach on a summer day
Image Credit: Yata888, Shutterstock

These Hawaiian names might be an excellent fit for your petite and cute dog.

  • Iki: Meaning ‘small’ in Hawaiian.
  • Poki: Translates to ‘tiny.’
  • Pupu: A term for ‘small creature.’
  • Manini: Meaning ‘tiny’ or ‘insignificant,’ but we know your pup is anything but insignificant!
  • Hapa: Means ‘partial,’ perfect for your little piece of heaven.

Names for Huge Hawaiian Dogs

dog in a hawaiian shirt
Image Credit: SvetikovaV, Shutterstock

For your large dogs, these Hawaiian names may encapsulate their majestic size and personality.

  • Nui: Meaning ‘big’ or ‘large’ in Hawaiian.
  • Kahuna: Translates to ‘wise man,’ a great name for a large, majestic dog.
  • Loa: Means ‘long.’
  • Mokuleia: A place in Hawaii known for its beautiful, extensive beaches.
  • Hale: Means ‘house’ and could be an affectionate term for your big pup who takes up as much space as your home!

More Fun Hawaiian Dog Names

dog wearing hawaiian shirt by the sea
Image Credit: Koy_Hipster, Shutterstock
  • Lanakila: Means ‘victory’ or ‘win.’
  • Nohea: Translates to ‘lovely.’
  • Hiwa: Meaning ‘black,’ a great name for a black-coated dog.
  • Makamae: Means ‘cherished’ for your treasured canine friend.
  • Kaipo: Translates to ‘sweetheart,’ a perfect name for your loving pet.

Names Inspired by Hawaiian Weather and Nature

brindle dog wearing hawaiian lei
Image Credit: KimberlyThomas, Shutterstock

The weather and natural phenomena of Hawaii can also serve as inspiration for dog names.

  • Anuenue: Means ‘rainbow’ in Hawaiian.
  • Kona: Refers to the Kona wind or breeze.
  • Makani: Hawaiian for ‘wind.’
  • Kaleo: Means ‘the voice’ or ‘the sound.’ It can refer to the sound of the wind or rain.
  • Malie: Means ‘calm,’ perfect for a calm dog.
  • Lahar: A term for a mudflow or debris flow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water.
  • Ahi: Means ‘fire’ in Hawaiian, great for a red-colored or energetic dog.
  • Kekoa: Means ‘the brave one,’ perfect for a courageous dog.
  • Noe: Means ‘misty,’ and could be perfect for a gray or ethereal-looking dog.
  • Weuweu: Means ‘fluffy’ in Hawaiian, perfect for a fluffy dog!

Names Inspired by Hawaiian Folklore

dog wearing hawaiian shirt in summer
Image Credit: GinamiPhoto, Shutterstock

Hawaiian folklore is rich with mystical creatures, gods, and demigods that can inspire some cool dog names.

  • Hi’iaka: A goddess who is the sister of Pele.
  • Kamapua’a: A demi-god who could transform into a pig, a fish, or a plant.
  • Laka: The goddess of hula and the forest.
  • Maui: A demigod known for his strength and adventures.
  • Poli’ahu: The goddess of snow, fitting for a white dog.
  • Kupua: A type of heroic trickster figure in Hawaiian mythology.
  • Kanaloa: The god of the sea.
  • Lono: The god of agriculture and rainfall.
  • Ku: The god of war.
  • La’amaomao: The god of the wind.

Names Inspired by Hawaiian Food

dachshund dog wearing hawaiian lei on a white background
Image Credit: Luis Carlos Torres, Shutterstock

Hawaii is known for its unique and delicious food, which can inspire some interesting dog names.

  • Poke: A popular Hawaiian dish made from raw fish.
  • Malasada: A tasty Portuguese donut popular in Hawaii.
  • Poi: A traditional Hawaiian dish.
  • Lomi: Short for Lomi-Lomi salmon, a side dish in Hawaiian cuisine.
  • Haupia: A traditional Hawaiian dessert made from coconut milk.
  • Manapua: Hawaiian term for delicious pork-filled buns.
  • Lau Lau: A native Hawaiian cuisine dish.
  • Kalua: A traditional Hawaiian cooking method.
  • Pipi: Hawaiian term for ‘beef.’
  • Kalo: Hawaiian word for Taro, a root vegetable used in many Hawaiian dishes.

Names Inspired by Hawaiian Beach Life

two brown french bulldog wearing hawaiian flower garland while running at beach
Image Credit: Firn, Shutterstock

The beach life of Hawaii is a significant part of its culture, inspiring these dog names.

  • Nalu: Means ‘wave’ in Hawaiian.
  • Kahakai: Means ‘beach’ in Hawaiian.
  • Kaiwi: Means ‘the bones of the sea.’
  • Pupuka: Means ‘ugly’ in Hawaiian – a great name for a dog with lots of character!
  • Hōkū: Means ‘star,’ perfect for a dog that loves night walks on the beach.
  • Kapa: A traditional cloth made in Hawaii, perfect for a dog with a unique coat.
  • Keone: Means ‘the sand.’
  • Lei: A necklace of flowers, shells, or feathers could be a great name for a beautiful dog.
  • Moku: Means ‘island.’
  • Ho’okipa: A beach on the north shore of Maui, known as the windsurfing capital of the world.

25 Hawaiian-Inspired Names Suitable for Fluffy Dogs

pomeranian dog in a hawaiian shirt
Image Credit: Koy_Hipster, Shutterstock
  • Mākole: It means ‘red eye,’ good for a dog with reddish-brown fur.
  • Mohalu: Meaning ‘to bloom,’ like a fluffy coat.
  • Pīkake: A fragrant flower in Hawaii, suitable for a sweet and fluffy dog.
  • Nalani: Meaning ‘heavens,’ for a fluffy dog that’s heavenly to touch.
  • Leilani: This translates to ‘heavenly flowers,’ a perfect choice for a lovely fluffy dog.
  • Pualani: Translates to ‘heavenly flower.’
  • Kahula: This means ‘dancing.’ It could suit a fluffy dog that seems to dance when it moves.
  • Kalani: Meaning ‘The Heavens,’ a majestic name for a fluffy dog.
  • Kealohilani: This translates to ‘the brightness of the sky.’
  • Wainani: Meaning ‘beautiful water,’ for a fluffy dog with a flowing coat that reminds you of water.
  • Palani: This means ‘free,’ a suitable name for a fluffy dog that loves to run freely.
  • Keanu: Meaning ‘the coolness’ for a fluffy dog with a cool personality.
  • Hale: Meaning ‘house’ in Hawaiian, suitable for a fluffy dog as big as a house!
  • Maluhia: Meaning ‘peace’ or ‘peaceful.’
  • Nohea: Translates to ‘lovely’ in Hawaiian, suitable for a lovely, fluffy dog.
  • Kaloni: Meaning ‘The Sky,’ a perfect name for a fluffy dog whose fur is as fluffy as the clouds.
  • Makalani: This means ‘heavenly eyes.’
  • Pūlama: Meaning ‘cherished,’ for your cherished fluffy dog.
  • Moani: This translates to ‘breezes,’ perfect for a fluffy dog that enjoys the breeze.
  • Kipona: Meaning ‘deep’ as in deep affection, good for a fluffy dog that you deeply love.
  • Haleakala: A volcano on Maui, the name translates to ‘house of the sun.’
  • Luana: Meaning ‘enjoyment,’ perfect for a fluffy dog that enjoys cuddles and playtime.
  • Malana: Meaning ‘light or buoyant’ in Hawaiian, suitable for a fluffy dog with a light and bouncy coat.
  • Lulani: Translates to ‘highest heaven,’ an appropriate name for a fluffy dog with a heavenly soft coat.
  • Kaimana: This means ‘power of the sea’ and could suit a fluffy dog with a powerful and majestic presence.

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So, you’ve journeyed with us through the lush landscapes of Hawaii, delving into the island’s vibrant language, diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking geography, and rich cultural traditions, all in the quest for the perfect moniker for your new canine buddy. We hope you’ve discovered a name that resonates with you and reflects your pup’s unique personality, appearance, or spirit. Remember, the name you choose will be a constant part of your interactions with your pet, shaping your relationship and creating many heartwarming memories.

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