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20 DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes You Can Make Today! (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

dog in a ghost costume

20 DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes You Can Make Today! (With Pictures)

Halloween is a popular holiday where we dress up and play the role of someone or something else for one day. Costumes vary from spooky and gory to fun and hysterical. The nights are a blast for kids to go trick or treating, and it’s fun to plan what you will wear. Several dog owners are now getting their companions involved.

If you own a golden retriever, you know they are pretty obliging and will most likely love to join you for Halloween. There are so many great costume ideas out there, and the best part is that you can dress up your dog in full DIY costumes, so it’s a great chance to get crafty and creative. We have found some excellent DIY Halloween costume ideas for your golden retriever to inspire you, whether your dog loves to play dress-up or even if a collar is all they will tolerate. Let’s have a look.


The 20 DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes

1. DIY Barista by The Diary of A Debutante

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: The Diary of A Debutante
Small child’s apron, safety pins, coffee patch, felt squares,
Tools: White chalk pen, iron
Difficulty Level: Easy

This sweet DIY barista costume is great for coffee lovers. It is super easy and only requires five materials to make. One of the greatest parts about this costume is that it requires no sewing! It easily hangs around your pup’s neck, just like an apron.

Simply choose an apron that catches your eye, add some details, and pop it over your dog’s head. Ensure the size is a good fit and use the safety pins to alter it as needed. If your dog loves to chew things, it may be safer to sew it instead.

2. DIY Lion Costume by Instructables

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Lycra, faux fur, polar fleece, Velcro
Tools: Measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Your dog will parade with you in confidence in this DIY lion costume. It is pretty simple to create on your own, and the result is so realistic and effective! Although your dog may raise some alarms while trick or treating through the neighborhood, they will be impressed by its simplistic realism when the community realizes it’s just a sweet retriever.

All you need to do is measure your pup’s head, make a model to work from, find the appropriate colored fur, put your sewing skills to work, and in those few simple steps, you will have a lion king of your own.

3. Little Red Riding Hood by Do It Yourself Divas

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Do It Yourself Divas
Materials: Red velvet, ribbon, white lining
Tools: Measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

We all know the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood, and if it was a childhood favorite, this could be a great project for dressing up your golden retriever for Halloween. This DIY costume is simple to follow but requires some basic sewing skills.

All you need is red velvet for the cape and some white lining for the hood. Add a ribbon to bring it all together, and there you have it.

4. Beanie Baby by Craft and Sparkle by Craft and Sparkle

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Craft and Sparkle
Materials: Red, yellow, and white cardboard, yellow ribbon, glue
Tools: Scissors, hole puncher
Difficulty Level: Easy

Turn your dog into a cute, or should we say cuter, Beanie Bear by getting crafty. Create a tag with the necessary materials, and your retriever will be the sweetest and biggest beanie baby.

5. Iced Latte by Mad Pup Life

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Mad Pup Life
Pink paper, headband, pearl paint, cups, piece of clear plastic, cardboard, brown paper
Tools: Paintbrush, glue gun, markers, colored pencils
Difficulty Level: Easy

As laid back as an iced latte, so is this hat for a laid-back pup that isn’t a huge fan of dressing up. This DIY iced latte hat is cute and simple to construct, plus you will have fun while getting crafty. Some cardboard, plastic, a headband, and a bit of shimmery paint are all you need to create a laid-back Halloween costume for your dog.

6. Pineapple by Brit

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Brit
Yellow dog shirt, yellow one-wrap Velcro, gold paint, green felt
Tools: Scissors, hot glue
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Pineapples are a popular graphic used on clothing, stationery, socks, and other everyday items, so why not go with the trend and take some inspiration from Carmen Miranda this Halloween? To create this pineapple costume for your dog, you don’t need amazing sewing skills since all it requires is fabric and glue. You will have so much fun creating this outfit, and your golden retriever will have so much fun wearing it.

7. Superhero by Kidspot

Materials: Large men’s T-shirt, felt, cardboard, Velcro
Tools: Scissors, glue, sewing tools
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Choose your favorite superhero that you can turn your pup into for the night. All you need is an old T-shirt to make this superhero cape. Use felt to create your superhero logo to glue onto the back of the cape and make an additional cuff or cuffs for your dog’s paws to really get into character.

8. Ghost Dog by Bernese Of The Rockies

Materials: Old White sheet
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

DIY doesn’t get easier than this; this costume is perfect for a last-minute idea. Grab an old white sheet and cut holes for your dog’s eyes and nose. If you aren’t sure exactly how to go about doing that, you can follow this tutorial. Just be sure your dog is comfortable with having a sheet hanging over its face, and make sure the holes are big enough for your dog to see and breathe. Add a Jack-o-lantern for more of a Halloween feel.

9. Walking Teddy Bear by Cooking For Dogs

Materials: Teddy Bear same color and height as your dog
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This costume is so much fun and will have you in stitches! It is simple as well, yet so effective. All you need is a teddy bear the same size and color as your golden retriever and some scissors. Make sure the bear you choose to use is not sentimental because what happens next may be disturbing. You’re going to cut off the bear’s face and slice down the back and down the legs to remove all its stuffing, so it becomes the cutest Halloween costume for your dog.

10. Dinosaur by Chezlin

Materials: Base fleece fabric, accent fleece fabric, stuffing, velcro
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, sewing tools
Difficulty Level: Moderate to hard

This DIY costume is such a cute idea for your golden retriever this Halloween, but some sewing skills are required. Once you have your chosen fabrics and necessary tools, you will need to measure your dog so you can put it all together correctly.

11. Bat by Sea Lemon

Materials: Your dog’s harness, black craft foam,
Tools: Glue gun, pen, ruler, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Bat wings are so fitting for Halloween, and these DIY bat wings are easy to make. Not only are they simple to construct, but they will make for a fun craft project. If your dog is used to its harness, it will most likely not even notice the new wings, making this a very comfortable option for your dog. As a bonus, you can attach your dog’s lease and take your new bat trick or treating.

12. Spider by Sea Lemon

Materials: Dog collar, pipe cleaners
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Spiders are definitely something that comes to mind when you think of Halloween. You can add a spider element to get your golden retriever without fussing with over-the-top outfits. It can be as simple as adding a few pipe cleaners to your dog’s collar to create a dog-friendly and Halloween-appropriate spider pet. You can also get more creative and add extra spooky elements if you don’t want it to be too simple.

13. Witch by Relax My Dog – Relaxing Music for Dogs

Black fabric, black lace, elastic, glitter stickers, black cardboard
Tools: Scissors, bowl, pen, glue gun
Difficulty Level:

The witch is probably the most common and popular Halloween costume, but it never gets old. Choose this classic for your dog this Halloween with this easy tutorial. You just need to adjust the size to suit your dog and add your personal witchy touch.

14. Tiger by Cuteness

DIY Golden Retriever Halloween Costumes
Image Credit: Cuteness CDN
Materials: Non-toxic paint
Tools: Paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

This costume requires an artist’s touch and some patience, but if complete correctly, it can look so realistic.  We recommend making your own paint to keep your dog as safe as possible. Your golden retriever will be the cutest tiger to ever exist.


15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by Crafts by Courtney

Fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dog Costume
Image Credit: craftsbycourtney

Materials: Turkey pan, green and brown paints, mod podge, ribbon, Velcro, old green shirt
Tools: Hole punch, paintbrush, sponge
Difficulty Level: Easy

Kids love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and dressing up as one of the crew is a great group activity for Halloween. The best part is that this DIY turtle shell costume lets your dog take part too! This is the perfect solution if you’re short a Turtle for a heroic mission.

Use an old green shirt and a large turkey pan. With a splash of paint and ribbon to hold the turkey pan shell in place, your costume is complete. It’s even perfect for last-minute Halloween parties.

16. Surfer Girl and Shark by Dog Mom Style

Image Credit: wearwagrepeat

Materials: Foam core board or cardboard, paint, fabric, non-toxic glue, washi tape (optional)
Tools: Utility knife, paintbrush, pen
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you don’t have a friend or significant other to match costumes with, your Golden Retriever will love to join you! This surfer girl and shark costume works especially well if you live on the coast, but you can try it anywhere. You’ll need cardboard or foam core board for the bitten surfboard and the shark fin, fabric and glue to secure the shark fin to your canine, and a surfer costume.

Decorate the board with strips of washi tape or paint, and remember to take a pouch of dog treats and poo bags for your Halloween walk!

17. Woody and Buzz by Hana

Woody & Buzz Dog Edition Costume
Image Credit: costume-works

Materials: Woody and Buzz kid’s costume accessories, cowboy hat, bandana, white shirt, felt
Tools: Sewing needle and thread, black Sharpie
Difficulty Level: Medium

The characters from Toy Story provide all sorts of inspiration for children’s costumes. Golden Retrievers are massive kids too, though, and you can show your collective enjoyment of these Pixar movies with DIY Woody and Buzz costumes. You’ll need to do a great deal of sewing, especially to attach all the felt pieces to the white shirt for Buzz Lightyear’s costume, but the result is a perfect costume.

This DIY plan was originally designed for two dogs, but don’t worry if you only have one pet. You can dress up as Woody or Buzz yourself so you both match!

18. Loofah Dog Costume by Crafts by Courtney

Easy Loofah Dog Costume
Image Credit: craftsbycourtney

Materials: Old shirt, tulle or decorative mesh, rope leash
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread
Difficulty Level: Easy

Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary, and Golden Retrievers are often too cute and friendly to dress up as monsters, anyway. This DIY loofah dog costume is a novel way of dressing up without resorting to age-old, scary favorites. It’s an easy design but does require a bit of work, as you’ll need to sew the decorative mesh to the shirt.

You can use a sewing machine or hand-sew each piece with a needle and thread. Remember to find a rope leash that matches your dog’s new costume to keep them safe while you’re trick-or-treating.

19. Poop Factory by Turtles and Tails

Poop Factory (That's Right, I Said It)
Image Credit: turtlesandtails.blogspot

Materials: Cardboard box, paint or construction paper, ribbon, empty toilet paper tubes, polyester stuffing, non-toxic glue
Tools: Utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

No matter how adorable they are, Golden Retrievers poop just as much as every other dog. If you’re stuck for Halloween costume ideas, why not use that as inspiration? This DIY poop factory costume is easy and suits pet owners with a unique sense of humor—or maybe just a willingness to embarrass their pets for a good laugh.

You don’t need to do much work to make it either. Use a cardboard box, construction paper, and non-toxic glue for a quick costume, or break out the paints and test your decorating skills. It’s a good way to get the kids involved too.

20. Cerberus Costume by madeinthegarage

Cerberus Aka. _Fluffy_ Costume for Your Dog
Image By: instructables

Materials: Cheap stuffed animals, cardboard or paper towel roll, cardboard, harness
Tools: Utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

Monster costumes are ideal for making Halloween that much spookier, and the three-headed Cerberus is one of the most iconic canine monsters in the world. Your Golden Retriever can rock the look too!

This DIY Cerberus costume does require pulling apart cheap dog plushies so you can use the heads. If you’d prefer not to do that to cute stuffed animals, though, you can always experiment with the design and test your creativity. Try using papier mâché and paint! It’ll take longer, but no harm will come to innocent toys. Make sure the result isn’t too heavy, though, as your Golden Retriever will need to be able to carry the extra heads without injuring themselves.



Halloween costumes don’t need to be over-the-top or spooky. You can easily construct something from basic materials or use what you have lying around. Your golden retriever will have  fun joining you for Halloween, and you will have even more fun getting crafty with a DIY Halloween costume.

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