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E-Cloth Cleaning Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Arianna Irwin

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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E-Cloth Cleaning Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give E-Cloth Cleaning Products an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Materials: 4.8/5
Value: 4.8/5

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to keep a clean and tidy home. So, living with two big dogs and an adult male, means I’m pretty much scrubbing down something every day of my life – but I don’t mind!

I also try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. I compost, thrift most of my clothing and furniture, and stay away from harmful chemicals for my cleaning products. Incorporating these choices has been beneficial for my, my partner’s, and my dogs’ general health and happiness and shows little sign of gratitude for Mother Earth. Living eco-friendly actually saves me money most of the time too.

But, sometimes it feels like being a clean freak, an environmentalist, and loving dog mama has turned me into a walking contradiction. How can I maintain my personal cleaning standards without waste or using potentially harmful products?

When I saw that E-Cloth carries reusable cleaning cloths that only use water (the most natural cleaning ingredient of all!), AND had pet bowl scrubbers (which I have never seen before) I was 100% sold.

Keep reading to see how E-Cloth cleaning products for kitchen, windows, surfaces, and dog bowls help me maintain a clean, healthy, and sustainable home!

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
E-Cloth Pet Bowl Scrubbers E-Cloth Pet Bowl Scrubbers
  • Cute bone shape
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Comes with 2 scrubbers
  • Second place
    E-Cloth Window Cleaning E-Cloth Window Cleaning
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with 2 cloths
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Third place
    E-Cloth High-Performance Dusting Cloth E-Cloth High-Performance Dusting Cloth
  • Nice large size
  • Machine washable
  • Can use it dry or wet
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    About E-Cloth

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - kitchen cleaner and bowl scrubber

    E-Cloth was started in 1995 by Steve Pearson, an innovator looking for a sustainable solution to clean all of the surfaces and rooms in his home with one ingredient – water.

    Steve created the reusable cleaning cloths we know today with high-quality microfibers and a team of scientists and engineers. Each E-Cloth is made up of premium microfibers that break up dirt and bacteria on the microscopic level. As you clean, the E-Cloth attracts and collects the grime from your kitchen countertops, room surfaces, and dog feeding bowls.

    Proven and tested multiple times over the years, these cleaning cloths can support your most unseemingly cleaning tasks (including cleaning out that forsaken cup holder in the backseat of your car). They do it all without using additional chemicals and cleaners. So when the job is done your hands just have water on them and the air is breathable.

    Who is E-Cloth Best Suited For?

    I don’t think it matters what kind of pet you have, whether it is a cat, dog, fish, or bird – everyone can use E-Cloths for their home cleaning. Even if you don’t have pets, I think the “Kitchen Dynamo” and the dusting and window cleaning E-Cloths would be great additions to your cleaning kit. It might help you use less paper towels or swap out your old cleaning rags.

    Halle and Indy, my two big dogs, love to adventure outside and then bring the backyard dirt and dust back with them into the house. The dust sticks to every piece of furniture, window, and surface in my house. The dusting and window E-Cloths were helpful to keep those surfaces clean in an efficient and economic way.

    I don’t have to tell pet owners how disgusting pet bowls can get. I personally get pretty grossed out using a “human” sponge to clean those bowls, I always end up just throwing out that sponge – which is wasteful! So I love the pet bowl scrubbers and highly recommend them to anyone with a pet bowl in their house.

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    Key Features

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - close up of scrubber and bowls

    The first question I had, when my bundle of E-cloths arrived, was; “do these cleaning cloths actually work?”. Can I really just add water and clean not only my surfaces, but Indy’s and Halle’s food and water bowls? These bowls, mind you, are completely covered with days of grime and dog nastiness that grew and spread since the last time I cleaned them.

    Find out below if these E-Cloths work and what my favorite features of these cleaning cloths are:

    Do E-Cloths Work?

    The short answer is yes!

    I used all of the E-cloths I received for different cleaning tasks around the house including:

    • dusting my bookshelves,
    • cleaning off the dog slobber from the windows of my back door,
    • wiping down my stove with the Kitchen Dynamo,
    • wiping down my kitchen sink,
    • scrubbing away to filth on my four dog food and water bowls

    Everything looked shinier and cleaner when I was finished. I didn’t see a trace of dust or a flying piece of dog hair or a remnant of dog drool on any of the living room furniture or windows. The best part was all I did was add water to the cloths!


    The microfibers you see in E-Cloths are heavier and more durable than the fibers you see in most other cleaning cloths or textiles. E-Cloth moves their cloth fibers through a solution that creates even splits along a single fiber. When you add water to these splits, they attract and capture dirt and grime. That is why all you have to do is add water to this extremely high-quality material for it to work. It’s crazy how simple and effective it is!

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - duster out of the package

    Variety of Products

    One of my favorite parts about the E-Cloth brand and their line of products is that they have a product designed for each and every household chore or task. So there is a lot to choose from and something to meet every deep-cleaning need.

    For example, the kitchen E-Cloth is designed for wiping down microwaves, cooktops, and sinks, while the Kitchen Dynamo is designed for stubborn residue or dirt in small areas that are normally hard to reach.

    My favorite products I received, the Pet Bowl Scrubbers, are perfectly made to scrub out the grime from pet water and food bowls. The best part is that I can use them over and over again. No more wasted “human” sponges over here! Their only purpose is to clean the dog bowls and I also love that.

    Ease of Use and Care

    You just add water to whichever cloth you are using to clean, wring it out, and then wipe or scrub down the surface, pet bowl, or window you want to clean. Each cloth is designed to effortlessly clean that space or area. This makes your daily chores easier and more time-efficient. At the end of the cleaning job, your fingers don’t smell like chemicals and you don’t get a headache from all the toxins you’ve sprayed in the air. You can also add other cleaning materials to the cloths, like hot water with lemon, baking soda, vinegar, or other natural cleaning sprays.

    All of the cloths, except for the Pet Bowl Scrubber, can be machine-washed and air-dried once a week. You can hand rinse the scrubbers out and hang them to dry as much as you’d like. The Kitchen Cloth, the Kitchen Dynamo, and the window cleaning cloths you can boil in hot water to remove the accumulated bacteria and dirt whenever you want and as many times as you want to.

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - kitchen dynamo out of the package

    3-Year Promise

    Each E-Cloth you purchase comes with a “3-year Promise”, which means it is guaranteed that you can use the variety of E-cloths for three years or over 300 times with regular care and washing. Can you imagine how many paper towels or cotton or synthetic rags you could go through in three years?! That is a lot of trash you’re saving the planet from and a lot of money you’re keeping in your wallet.

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    Reviews of the 3 Best E-Cloth Cleaning Products

    1. E-Cloth Pet Bowl Scrubbers

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - Pet Bowl Scrubber

    I love having a scrubber that is purely dedicated to cleaning my dog’s food and water bowls and nothing else! The rough scrubbing side gets off all the caked-on goop and the soft side wipes it down afterward to showcase the new shiny surface. I did add a bit of dish soap to get the extra grime off of my dog’s metal bowls. They looked like new dog food and water bowls when I was done.

    • Just add water
    • Cute bone shape
    • 3-year guarantee
    • Comes with 2 scrubbers
    • Should only be used for pet bowls
    • Must be hand-washed

    2. E-Cloth Window Cleaning

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - E-Cloth Window Cleaning

    Halle loves putting her nose up against the back door windows and slobber, while she watches the birds outside. She lays there at that door every day for hours. So there are always smudges and slobber marks all over my back door windows. The waffle-weave E-Cloth was able to scrub the marks away completely. I kept the other polishing cloth dry and used it right after I finished scrubbing to give the windows a new, sparkling look.

    • Just add water
    • Comes with 2 cloths
    • 3-year guarantee
    • Machine washable
    • Material of polishing cloth is thinner
    • Lots of scrubbing required

    3. E-Cloth High-Performance Dusting Cloth

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - E-Cloth High-Performance Dusting Cloth

    Halle and Indy bring in a lot of dust, debris, and dirt from the outside world into my, otherwise clean, house. I dust the furniture in the living room that leads out to the backyard every other day because of it. This Dusting Cloth can be used wet or dry and gets rid of all the dust and dirt they track in. I like that I can just rinse it out and use it again and I can throw it in the wash at the end of the week. At the end of the week, it is like I have a brand new dusting cloth.

    • Can use it dry or wet
    • Nice large size
    • 3-year guarantee
    • Machine washable
    • May be hard to use for small crevices

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    Our Experience With E-Cloth Cleaning Products

    My experience with E-Cloth cleaning products has been spectacular! I love my house being clean, in every sense of the word, and that can be a challenge with two large dogs always running around. I love having the option of using just water to clean too. I don’t have to worry about my dogs licking some nasty chemical or my boyfriend and I breathing in something toxic.

    I love my dogs, Indy and Halle! But they do bring their fair share of dirt into the house. Especially since both of them, and their limitless energy, have unfiltered access to the backyard through the back door. The High-Performance Dusting Cloth and the Window Cleaning E-Cloth set have really helped combat that issue. You can add water to both to wipe down away the grime and then rinse them out and leave them hanging to dry and use them another day. I didn’t even need to add water to the Dusting Cloth to get rid of the surface layer of dust on the bookshelves and TV stand that the dogs brought in. The Window Cleaning E-Cloth rid my back door windows of the slobbery grime that accumulates from Halle. She loves to hang out by the back door, watching the birds through the windows, but she does not want to leave the comfortable living room.

    I am obsessed with the E-Cloth Pet Bowl Scrubbers. I love that they’re shaped like bones and are dedicated solely to cleaning my dog bowls. They work really well. I did add some dish soap to them as I cleaned them just to get the bowls a little more sanitized and sparkling. I love how fast the scrubber dried and that the package came with two (2) scrubbers! I will be a lifetime user of these Pet Bowl Scrubbers.

    And lastly, the Kitchen Dynamo is great and so easy to use, it has already worked its way into my daily kitchen-cleaning routine. I use it for my stovetop, the interior of my microwave, and my kitchen counters – especially in the areas behind my toaster and air-fryer.

    The maintenance for these E-Cloths is so easy and convenient. Either boil it in water to sanitize it after a day of cleaning or just simply rinse it out after a single use – which you would do anyway. Then once a week, throw it in the wash on cold and let it air dry.

    These E-Cloths work better than paper towels or old rags, which are what I used before. The E-Cloths last longer and are prettier than old rags and they are so much less wasteful than paper towels. They are also better on our wallets because we’re not going through so many single-use cloths or paper towels and constantly needing to buy more.

    I love these sustainable additions to my cleaning kit. I also love knowing that I am continuing to do my part to protect the pups’ health, my own health, and Mother Earth.

    E-Cloth Cleaning Products - halle looking at the duster cloth

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    The E-Cloth line of cleaning products is great, especially for pet owners. I would definitely recommend the Pet Bowl Scrubbers as an absolute must for anyone with a cat or a dog. They work very well and you will never have to use an old dish sponge or waste a brand-new “human” sponge again!

    I recommend the other E-Cloths for dusting, window-cleaning, and kitchen cleaning for everyone, pet owners and non-pet-owners alike. They are really simple to use and care for, plus they are guaranteed to work for the next three years of your life with continued usage. That’s a pretty long time for a household cleaning product that removes over 99% of bacteria from your home, if you ask me.

    If you are looking to make more eco-friendly home choices without compromising your personal standards of cleanliness and hygiene, E-Cloths are a wonderful and helpful support for your cleaning routines.

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