Meet Trotter, a French Bulldog Whose Wardrobe Is Way Cooler Than Yours

The fashionable pup makes a splash in the San Francisco dog scene.


We here at Dogster know firstpaw that in San Francisco, people love their dogs. We can hardly go a block without seeing one (mostly because they are running around the office), and the city has set itself up to accommodate our canine companions with generous dog parks, dog events, and plenty of dog products and services based in the city. Dogs are everywhere, and you can barely go to happy hour at your favorite bar without showing your ID to the resident dog (just last week I met a sweet pooch at one of my favorite dives).

So it’s no surprise that Trotter, a fashionable French Bulldog, hails from the city named after the patron saint of animals (St. Francis). The Fluffington Post asserts that he is the “most fashionable pup on Instagram,” but we know some dogs who would challenge that claim, such as Ammo the Dachshund, the three-named Digby Van Winkle, or the stylish looks of Logan.

We must admit that perusing Trotter’s portfolio makes us terribly ashamed of our lacking wardrobes. Perhaps we could invite Trotter over to help us go through our closets.

While Trotter is one of many couture canines, he does have his own favorite photographer. Trotter refuses to work with anyone but Sonya Yu. What a diva!

Via the Fluffington Post, photos by Sonya Yu

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