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Dogster Buster Brown barked in some thrilling news for everypup who wants or needs to travel! This is sooooo cool!!!! Finally, dogs can travel by...



Dogster Buster Brown barked in some thrilling news for everypup who wants or needs to travel!

This is sooooo cool!!!! Finally, dogs can travel by air without facing the threats of riding with the luggage! And not to mention the very exciting cruises and other trips! Wow!

I wanted to formally invite you to take a look at what my mom has been up to! She started a travel company JUST FOR US DOGS!!! She made friends with some “partners” and got us special airplanes where we can fly in the seats next to our human companions!!!

She also found special cruise ships that will let us go on board as well and arranged for shore excursions so we can go explore!

She has us signed up to go on a cruise to Greece later this year!!!

Take a look at mom’s website

She’s doing amazing things for us dogs!!! Pretty soon we may have human status!!! Do you think it would be possible to run for president one day???……

(for those of you who travel to dog shows, with enough notice mom’s team said they should be able to set up special flights for you! so you don’t have to fly in cargo !!! Finally someone realized we’re not luggage!!!)

Buster Brown

Here’s a little more about the Dog Travel & Adventure Company from the web site.

The Worlds First Travel & Adventure Company
Catering to Dogs and Their Human Companions

What sets us apart from others?

ALL dogs fly in the cabin of the airplanes
ALL dogs are welcome regardless of size
ALL dogs cruise in the cabin with their owners
ALL vacation package excursions are dog friendly

Welcome to the Dog Travel & Adventure Co! Ever dream of taking your dogs with you on vacation? Or worse yet, ever come home from vacation and find out that your pet sitter, or kennel didn’t take good care of your faithful companion? Or you just can’t stand that sad puppy dog eyed look that your canine companion gives you when the suitcases come out, or the cold shoulder you get when you come home? Well… we’ve done away with that and here’s your big chance to score points with your faithful friend! Come on a vacation with the Dog Travel & Adventure Company!

Dogs will travel in the cabin of the plane along with their human companions! Nobody belongs stored away with the luggage. Aside from it being dark, loud,too cold or too hot (depending on the season), it can be very dangerous as the pilots may fluctuate the air pressure to keep passengers in the main cabin safe. Our dogs travel in style just like any other distinguished canine citizen.

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