Dog Shot By Police

A Dogster member passed this on to me and when I took a look I was shocked to see it happened right near where I...

A Dogster member passed this on to me and when I took a look I was shocked to see it happened right near where I live.

A police officer shot and killed a dog who bit him while walking unleashed with her owner.

The owner of a dog shot and killed by an Acworth police officer says his four-legged best friend, Tomato, wasn’t vicious.

“She just showed up one Christmas Eve – a cold little puppy – and never left my side from then on,” Bower Taylor said Wednesday.

Tomato, a 39-pound Rottweiler-shepherd mix, was shot to death after she bit an officer on the knee more than a week ago.

Acworth police have said the officer was justified in shooting the unrestrained dog.

“He did what he had to do,” Officer Wayne Dennard said.

Taylor, a teacher, even took his pet to his school as part of a “how-to” writing lesson called “How to Train Your Dog.”

“She could be unleashed and hang out with 140 groping, jumpy 13-year-olds, no problem,” Taylor said.

The officer was on foot on Academy Street, near Acworth Beach, when he was bitten by Tomato.

Cobb County has a leash law, Taylor was issued a citation by animal control. He now owes $500 in fines. The officer bitten is fine, Tomato is still dead.

I realize how important leash laws are, they are there for a reason. Exactly to prevent what happened from happening. What if Tomato went after a child, who knows what injury the child would have sustained.

However, it says the dog bit the officer and was shot. I have to wonder if he was bit and Tomato let go and was shot or if she was attacking the officer. Yes, there is a difference to me. If she bit him and let go why couldn’t mace have been used? Was it necessary to kill the dog? If the dog was in full out attack mode that is totally different.

The bottom line is the dog paid for the mistake of the owner. I just wish I didn’t have a question hanging over me when it comes to the justification of the action taken by the officer.

Did the punishment fit the crime?

1 thought on “Dog Shot By Police”

  1. Jennifer Talbot

    No, it didn’t. That is the thing. Are these cops sincerely fearful of bodily harm, or are they control freaks who want to teach everything a lesson that defies them, and taking their aggression out on dogs because they know they can get away with it. Dogs have a sort of six sense about people and their character. I think the cops shoot because they are angry that they are being exposed.

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