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16 DIY Dog Ramp Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Dogster Team

16 DIY Dog Ramp Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Are you the proud parent of a short-legged dog that can’t quite reach your bed for cuddles? Or perhaps your dog has a leg or hip issue that’s preventing them from jumping? If so, it might be time to consider a dog ramp to give your fur buddy a helping hand (or paw!). As store-bought dog ramps can be a little on the pricey side, an alternative is to build your own DIY dog ramp.

The great thing about going the DIY route is that you can use your own materials and tools, save money, and tailor the ramp to your dog’s size or needs. Without further ado, check out these awesome DIY dog ramp plans you can make today!

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The 16 DIY Dog Ramp Plans

1. Carpeted DIY Dog Ramp by Irresistible Pets

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Irresistible Pets
Materials: Plywood sheets, screws, sandpaper, paint brushes, paint, pencil, carpet, carpet tape
Tools: Power drill, circular saw, measuring tape
Difficulty: Moderate

This awesome DIY dog ramp was designed to help a dog with back problems get on and off the bed. The difficulty level is moderate; it requires a few tools and a fair bit of measuring needs to be done, but the materials are pretty easy and inexpensive to procure. The carpet is a great addition and is sure to help prevent your dog from sliding about. If you don’t mind spending a morning or afternoon in the workshop or yard putting this together, give it a go today!

2. DIY IKEA Crate Dog Steps for Small Dogs by IKEA Hackers

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Ikea Hackers
Materials: Wood (Knagglig) boxes, cushion cover
Tools: Staple gun, fabric glue, wood glue
Difficulty: Easy

These easy-to-make dog steps were created with small dogs in mind. It takes around one hour to assemble and all you need is a few materials and tools. The concept is to basically glue three IKEA boxes together after covering the bases (steps) in fabric. If you have similar boxes at home and an old cushion cover, you may not even need to make the journey to IKEA—you can just use what you’ve got and draw inspiration from this smart idea.

3. DIY Adjustable Dog Ramp by HGTV

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: HGTV
Materials: Boards, plywood, dowel rod, hinges, wood glue, primer, paint, carpet, paintbrush, screws, sandpaper, spray adhesive
Tools: Nail gun, drill, circular/table saw, jigsaw, sander
Difficulty: Moderate

This adjustable DIY dog ramp is perfect for any dog having issues getting where they need to be, whether that’s the sofa, bed, or car. The great thing about this ramp is that you can use it for multiple dogs and adjust it to different levels. It extends from 16–30 inches and you should set aside around half a day to build it—perhaps a little more time if you’re a beginner.

4. DIY Doggie Bed Ramp With Storage Space by HGTV

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: HGTV
Materials: Crates (various sizes), wood glue, nails, board, small rug, carpet tape, door hinge, pencil
Tools: Circular/miter saw, drill, measuring tape
Difficulty: Easy

Follow HGTV’s straightforward instructions to build this DIY bed ramp for your fur baby. Though the material list is pretty long, this ramp is relatively simple to put together. It is made by gluing crates descending in height together as supports and attaching a board on top to act as the ramp. This ramp is pretty amazing—not only does it help your dog reach new heights, but you can use the crates as storage space too!

5. DIY Dog Ramp for Bedroom by Home Talk

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: HGTV
Materials: Cedar or pine wood for the ramp and supports, wood glue, leftover carpet
Tools: Drill, saw, measuring tape
Difficulty: Moderate

This DIY bedroom ramp is sturdy and strong, so it’s great for dogs a little larger in build as well as smaller dogs. It’s made with a few simple materials but it’s a pretty large and heavy structure so you may need to call a friend for backup. The creator recommends using pine or cedar wood to make this ramp because these types of wood are strong and easier to work with than oak.

6. Easy Cardboard Pet Stairs by Mild Mile

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Mild Mile
Materials: Double-walled cardboard, heavy-duty mounting tape
Tools: Glue gun, box cutter
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re not comfortable using types of saws and drills, give these easy cardboard pet stairs a go! These DIY stairs were built for lionhead rabbits but the creator doubled up on double-walled cardboard to make them extra strong, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t work for small to medium-sized dogs. This is a cheap, simple alternative for dog parents without tools or wood to work with.

7. Simple DIY Dog Ramp by Kolchak Puggle

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Kolchak Puggle
Materials: Plywood, carpet, heavy-duty piano hinge, gate hook and latch sets, screws
Tools: Staple gun, measuring tape
Difficulty: Easy

This simple, foldable DIY dog ramp was tailor-made to perfectly fit a high bed. It’s made by attaching two pieces of plywood together with a piano hinge and gate hooks. Though a few special materials are required, it’s pretty easy to put together and is covered in carpet that you can staple into place instead of gluing. It’s simple, lightweight, and portable so you can experiment with different placements.

8. DIY Car Ramp by Salt of America

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Salt of America
Materials: Plywood, hinges, screws, carpet
Tools: Circular saw, measuring tape, drill
Difficulty: Moderate

Designed for a large dog that had injured himself by jumping from an SUV, this cool, foldable DIY ramp is a great idea for dogs that need a little help getting into the car. It’s fine for all sizes of dogs and has a pretty short material list. It’s a large structure, though, so you’ll need plenty of space to make it. A garage or outdoor space would be best. One of the best things about this ramp is that, despite its large size, it’s foldable so it’s easy to travel around with.

9. Super Simple DIY Cardboard Steps by Four His Glory

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Four His Glory
Materials: Cardboard boxes, objects to fill boxes with, duct tape, fleece or carpet, rubber drawer liner
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

If you don’t own a saw, drill, or don’t feel comfortable putting wooden structures together, these cardboard steps are super simple. All you need is a few cardboard boxes, some duct tape, and fleece or carpet to spruce up the finished product a little. You’ll need to find some weighty objects to fill the boxes with to prevent them from caving in. A rubber drawer liner under the base helps keep the boxes in place.

10. Inexpensive Doggie Ramp by Instructables

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Closet shelves, zip ties, carpet, rubber shelf end plugs
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

Fed up with seeing overpriced pet ramps in stores, the couple who created this inexpensive DIY dog ramp decided to go to Home Depot for cheap materials that could be used to put together their own ramp. Altogether, the materials cost the couple less than $50. This ingenious DIY ramp is easy to put together, is perfect for cars and beds, and goes easy on your wallet!

11. Large DIY Dog Ramp by Fox and Brie

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Fox and Brie
Materials: Wooden planks, beam, strips of wood casing, carpet, wood screws, waterproof primer or paint
Tools: Outdoor carpet glue, power screwdriver, power saw, tape measure, paintbrush
Difficulty: Moderate

This large DIY dog ramp cost the creator less than $40 to make and was built for a Rhodesian mix recovering from surgery. Its large size and width make it perfect for homes with steps leading to the porch or front door that are causing your dog difficulty and it’s suitable for dogs of all sizes. It utilizes wood casing for traction and carpet to help prevent slips and slides.

12. $30 DIY Dog Ramp by Camels and Chocolate

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Camels and Chocolate
Materials: Plywood, oak strips, brass carpet trim, brass screws, rubber bushings, sandpaper, adhesive, carpet or carpet samples
Tools: Square, measuring tape, hammer, table saw, sheet metal snips, drill, screwdriver
Difficulty: Moderate

The creators of this $30 DIY dog ramp had saving money as a priority. It was built to help a dog with a shaky knee get around in the couple’s new home. The materials for this project came in at $23, which was aided by free carpet samples and spare plywood they had lying around. You may need to spend a little more, though, if you don’t have plywood on hand.

13. Collapsible DIY Dog Ramp by Family Handyman

DIY Dog Ramp
Image Credit: Family Handyman
Materials: Hinge, screws, nylon nuts, washers, plywood, carriage bolt, carpet, lumber, staples
Tools: Drill, clamps, miter saw, staple gun, wrench
Difficulty: Moderate

This collapsible DIY dog ramp is perfect for dogs struggling to get up on the bed. It’s a simple design but a little heavy on the materials and tools so is of moderate difficulty to assemble. It’s estimated to take just a few hours to complete and costs between $20 and $50 for all of the materials. This varies depending on what you have available. It’s both collapsible and portable enough to move around and take with you when you travel.

14. DIY Dog Ramp for Dachshunds by Holly Obee

Materials: Pine shelves, carpet, sandpaper, paint, screws
Tools: Drill, glue gun, staple gun
Difficulty: Easy

This cute DIY dog ramp was created by a dog parent with a Dachshund with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). Its height and width are the perfect size for little sausage dogs either with or without back problems. It’s made with strips of wood bought from Home Depot and sanded down around the edges. When it’s all put together, you can use a glue gun and staple gun to cover it in carpeting. This dog ramp is suitable for Dachshunds and other small breeds.

15. Pretty DIY Outdoor Dog Ramp for Over Stairs by Pretty DIY Home

DIY Dog Ramp
Image By: Pretty DIY Home
Materials: Plywood, carpet, paint, wood glue, screws, nails
Tools: Miter saw or skill saw
Difficulty: Moderate

This decorative outdoor ramp may look small, but it’s wide enough for dogs of all different sizes. It’s designed to go on top of outdoor steps on your patio, the idea being to avoid cutting into your stairs to make extra room for a ramp. If your dog loves to spend time out in your yard but struggles to get up and down your patio steps, this clever outdoor ramp could be your next DIY project.

16. Outdoor DIY Dog Ramp: Simple Build by Easy Prepper 101

Materials: Metal brackets, treated lumber, screws, outdoor carpet, joist
Tools: Miter saw, staple gun
Difficulty: Easy

This outdoor DIY ramp is another neat, simple design by a Dachshund parent that fits nicely over your patio steps. It balances on a wooden joist and isn’t screwed in, so you can easily remove it from your steps when needed. This ramp is perfect for dogs that struggle with steps due to their breed or health issues. The creator was able to quickly train his Dachshunds to use the ramp in a safe and stress-free manner.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve taken a look at dog ramps in stores and have come close to tears over the prices, it’s time to get your craft hat on and start DIYing! There are so many awesome DIY dog ramps you can make and there are plans to suit every skill level. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’re sure to find something you and your dogs will love. We hope that these awesome DIY dog ramp plans have left you feeling inspired—good luck!

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