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98 Dog Valentine Sayings to Show Your Love

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Dogster Team

corgi dog with flower and valentine's day gift

98 Dog Valentine Sayings to Show Your Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so how will you celebrate with your favorite canine? Valentine’s Day isn’t only a celebration of the love between people; it can be a celebration of your love for your pet! If you’re unsure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog, we have a few ideas.

We also have a ton of great dog Valentine sayings you can use this upcoming Valentine’s Day when posting pictures of your dog online! All are punny, and all are adorable. Between these sayings and our ideas for having a safe, happy Valentine’s with your favorite pup, you and your pet will have a fantastic holiday this year!

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The 98 Dog Valentine Sayings

We’ve broken these sayings into three categories: sayings that are play-on-words, breed-related, and everyone’s favorite—those so corny they can only be Dad jokes! Most of these sayings fall under the wordplay category, but each one has some fun and excellent sayings.

Word Play Valentine Sayings

happy dog with red heart balloons out in the snow
Image Credit: alexei_tm, Shutterstock

Wordplay is always fun and can even be an art form if you do it correctly! These wordplay Valentine’s sayings are funny and sweet.

  • A round of a-paws for being the best dog Mom/Dad a pup could ask for!
  • Can I collar you my Valentine? I won’t leash you alone until you tell me!
  • Doggone it, paw-lease be mine this Valentine’s?
  • Don’t go bacon my heart; say you’re gonna be mine.
  • Happy Paw-lentine’s Day to my fur-avorite hooman.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a paws-itively pup-fect person!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! You are so a-dog-able!
  • I have some-pawdy to hang with fur the rest of my life.
  • You’re the best and fur-st man/lady of my life!
  • Howl I live without you?
  • I chew, chew, chews you over treats, toys, and naps, Valentine.
  • I didn’t open my Valentine’s Day card yet. But I may have “terriered” it up a little.
  • I drooly love you.
  • Why do I have the zoomies? ‘Cause we’re roomies!
  • Let’s sit and stay together fur-ever.
  • I hope you nose how much I wuv you, Valentine.
  • I may be a bit ruff about the edges, it’s true. But you help keep me feeling paws-itive.
  • I puppin’ love you, Paw-lentine!
  • I ruff you the most, so I’ll bark it fur all to hear!
  • Till you found me, I was simply barking up the wrong tree.
  • Who WOOFS you to the moon and stars and back again, Valentine? Me!
  • I woofy, woofy, love you, Valentine.
  • I’ll bark it loud and clear: I ruff you!
  • I may be fur-bidden to chew on your stuff, but the bond we have will last a pup-ternity.
  • You make me mutts 24/7/365.
  • Think I’m too cool for drool on Valentine’s? Think again!
  • I’m itching to ask if you’ll fleas be mine?
  • If they set out all the toys for me, you’d still be CHEWS-on as my Valentine.
  • Let’s be Valentines fur-ever and fur-ever.
  • Muttin’ but love for you, Valentine!
  • There’s muttin’ that would tear us apart, because you’re my Valentine.
  • Today and each day forward, I’ll dig you.
  • Today and always, my tail only wags for you, my most paw-some hooman.
  • You’re the most bark-tastic parent and fur-end.
  • Paws-ibly the best Valentine’s Day ever.
  • Juliet had Romeo, but I’ve chews-on you as my love fur-ever.
  • Firetrucks are red and daisies are yellow, when you give me tummy rubs, I feel mellow.
  • Firetrucks are red and I love to bark, how about we spend today with each other so we can play at the dog park?
  • Fire hydrants are red and the sky is blue, I wanna thank you for keeping me fed and getting rid of my poo.
  • You are going to be paw-rested because you stole my heart, Mom/Dad.
  • Urine my heart always, so please disregard the puddle under the dining room table.
  • Valentine, I loves you a lot. (I also lick you!)
  • Valentine, you’re just my pup of tea.
  • You’re pup-fection!
  • Today’s the furry best day for me to TAIL you all the ways I adore you.
  • I see you, and I think the world is wonder-fur.
  • When things are HAIRIED, never fur-get I’ll be here.
  • When there’s a day that’s ruff, I’ll work to make it more wonder-fur.
  • WOOF you like to be mine on Valentine’s? Please tell me I’m not barking up the wrong tree.
  • YAP! YAP! YAP! I YAPsolutely love you!
  • Your my bestest fur-end, so Yappy Valentine’s Day!
  • You’re the most re-bark-able puppy parent.
  • Who’s bone-ified fur-bulous? You are, so I’m unleashing lots of love on you.
  • You’re my pup of tea, so why not pour a little sugar on me?
  • You’re paws-itively fetching, and I totally woof you!
  • You are the ulti-mutt puppy for me, Valentine!
  • I’ll bring the pup-corn; you bring a movie. Let’s have a paws-itively fur-abulous night!
  • Your pet-tential to become the ulti-mutt dog parent is off the charts!
  • You must be a garden, because I paws-olutely dig you.
  • Are you a stick? ‘Cause you’re quite fetching.
  • You must be an ocean-dweller, because you’ve given my life porpoise.
  • My heart was rescued by you!
  • You are, without a doubt, a triple threat—dog-loving, lovely, and absolutley paw-fect.
  • Who’s a bone-ified best friend? You!
  • You are, without a doubt, just my pup of tea. I suppose that makes you a sweet-tea.
  • You’re simply paw-fect.
  • You’re the most amazing, fur-tastic dog parent in the world.
  • You guys are the fur-amily I’ve been seeking, which is why I am paw-sitively mutts over you.
  • You are the most amazing dog parent ever. Ruff doesn’t even begin to describe life with you not in it.
  • You’re the ulti-mutt Valentine!
  • You have the keys to my heart, so paw-lease open the cabinet of treats for me?

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Breed-Related Valentine Sayings

a havanese puppy with red heart pillows
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

Want a Valentine’s saying that fits your dog’s specific breed? Try one of these sayings on for size!

  • I can’t imagine where I’d Beagle if I didn’t meet you.
  • I Shih Tzu not; I chews you fur my fur-avorite Valentine.
  • I have a Mastiff-sized crush on you, Valentine.
  • I Labradore you from here to the moon and back.
  • I loves you from the very depths of my puggin’ heart.
  • You’re paws-itively Labrador-able!
  • If I’m not your Valentine, it’ll make me furry melon-collie.
  • Know what being yours is? Poodles and poodles of excitement and fun!
  • Paw-don, may I Collie you some time?
  • Pugs and kisses and poodles of love!
  • Pugs and kisses to my Valentine!
  • When you’re not here, your pugs and kisses are what I misses.
  • Will you beagle my Valentine?
  • Will you spaniel life with me?
  • You are the weiner of my heart.
  • You give the best pugs, I woof you!
  • You make my heart melt into a Poodle, you’re so Corgeous.
  • You’re the spice to my Pugkin.

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Dad, That’s So Corny Valentine’s Sayings

owner petting a happy dog
Image Credit: Bachkova Natalia, Shutterstock

Then there are the Valentine’s sayings that make you groan and laugh simultaneously!

  • How did the pup seal his cards for Valentine’s? With the poochiest of smooches.
  • What did one dog tell the other? I loves you drool-y!
  • Know what the dog said to their favorite tree last Valentine’s? We have to STICK together.
  • Know what the dog told their favorite tree? You’re reBARKable!
  • Guess what the dog told their Valentine. I’m mutts about you!
  • What was the pup’s fur-avorite drink? The PUPaccino.
  • Why’d the dog zoomie in a circular motion on Valentine’s? They wanted to offer their pet parent some rounds of a-paws!
  • Why’d the dog parent order pizza with pup-eroni? They knew it would stay with them through thick or thin.
  • Why didn’t the young pugs make serious Valentine’s Day plans? Because it was just puppy love!

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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pup

owner giving pet dog a gift
Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

So, what are some ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your canine companion and make them feel special? There are plenty of ways to make the day a special one! Engage in one or more of these activities to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

  • Go for an extra long walk with your pup.
  • Have a movie night (bonus points if it’s a dog movie!).
  • Gift your pet a new toy or outfit.
  • If your dog enjoys the groomers, take the day to have the groomers spoil them.
  • Visit the dog park.
  • Give your pup a massage!
  • Break out the toys and play with your pet.
  • Post pictures of your dog online with the above sayings.
  • Make your pup some homemade treats.
  • Go on an adventure!
  • Schedule a playdate for your dog.
  • Have a Valentine’s themed photoshoot.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many dog Valentine’s sayings out there that you can utilize this Valentine’s Day when posting a million photos of your pup online (or just use them for fun in conversation or while talking to your dog). All are adorable, and some are downright silly, but they’ll help make your Valentine’s Day with your dog a fun one. Plus, you can engage in a variety of fantastic activities on Valentine’s Day so you can properly celebrate the day with your pup.

Whether you simply curl up for a movie night or go all out with a massage and photoshoot, there are plenty of ways to make this holiday dog-friendly!


Featured Image Credit: Kristina Igumnova26, Shutterstock

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