German Shepherd Stands Watch Over His Owner’s Grave — For Six Years

In Argentina, a dog named Capitan remains his human's best friend, eternally.


A German Shepherd from the Cordoba province of Argentina is setting a new bar for eternal loyalty — he’s kept vigil at his owner’s grave every day, lying down in front of the tombstone at night. The dog, named Capitan, keeps a steady watch, never veering far from his duty as man’s best friend.

He’s done it for six years.

“During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave,” said Hector Baccega, the cemetery’s director, according to CBS Seattle. “And every day, at [6 p.m.] sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night.”

But there’s more to this story about a dog who doesn’t understand the point, or the need, of saying goodbye. To be sure, Capitan displays an impressive ability by standing guard over his owner. But he displayed an otherworldly one in simply finding the grave in the first place, because nobody took him there.

Reportedly, his owner, Miguel Guzmán, passed away in a hospital and was taken to a funeral home and then to the cemetery. None of the family members recalls the dog being present at any of those sad places. In fact, nobody even noticed that the dog had disappeared from the home after Guzmán’s funeral.

“The following Sunday we went to the cemetery,” said Guzman’s wife, Veronica, according to CBS Seattle. “Capitan came up to us, barking and wailing, as if he were crying.”

“We had never taken him to the cemetery, so it is a mystery how he managed to find the place,” she said.

The dog followed the family home that day but quickly returned to stand watch. Baccega, the cemetery’s director, said the dog had arrived alone one day and wandered around the grounds for a while before finding the grave by himself.

And there he sat with his master.

“I’ve tried to bring Capitan home several times, but he always comes straight back to the cemetery,” said Damian, Guzman’s 13-year-old son. “I think he’s going to be there until he dies, too. He’s looking after my dad.”

Via CBS Seattle

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