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Do Yorkies Bark a Lot? Facts & Tips to Stop It

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on July 16, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Do Yorkies Bark a Lot? Facts & Tips to Stop It

The Yorkshire Terrier might be little, but they are mighty and fierce. Anyone who’s ever loved a Yorkie will tell you just how big of a personality they have. With a bold personality comes other behaviors, like barking.

Granted, some dogs naturally bark more than others, even within the same breed. But the likelihood of getting a vocal Yorkie is pretty high. Yes, Yorkies bark quite a bit. Below, we’ll explain why they bark frequently and how you can reduce the behavior.

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The Yorkie and Their Quirks

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed from England. Unlike other tiny dogs, they are very independent and adventurous. They have the sweetest, most innocent face, but don’t let that fool you. They’re protective of their owners and love spending time with them. They can get very attached, specifically to one person in particular.

They are also always on alert and will quickly alert you to trouble. Although they’re not large enough to subdue an intruder, their guarding instincts are impressive, and they’ll bark loudly when a stranger enters your property.


yorkie dog standing in the grass
Image Credit: Petra, Pixabay

Barking Is Normal

Barking is a natural impulse for most canines. It is a communicative language, and different tones, frequencies, and body language can help Yorkies get their point across. A dog should only be expected to silence their voice as much as a human should. It’s best to understand that even though barking might annoy you, it is natural for your dog.

The only thing you can do to curb barking is to use a training system that teaches your dog when to resist barking.

How to Stop Barking

If your Yorkie never stops barking, you might wonder how to curb the behavior. For the most part, the behavior is natural for the breed and should not be harshly punished. Although you can’t eliminate a Yorkie’s barking, you can reduce it with training.

First, it’s vital to determine why your dog barks frequently. If they’re triggered by a person or animal outside, you can limit their access or close the blinds. It’s also important to ignore your dog unless they’re barking to go outside for a potty break so that they don’t continue barking to get your attention. When they stop barking, give them a treat. It may take a few weeks or longer, but eventually, your Yorkie will learn that they’re rewarded for their silence.

This will not eliminate their barking, but it should reduce it to manageable levels.


a person wearing gloves holding a brown dog
Image Credit: Gustavo Fring, Pexels

Using Positive Reinforcement

Constantly screaming, disciplining, or shaming your Yorkie for barking can cause distrust in the relationship. If your Yorkie suddenly starts to fear you, the behaviors could even worsen.

Always try to use positive reinforcement when you’re correcting your dog. Allow them to have their space and use their voice, but make sure your Yorkie is trained to know when to use it properly.

For some dogs, it will be as simple as treat training, while others might require professional training to reduce their barking.

Shock Collars for Correction

Some owners use shock collars to decrease barking. Every time their dog barks at an unfavorable time, they use the shock collar to create an association between barking and bad behavior.

However, some dogs don’t understand why they are being punished or hurt for doing something natural to them. Shock collars may increase their fear-based reaction. After all, dogs are not barking out of maliciousness.

Shock collars are unnecessary. You can promote behavioral changes in a positive, calm, and appropriate manner with thorough training.

Professional Training: When Is It Needed?

If you feel less confident about your approach to training your Yorkie, you can always reach out for professional assistance. Professional trainers work with you and your dog to promote a healthy, effective training routine to get the desired results. It’s important to note that you’ll only partially be able to silence your dog.

But you can work with them to reinforce positive barking behavior and control inappropriate barking. Results will take time since it’s a slow process and a big transition.

It’s best to have patience and consistency. Just know that it’s just as essential to train outside of a professional environment for lifelong results. If you want to contact a professional trainer, you can ask your vet for references.

Sometimes, it might require travel, or your dog might need to stay out of the home for a week or two for the initial training process.

Yorkie dog standing in grass
Image Credit: Piqsels

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that Yorkies are a very vocal breed. It is normal and expected that these dogs are more vocal than some other breeds. They are brave, spirited, and always ready for action.

Their larger-than-life personalities will fill your life with lots of entertainment, but they might need help learning when to use their voices.

Featured Image Credit: My Bokeh Life, Shutterstock

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