6 Dog-Friendly Companies to Work For

Dog at work with girl on a laptop.
Dog at work with girl on a laptop. Photography ©Pekic | E+ / Getty Images.

This summer is the 20th anniversary of the ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’ event, but what if you could bring your dog to work every day? Many corporations have gone dog friendly and encourage employees to bring their dogs with them to work. Some even offer perks to recruit top talent, like on-site dog parks. Have you ever thought about looking for a job where your dog could come to work with you? Check out these dog-friendly companies:

1. Amazon

Man at office with dog.
Amazon is a dog-friendly company (photo pictured is stock; not interior of the Amazon office). Photography ©Pekic | E+ / Getty Images.

Amazon just opened a 1,000-square-foot dog park specifically for its employees’ dogs at its headquarters in Seattle. Amazon offices also have dog-friendly drinking fountains, and complimentary dog biscuits. Find out more about Amazon’s dog-friendly policies and if the company will have a dog-friendly campus at its second location here. And meet some of the adorable dogs who “work” at Amazon.

2. Google

Google calls itself a “dog company” in its employee code of conduct. “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture,” the policy states. “We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.” Employees are welcome to bring their dogs to work, and Google’s Austin offices even have an indoor dog park on the 28th floor.

3. Cloud for Good

Even Cloud4 for Good’s meetings are dog friendly. Photography courtesy Sassafras Lowrey.

Consulting offers a flexible way to work from home and spend every day with your dog. My partner is a Solutions Architect at Cloud for Good, a technology consulting firm. The opportunity to be a work-from-home dog parent is a huge perk for our family. The work atmosphere is very dog friendly, and dogs who live across the country often accompany their parents in virtual meetings.

4. Ben & Jerry’s

Delicious ice cream and dogs — what could be better at work? At the Vermont headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s, employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work and the pups are called “K9-5’ers,” there are dog cookies for them at the office and the dogs even have their own page on the Ben & Jerry’s website. Rumor has it there is a toilet-shaped water bowl for the office dogs!

5. Build-A-Bear

Dog with tie, briefcase and glasses ready to go to work.
You can bring your dog to work at Build-A-Bear (photo pictured is stock; not a dog at the Build-A-Bear office). Photography ©damedeeso | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

At Bearquarters, as it’s called, employees have been encouraged to bring their dogs to work since the company opened 25 years ago. Milford is the company’s Chief Executive Dog and helps new dogs acclimate to the office routine.

6. Salesforce 

Salesforce Headquarters in San Francisco features a “Puppyforce” room where employees can reserve a desk to bring their dog to work with them. The soundproof room accommodates six employees and their dogs. Dogs coming to work at Salesforce even get their own employee photo badges!

Tell us: Do you know any dog-friendly companies? Do you work for a dog-friendly company? We want to know. Maybe we’ll add your dog-friendly company to our list!

Thumbnail: Photography ©Pekic | E+ / Getty Images.

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  2. This does nothing but foster co-dependency. News flash: your dog will not fall apart and die if you leave it at home while you work. A well adjusted dog has no issues being at home while it’s owner is at work. This is how you end up with separation anxiety in your dog.

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