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10 Dog Wedding Dress Ideas for Your Pup (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

chihuahua dog in a tuxedo at a wedding

10 Dog Wedding Dress Ideas for Your Pup (With Pictures)

Whether you’re the bride and want your dog’s attire to match your dress or you’re doing a wedding photoshoot with your pups, helping them look the part is essential. For dogs that love wearing clothes, a wedding dress of their own will help them fit right in with you and the other guests.

There are all sorts of different styles when it comes to wedding dresses, and there’s plenty of variety to give your dog a unique look. Here are 10 dog wedding dress ideas to inspire you, whether it’s your wedding or a friend’s or your own dogs are tying the knot!

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The 10 Dog Wedding Dress Ideas

1. Handmade Wedding Dress

This one might be a simple design, but it’s a classic look that will let your dog stand out from the other guests, whether they’re the bride or the bride’s best friend. The classic white style of this dress and the flare from the tulle fabric, embroidery, and pearls makes for a super cute, adorable way to create matching outfits.

If you have a sewing machine and love making your dog’s clothes, you can make this one yourself too. You’ll need to be familiar with dressmaking and measuring your dog, but this way, you can choose your own fabric to suit your wedding’s theme.

2. Princess Bridesmaid Dress

Nobody likes to match the bride, and even for your cute puppy, white dresses might be cutting it a little close. These princess dresses are ideal if you have several dogs and want them all to match, or you just want more variety in your dog’s closet for all the party or celebration plans that you have.

The dresses are cute and stylish, with bright colors and adorable bows. Each dress also has intricate embroidery to give your dog a regal look befitting a bridesmaid or a princess.

3. Stylish in Black

You can never go wrong with black if you’re looking for formal attire, whether it’s for you or your dog. This dress is prim, proper, and stylish. The design is simple, with a soft velveteen shimmer and sequins to add a party-like feel. It only has a half-skirt instead of a full, fluffy tutu design, which makes it more comfortable for dogs that dislike having too much clothing around their belly.

If you have a white dog, this simple dress is a great option to contrast their fur color and give them a noble look.

4. Beautifully Blue

Small dogs look great in clothing of any kind, but they look even cuter dressed up for weddings. This tiny dress is made with lightweight fabric and is a great option for small dogs like Toy Poodles.

Accented with a decorated bodice and a pale blue, tulle skirt, it’s a simple but cute design. The half-skirt also makes it easy to put on and more comfortable for your dog to move around in. It’s the perfect choice for your four-legged bridesmaids or a canine guest of honor.

5. Pretty in Pink

Pink is a great color for love and romance. It’s no surprise that it’s also one of the best colors for wedding attire for your dog. This pink dress is made with soft but warm fabric for cold-season weddings, with a pretty pink tulle skirt and white accents. It’s a good choice for weddings with a pink theme, the bridesmaids’ puppies, or dogs that just look plain adorable in pastel colors.

6. Simply Silver

If you’re the lucky bride, dressing your dog to match your attire is the perfect way to announce that they’re part of the family too. You can’t go wrong with silver and lace! With its soft, regal color and the intricacy of the pearled collar, lace sleeves, and skirt, this dress is adorable and stylish without being gaudy. Add a bow or another accessory to bring out your pup’s eyes, and they’ll be ready to walk down the aisle to give you away.

7. Princess Floral Frill Pet Dress

This dark pink dress is a good option for dogs or owners who prefer deeper colors. Although the colors are more vibrant than some other options, it’s a simple design that won’t draw attention away from the bride and groom. With a patterned bodice to match princess-themed weddings, the dress is also accented by a lace belt and handmade flowers to make it fit for any celebratory event.

8. An Embroidered Bodice Dress

There are all sorts of simple dresses that your dog can wear, but it’s nice to go all out. You might want your pet to match your dress if you’re the bride or maybe look like a princess for their own wedding photo shoot—with a matching suit for their paw-tner. This white dog wedding dress has pearls, a fluffy tulle skirt, and fancy embroidery to round out the look. It’s sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for the bride’s canine best friend.

9. Flower Power

You can’t have a wedding without an array of flowers, and they don’t all have to be real or even vibrantly colorful. Sometimes, they can be embroidered on a cute wedding dress for your dog.

While the overall design of this dress is simple, with a sleek white blouse and a cute tutu skirt, the embroidery gives it a unique flair. The flowers along the belt mean it has an adorably elegant style that’s eye-catching without stealing attention from the bride and groom.

10. Ribbons and White

Unlike most dog wedding dresses, this one is tailored more for dogs that don’t like wearing a full shirt around their front half. It’s a simple dress made from one fabric and is a perfect choice if you’re on a budget or prefer a quieter wedding ceremony. While it lacks all the bells and whistles of tulle skirts, pearls, and elegant embroidery, it’s unique in its simplicity.

You can keep it simple with the dress by itself or add contrasting accessories like a hat or a flower crown to give your dog a unique look.

Alternative Options for Dogs That Dislike Dresses

Some dogs love to dress up, while others might hate every second that they spend in clothes, no matter how cute they look. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways to get your dog to look the part as a proud wedding guest.


When it comes to dog accessories, bandanas are among the most common. They might not be the first things that you think of when you think of wedding attire, but there are all sorts of designs for all occasions. Choose one that announces your dog’s role in the wedding, whether they’re the flower dog, ring bearer, or the best canine. You can even make your own if you love to sew.

Sitting French Bulldog dog wearing pink bandanna around neck
Image Credit: firn, Shutterstock

Collars and Leashes

A collar and a leash are essential whenever you take your dog with you anywhere. Since your dog has to wear them, anyway, adding these accessories is a great way to avoid dressing your dog in clothes that they hate. You can add a few fake flowers to their collar for their very own bouquet or a cute bow tie for a formal touch or get a matching white collar and leash specifically for the occasion.

Skirts and Vests

Maybe your dog doesn’t like the full dress ensemble, but they might be more accepting of a small skirt or a simple vest. It might not scream “wedding dress” like the full deal, but both options acknowledge the formal attire requirement expected at weddings. Choose a color that matches the wedding theme, and make sure your dog is comfortable wearing it before settling on your final choice.

dog wearing a wedding dress
Image By: ViDI Studio, Shutterstock

Veils, Bows, or Flower Crowns

Sometimes, the simplest option is best. If your dog is comfortable wearing accessories on their head, consider making a simple veil or a flower crown for them to wear. Don’t forget bows! If your dog dislikes having too much weight on their head, a few artfully tied pieces of ribbon are lightweight alternatives that are still super sweet. Provided that their fur is long enough, you might even be able to create an adorable ponytail.

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As a member of the family, your dog should be able to attend your wedding too. A wedding dress of their very own is a great way for them to match the bride or acknowledge the black-tie and formal attire requirements. You can give them a white wedding gown or dress them up befitting a bridesmaid. We hope that these ideas have inspired you so your dog looks the part during the ceremony.

Featured Image Credit: Studio Peace, Shutterstock

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