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Does Your Company Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day?

If not, check out these tips from the event's creator, Pet Sitters International, on how to get a Take Your Dog to Work Day in 2019.

Jackie Brown  |  Jun 22nd 2018

Take Your Dog to Work Day is today, Friday, June 22. Pet Sitters International, the event creator, offers a free guide to celebrating at work — including how to convince your boss.

“Employers — particularly those who have never allowed dogs at work before — may be apprehensive, so explain the benefits,” says Beth Stultz, national spokesperson for TYDTW Day. “Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace increases productivity and creativity. Surveys also indicate that employees credit dogs in the workplace for decreased absenteeism and improved co-worker relationships and teamwork.”

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Does your company celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day? Photography ©damedeeso | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Here are some ideas to get you started, courtesy of PSI, on 2019’s TYDTW Day:

  • Share your idea and the free guide with your boss or human resources:
  • Choose an event coordinator. You might need a committee, or you might simply appoint one staff member as lead organizer.
  • Decide how to celebrate. Some companies simply allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Others host elaborate celebrations.

Tell us: Does your company allow pets at work? Does your company celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day?

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This piece was originally published on June 24, 2016.