‘Finding Shelter’ Captures the Bond Between Volunteers and the Dogs They Help Save

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Finding Shelter is not a shelter dog project — it’s a people project,” says photographer Jesse Freidin about his new book. The artistic venture showcases shelter volunteers and the dogs they form bonds with in black and white photos. In particular, Jesse wanted to highlight the way that humans and canines who meet in shelters manage to support each other and heal together.

A portrait from Jesse Freidin's Finding Shelter.
A portrait from Jesse Freidin’s Finding Shelter.

Let’s take a look at a preview of Finding Shelter, published via Lyons Press.

[brightcove videoID=5467464013001 playerID=HJNwsLuMW height=400 width=700]


Proceeds from Finding Shelter benefit the shelters involved. Check out more of Jesse’s work at facebook.com/jessefreidin.

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