Greatest American Dog Recap-Week 8

This week we had the four remaining teams continue on their quest to become the Greatest American Dog. The week's theme was loyalty. You'll remember...

This week we had the four remaining teams continue on their quest to become the Greatest American Dog. The week’s theme was loyalty.

You’ll remember that at the end of last week, Galaxy had hurt herself. The good news is that Galaxy’s injury turned out to be nothing. The following morning she woke up and stopped limping. JD took her to the vet and they gave her a clean bill of health. Awesome news!

This week’s dog bone challenge was a competition where the dog was placed on a small tree stump and told to sit or stand while their owner stood on a tree stump about 20 feet away. The first dog to sit down or jump off was eliminated.

Teresa and Leroy won when Travis called Presley off the stump after sitting there for over 18 minutes. In the interview afterwards, Travis explained why he conceded by saying that the challenge was about loyalty. He knew Presley wasn’t comfortable but was being loyal by staying on the stump the whole time. So to show his loyalty to Presley he called him off the stump. Kudos to Travis for doing this.

The best in show challenge was simple. Each dog was placed in a circle with their owner 10 feet away. Each of the other dog owners then had a chance to entice the dog out of the circle.

Laurie and Andrew were first. Let me tell you, Andrew is one loyal dog! With Laurie peering at him, he just sat there as the other three owners jumped around.

Next were Teresa and Leroy. Leroy wanted to chase the ‘toys’ in a bad way. That boy loves to play! It took all of Teresa’s finger pointing, tilting of the head and the constant “ahh, ahh” to keep him in the circle, but she did.

Next up were JD and Galaxy. Galaxy, being the best trained dog on the show, handled the challenge without a problem.

Finally Travis and Presley were up to try their hand. Being the most excitable of all the contestants left,this challenge was clearly the most difficult for them. After staving off the advances of Teresa and Laurie, Presley just couldn’t help bolting towards JD when called. He failed the challenge. Or did he?

The judges had to decide who to let go. The rules would make this simple, no? If the dog leaves the circle, he failed and should therefore be expelled. Since only one dog failed to stay in the defined area, he’s the one to go. Well, not so fast my friends. The team expelled was Teresa and Leroy. Why? Because, according to the judges, when telling Leroy to stay, she did it in a most threatening way.

So the problem that has plagued the show throughout, reared it’s ugly head again tonight. Inconsistent judging.

But is it the judges fault? I don’t think so because nobody seems to know what is being judged. Not me, not you and not the judges.

Here’s what I mean. This week’s show was supposed to be about loyalty. Frankly, it was a just a big sit/stay challenge. That’s it. What’s loyal about forcing your dog to sit or stand uncomfortably on a stump? What’s loyal about forcing your dog to stay as he/she is enticed by food, toys and/or encouragement by others? Does it show discipline? Yes. Loyalty? Maybe.

So how do you show loyalty? Personally, I’d say if my dog Bo hangs loose by my grave for more than a week after my passing, that’s loyalty. Any less time than that, and I suspect that will be the case, then I’ll know he was just in it for the treats : )

As always, I enjoy reading all of your thoughts. Let her rip…

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