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Dogs on Wheels Roll Into the Spotlight Thanks to Lil Oscar’s Wagon

Lil Oscar's Wagon on Facebook showcases dogs who travel through life using a wheelchair. We love it!

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 27th 2016

Lil Oscar was a senior Shih Tzu whose legacy is all about shining a light on dogs in wheelchairs.

Everything was scooting along as usual in Lil Oscar’s life until he hit the age of 2 years old, at which point an accident while he was out in the garden saw him needing surgery to fuse his discs back into place. It’s a procedure that left him permanently disabled — but he took the news in plucky fashion and began spreading the word about dogs on wheels via his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, while Lil Oscar was retired from service in 2015, his trusty wingman Murphy has taken on the task of keeping his Facebook page updated. Let’s check out some of the fellow pooches he’s profiled.

Lil Oscar

According to internet legend, Lil Oscar’s mission was “to show everyone that a 16-year-old, 14 years disabled, dog can live a long and inspirational life.”

It was said that he was never happier then when he was being cheered on while taking part in a parade.


This proud-looking chap is Charlie. Despite suffering from a spinal cord injury, he’s a Dachshund who enjoys heading out on adventures with his set of wheels (or, when he gets a little tired, hopping into his bespoke doggie stroller).

Lamb Chop

Now we come to an action-packed pooch named Lamb Chop. She’s a Poodle who suffered a back injury when she was just a one-year-old pup. Despite limited use of her back legs, she’s all about staying active and affectionate.


These oversized wheels belong to Roosevelt the Border Collie. He was named for Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, who inspired him to vow, “If he could run the country from a wheelchair, I too could do anything I set my mind to.”

Oscar Madison

Here we have Oscar Madison, a pup who’s at his best when he’s carting himself around New York City. In tandem with his partner, Tiki, he’s also become a social media star.


This is Buster, who rolls with the Traveling Tails pack. When he’s not sneaking in a quick nap session, you’ll find him wandering the country with his family in a Camper Trailer and enjoying the natural scenery around him.


Finally, we come to Batman, who bills himself as an “awesome wheelchair dog” on his own Facebook page. His back story involves being hit by a car and managing to drag himself across a couple of lanes of traffic while injured — and he also snagged the Happiest Dog in America title back in 2012.

Check out more of Lil Oscar’s legacy over at his Facebook page.