Fargo, North Dakota Labrador Retriever Saves Family, Loses Home

Only humans are this faithless! Hunter saves their lives and now its just too much trouble to keep him and his pack-mate Riley! Okay. I...



Only humans are this faithless! Hunter saves their lives and now its just too much trouble to keep him and his pack-mate Riley! Okay. I understand it is very difficult trying to rebuild lives after disasters but I think of all those Katrina victims who refused to leave their pets, some of whom died with them. I think of all the dogs who have stood by soldiers under fire and never waivered. I think of all those dogs who accompany homeless people on their daily rounds and never even consider leaving them. And then I read about a family dumping the very dog who saved their lives.

And don’t give me this “find a farm” stuff. That’s code for “I don’t want to feel guilty for dumping these dogs so I’ll tell myself they’ll be better off on a farm.” Bull hockey! If Riley and Hunter have never lived on a farm they will probably have some problems getting used to being farm dogs, not house dogs. A friend of mine’s daughter lives on a farm that has become a de facto dog dumping ground by people sharing that “dogs will be okay on a farm” stuff. She regularly finds new dogs who have been abandoned by faithless humans on her farm or nearby. Those dogs are lucky that this fine young woman finds and rescues them. Not all dogs are so lucky.

So Ms. Sherrod, if you feel the need to be faithless and double-dealing with Riley and Hunter that’s your business. Maybe life is just too difficult for you right now. That happens. I hope things get better for you. Hopefully, Hunter and Riley will find new homes and not lose their lives because they saved yours.

This poor repayment for saving the family members’ lives comes to us from WLTX.com.

Dog Saves Family, Then Gets Put Up for Adoption

FARGO, N.D. – He’s a hero, but now he needs a home.

A black lab named Hunter is credited with waking up a North Dakota family in time to get them out of their burning home early on the day after Thanksgiving.

But now Melisa Sherrard and her two sons are looking for someone to adopt Hunter. She says they can’t keep him in the hotel where they’ll be living for months until their home is repaired.

Sherrard says Hunter and another family dog named Riley are being boarded at a West Fargo kennel until they can be adopted. She tried keeping Hunter in the hotel for two days — but says it just didn’t work.

The family plans to keep their third dog, a cockapoo.

Sherrard is hoping to find a farm for Hunter, where he’ll have room to run off his energy.

Follow this link for more information.

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