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15 Dog-Friendly Companies to Work for in 2024

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 28, 2024 by Dogster Team

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15 Dog-Friendly Companies to Work for in 2024

Dogs are more meaningful than ever to today’s attentive pet parents, giving companies creative new avenues to attract talent. It’s not just about the salary and standard benefits like insurance and investments anymore.

Pet-friendly perks are now crucial considerations for those prioritizing their dogs’ well-being. The emergence of dogs as essential family members is a relatively new trend, and not all companies have embraced the adoption of pet-focused benefits as much as others.

If you want to work for a company that will do the most for you and your pet, these 15 dog-friendly companies are worth a look.

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How Do Dog-Friendly Companies Support Employees?

Dog-friendliness can manifest in many forms. Some of the most accepted benefits companies offer are dog-friendly workplaces.

Studies have shown numerous benefits of pets in the office. Pets provide emotional support, reduce stress, and can even improve cardiovascular health, helping employees stay happier and more productive. Many companies allow dogs to come in and offer amenities like beds, play places, and treats to make them comfy.

Of course, pets can also create conflict in some job environments. To support their doting pet parents, businesses have various alternatives they can offer instead, such as:

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  • Paw-ternity leave for new pet parents
  • Bereavement leave for pets that pass away
  • Stipends for insurance or adoption
  • Doggy daycare vouchers

According to a 2021 LiveCareer survey, over half of respondents considered pet-friendly benefits when choosing a job.1 With a 2021 Nationwide Insurance survey finding that 70% of employees didn’t receive pet-related benefits, pet-friendliness has become an excellent path for businesses to differentiate themselves.2

The 15 Dog-Friendly Companies to Work for in 2024

1. Amazon

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Image Credit: Alex_Maryna_Shutterstock
Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Industry: Online retail and web services
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

The online retail giant that made Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man on the planet is gaining a reputation for going above and beyond for its animal-owning employees. Dogs are a welcome feature in almost every aspect of Amazon’s pet-friendly company culture, whether their owners go to the office or work from home.

Over 10,000 registered dogs work in more than 100 regional offices worldwide. As part of its Dogs at Work program, the company provides dedicated play spaces, hosts dog events, offers discount pet insurance, and provides a bevy of welcome packages and treats.

At-home workers can also join the fun with unique perks involving their dogs. The internal Slack channel Amazon Puppers Chat gives loving parents a place to show off their dogs and make them part of video calls for their co-workers to enjoy.

2. Bissell

Corporate Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI
Industry: Vacuum and floor cleaner manufacture
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

As the maker of numerous Pet Pro carpet cleaners and vacuums, Bissell knows a thing or two about helping owners and their dogs. While the BISSELL Pet Foundation® funnels a portion of profits toward helping homeless animals and serving welfare organizations to improve the lives of those in their care, the company provides its dog-owning employees with several unique perks.

Since 2016, the company’s home office in Grand Rapids, MI, has been 100% dog-friendly. Employees on the campus can bring their dogs to their offices and meeting spaces or drop them off in the PetSpot, an open area that includes kennels with outdoor access, toys, and a dog bath.

3. Ben & Jerry’s

Corporate Headquarters: Burlington, VT
Industry: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet manufacture
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Ben & Jerry’s has made a point of catering to every ice cream-loving family member, including our dogs. Whether as a customer enjoying the brand’s Doggie Desserts treats or as an employee pet coming into work, our canine companions are welcome wherever the Ben & Jerry’s banner hangs.

Employees can bring their dogs into the office, where they enjoy treats, interactions with co-workers, and a doggy play space. Dogs feature heavily in guided tours, and an employee-led Canine Culture Committee works to improve the workplace experience and find new ways to celebrate their four-legged friends.

4. Ticketmaster

Corporate Headquarters: Beverly Hills, CA
Industry: Online event ticket retail
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Ticketmaster has a comprehensive benefits package to lure in top talent, particularly those with dogs. The dog-friendly California-based business allows dogs to join owners in the workplace, letting pets socialize as their employees enjoy the mood-enhancing, performance-boosting perks of pets.

Plus, employees can take advantage of excellent pet insurance rates available through the company.

5. Google

Corporate Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Industry: Web services, computer software, and hardware
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Pet-friendliness is only one of the countless reasons employee satisfaction is sky-high at web search behemoth Google. Creating dog-friendly workplaces is part of the company’s core culture, as it has been since 1999.

The tech company allows dogs in its nationwide offices, provided they don’t disrupt co-workers. At its Mountain View headquarters, the campus even has a separate dog park called the Doogleplex, where dogs can frolic while their owners work.

Meanwhile, at-home employees have the Doogler group and message board to show off and discuss their dogs with friends.

6. Airbnb


Corporate Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Lodging
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

It should be no surprise that the primary innovator in modern hospitality also does more to accommodate its employees. Dogs can tag along with their owners to the office, where the company welcomes them with open arms and plenty of snacks.

Office dogs even get individual badges, making their role in the workplace official.

7. Trupanion

Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Industry: Pet medical insurance
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

As a leader in pet medical insurance plans, Trupanion is also one of the top companies that lets you bring your dog to work. Dogs can join their humans in the office, enjoying added perks like dog walking services and two playrooms for off-leash fun.

As expected, pet insurance is an essential team member benefit at Trupanion. Employees can enroll one dog in an insurance policy free of charge, with the company footing the bill for a plan featuring a $0 deductible and 90% payout. Employees also receive bereavement benefits when facing the passing of a pet dog.

8. Mars, Inc.


Corporate Headquarters: McLean, VA
Industry: Confectionery products, pet food manufacture
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Mars, Inc. has promoted a pet-friendly workplace for over a decade, with its purpose of A Better World for Pets™ driving its corporate culture, research focus, and product development. As a leader in pet food manufacturing, the company maintains dog-friendly offices worldwide, including its McLean, VA headquarters.

The company’s Mars Petcare division brought dog-friendly amenities to a new level with its Franklin, Tennessee headquarters, which opened in 2019. Features of the next-generation workplace include:

  • Wi-Fi-enabled dog park
  • Two indoor play areas with dedicated pet sitters
  • “Slurp stations” for dogs to rehydrate
  • Pet-friendly furniture
  • 60+ acres of dog-friendly outdoor green space and walking paths

Mars Petcare recently launched a new initiative to help other businesses make their operations pet-friendly. The company’s CESAR brand gave out the first CESAR Workplace Grants in 2023, splitting $75,000 among nine companies to use on implementing or updating dog-friendly company practices and policies.

9. TripAdvisor


Corporate Headquarters: Needham, MA
Industry: Travel services
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Not every hotel you find on TripAdvisor’s website will be dog-friendly, but if you work for the company, you won’t have to question whether your pup is welcome.

The company’s Needham, MA, location is a popular pet hangout. It provides dog-friendly spaces and a daycare to keep family companions entertained during the workday. Employees can also sign up for pet insurance through TripAdvisor to save on their dogs’ vet visits.

10. Chewy


Corporate Headquarters: Dania Beach, FL
Industry: Online pet food and products
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Chewy built its reputation on exceptional customer service, and its workers and their pets benefit from that same culture of care and consideration. Employees receive a store discount to get all their doggy accessories for a bargain, but the perks go much further.

Chewy welcomes dogs to come to work with their owners and gives new pet parents paid paw-ternity leave.



Corporate Headquarters: Centreville, VA
Industry: Automotive
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

CARFAX is one of Virginia’s top workplaces, and it maintains a reputation for a low-stress environment partially through its dog-friendly workplace policy. The company encourages employees to bring dogs any day of the week to share their companionship.

Dogs fit in perfectly with other unique amenities, like shuffleboard and putting greens, that make every day at the CARFAX office memorable and fun.

12. Etsy


Corporate Headquarters: New York, NY
Industry: E-commerce
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Etsy may be known as an online innovator, but it has also set an example for companies adopting pet-friendly policies since 2005. Dogs have been welcome from day one at the New York-based business, where leaders recognize the stress-relieving and uplifting value of pups in the workplace.

They are essential team members, and Etsy developed a canine operations team that includes family dogs in the company’s directory.

13. Nestle Purina

Corporate Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
Industry: Pet food
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

America’s largest pet food company is also a top landing spot for job-hunting dog lovers. Dogs have been welcome at Nestle Purina since 2015, and the office even includes amenities like on-campus dog parks.

As a dog food manufacturer, Nestle Purina offers more benefits than most companies that let you bring your dog to work. Employees can also protect their health with optional pet insurance available through the company, and it offers up to $200 in adoption assistance for associates bringing another pet into the family.

14. Clif Bar

Clif Bar

Corporate Headquarters: Emeryville, CA
Industry: Energy food and drinks
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Clif Bar has been setting the standard for dog-friendly workplaces since its doors opened in 1992, making canine companions a deeply embedded facet of the business’s culture.

The energy bar manufacturer welcomes dogs to join employees in the office or hang out in their off-leash area, where they can mingle with other pets. As a major supporter of dog welfare, the company also offers paid time off when employees volunteer for animal causes.

15. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels

Corporate Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Hospitality
Pet-Friendly Offices: Yes

Kimpton Hotel locations have always been a preferred home base for travelers with pets, and since the early 1980s, the company has let its employees in on the fun. The rules for guests apply to employees: If they fit through the door, your dog is welcome.

Many of the company’s hotels even employ a “Director of Pet Relations” as a doggy ambassador. Employees can also get nose-to-tail pet insurance through the company.

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It’s an excellent time to be a dog owner, especially if you’re hunting for a new job. Businesses vying for high-quality talent recognize the cost-effectiveness and unique appeal of catering to pets, making our furry friends a top consideration in their policies and practices.

With innovative dog-friendly companies like these paving the way, more organizations can realize countless opportunities to set themselves apart.

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