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CoyoteVest Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Kate MacDonnell

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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CoyoteVest Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give the CoyoteVest a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Fit: 4/5
Options: 5/5

Small dogs have many advantages as pets, but they can also be more vulnerable to wild predators and bigger dogs. CoyoteVest aims to help you keep your small-to-medium dog safe and stylish with its line of protective and colorful spiked vests, collars, and harnesses. If you’ve ever looked at your dog and thought He could use some armor, this is the company for you.

We were lucky enough to test the classic CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, CoyoteCollar, and accessories like the spiky Whiskers and intimidating HawkEyes. Our takeaway? This is a quality company that produces nicely designed protective gear. Although the price may be out of your budget and some models require a fair amount of adjustment, CoyoteVest’s products are effective and attractive, an excellent combination! They are also easy to put on and offer great value. If you’re in search of high-quality protective gear for your dog or cat, CoyoteVest could be just right.


At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
SpikeVest SpikeVest
  • Incredibly easy to put on and take off
  • Gentle on the trachea and throat
  • Available in many fun colors and five sizes
  • Second place
    CoyoteVest CoyoteVest
  • Stab-resistant reinforced side panels
  • Hard chrome spikes on neck and back
  • Adjustable straps
  • Third place
    CoyoteCollar CoyoteCollar
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Easily adjustable, removable chrome spikes
  • Affordable light protection
  • About CoyoteVest


    CoyoteVest is a small, family-owned business born out of a tragedy: the founders’ small dog, Buffy, was killed by a coyote, and they were inspired to help protect dogs from similar attacks. Since its founding in 2015, the company has expanded from its original product, the CoyoteVest, to cover a wider range of pets, including cats.

    What Products Does CoyoteVest Offer?

    CoyoteVest offers multiple vest and harness designs, along with an extensive set of accessories like studded collars, LED lights, and colorful Whiskers. Here are a few of the most popular options:


    CoyoteVest’s original design features a spiked collar, spiked lines along the back, reflective patches, and two buckles. This vest covers your dog’s full neck and the length of the back. Available in sizes ranging from extra-extra-small (also called mini) to large, this vest is designed for dogs weighing anywhere from 2 to 55 pounds. According to the company website, that includes a wide range of breeds, like Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Dachshunds, Corgis, and Australian Shepherds.


    turquoise SpikeVest by CoyoteVest

    The SpikeVest is a variation of the classic design that is specifically made to protect the trachea. This vest features wide velcro straps (made of the same material as the rest of the vest) instead of simple buckles. These straps attach around the neck and under the belly, and since they’re not adjustable, it’s especially important to get the sizing right. The company also warns that the velcro can be less secure than the original design’s buckles because it can wear down over time.

    However, if your dog needs a gentler neck attachment, this is likely to be your best option. It’s also much easier to use straight out of the box since the straps do not need adjusting.


    The SpikeHarness is a more minimal design intended for leash walks. It features wide straps that attach around the front legs, providing solid spiked protection for your dog’s neck. This model doesn’t offer any back or side protection and only comes in extra small, small, and medium sizes. If you need a simple harness that provides a little protection, this could be a good option, and it comes at a very affordable price.

    SpikeVest for Cats

    CoyoteVest also has vests specifically designed for cats. Similar to the dog SpikeVest, this model attaches with wide velcro straps and offers protection for the neck, back, and sides. Like the dog model, it can also be combined with the Whiskers and has a leash attachment D-ring.

    BullyVest and BullyHarness

    The BullyVest and BullyHarness allow you to have the best of both worlds: this model features the CoyoteVest’s straps and buckles and the SpikeVest’s protective chest and throat flaps. The BullyVest is the vest portion, and it can be combined with the BullyHarness (a spiked collar with harness straps) to provide neck protection.


    CoyoteVest Whiskers being assembled

    The Whiskers are an optional accessory intended to prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. These long, colorful nylon bristles attach to the back of the CoyoteVest or Spikevest, along your pet’s spine. Note that they do require some assembly (unlike the vests) and may take you about 20 minutes to set up. Luckily, there are included instructions and the process is very simple.


    Gizmo wearing SpikeVest looking at HawkEyes accessory from CoyoteVest

    HawkEyes is a simple, inexpensive add-on that can be attached in several different ways to any of the harnesses and vests. Intended to scare off predators, particularly birds of prey, this product features scary green eyes printed on a sheet of sturdy plastic. You can attach it to any of the Velcro areas on your pet’s vest.


    orange CoyoteCollar by CoyoteVest with removable spike

    The CoyoteCollar is another affordable option that can be combined with the company’s other products. These nylon webbing collars are waterproof, fully adjustable, and feature detachable chrome spikes (like those on the vests) that attach with heavy-duty Velcro strips. You can layer it over your dog’s CoyoteVest (just order a size up) or under as a front-of-neck guard (just remove most of the spikes). The collar comes in a choice of seven colors, including patriotic red, white, and blue!

    Other Accessories

    SpikeVest with optional accessories HawkEyes and pee lights

    CoyoteVest also offers a full range of accessories to go with the vests and harnesses. This includes Pee Lights (LED tea lights that can be attached to collars, vests, or harnesses so you can see your dog at night), HawkShield (an extra protective layer that attaches to the back of the vest or harness, intended to protect from raptor talons), and an array of studded collars, dazzling lights, and extension cords.

    Which Type of Pets is the CoyoteVest Suited For?

    These vests are intended for small-to-medium dogs and cats at risk of attack by other dogs, coyotes, or raptors. The smallest size (Mini) is for teacup dogs weighing 2-5 pounds (like Teacup Yorkies or Chihuahuas), and the largest size (Large) is for dogs weighing 28-55 pounds (like Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or Standard Poodles). If your dog is larger than that, you probably won’t be able to use a CoyoteVest.

    In Summary

    • Durable and protective
    • Many models to choose from
    • Fun range of colors
    • Easy to put on
    • High-quality materials and great value
    • Excellent range of accessories, like Whiskers and HawkEyes
    • Fit could be improved
    • Won’t fit every budget

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    CoyoteVest Overview

    Gizmo sitting wearing CoyoteVest with rainbow whiskers

    How Does It Work?

    The CoyoteVest is made of smooth, stab-resistant fabric that should stand up to predator teeth and talons. It straps around your pet’s neck and belly, protecting the neck, back, and sides. Extra features include reflective patches, adjustable straps, and a D-ring to attach leashes. The 1-inch spikes, made of chrome, are removable and attach with velcro. The vest also comes with a little bell that can attach to the D-ring.

    The CoyoteVest aims to protect your pet in a couple of ways: making attacks less likely in the first place and slowing down any attacks that do happen so that you have time to intervene. It does this by looking intimidating (all those spikes and bright colors) and limiting the amount that teeth or talons can quickly hurt your pet.

    How Do You Pick the Right Vest?

    If you’re choosing between the classic CoyoteVest and the SpikeVest, there’s a handy comparison article on the company website. Most dogs will probably do well with the CoyoteVest, but if your dog has a delicate neck or trachea, you may want to choose the SpikeVest. The Bully line is also a good option if you want to mix and match your options, and the SpikeHarness could be for you if you need minimal protection for long leash walks.


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    Key Features

    The classic CoyoteVest features two adjustable straps, as well as hard plastic spikes on the collar and back. The back spikes attach with velcro and can be adjusted to accommodate Whiskers in the center. There are also reflective patches, and the side panels are reinforced with stab-resistant Kevlar. No wonder the company tagline is “Pet Body Armor”!

    Is CoyoteVest a Good Value?

    The CoyoteVest certainly won’t fit all budgets, but the price includes quality durable materials and a nice design. These waterproof vests are made in the USA and reinforced with Dupont Kevlar, a strong, lightweight fiber originally developed for use in racing tires. Given all of that, we think the CoyoteVest offers great value, especially if your dog is at high risk of attack. You can also start with a less expensive model like the harness or spiked collar.

    Reviews of the 3 Best CoyoteVest Products:

    1. SpikeVest

    Gizmo white dog in SpikeVest from CoyoteVest

    The SpikeVest is CoyoteVest’s most popular model, and it’s easy to see why. This is our favorite of the CoyoteVest range because it’s easy to put on and offers excellent full-coverage protection. This vest features wide velcro neck and belly straps, multiple detachable rows of spikes, and a spiked collar. The vest itself is made of Kevlar and has reflective stripes. Best of all, it offers great protection for dogs with delicate necks and tracheas!

    This vest is available in five sizes, covering tiny dogs like Yorkies and Chihuahuas up to larger Border Collies, Standard Poodles, and Australian Shepherds. The only downside to this vest is that the Velcro may wear out faster.

    • Incredibly easy to put on and take off
    • Gentle on the trachea and throat
    • Available in many fun colors and five sizes
    • Detachable spikes and reflective strips
    • Sturdy, durable construction
    • Works with accessories like CoyoteCollar, Whiskers, HawkEyes
    • Velcro may wear out over time
    • Less adjustable

    2. CoyoteVest


    The original CoyoteVest offers sturdy, stylish, and highly adjustable protection for many sizes of dogs. This vest has an adjustable waist belt and collar strap, both fastened with buckles, and comes with a full set of chrome spikes that attach with Velcro. The waterproof material is reinforced with Kevlar and features reflective stripes. Plus, you can choose from fun colors like hot pink, yellow, and royal blue.

    • Sturdy and waterproof
    • Full-coverage protection
    • Range of fun colors and sizes
    • Great materials and value
    • Works with many accessories, like Whiskers and HawkEyes
    • Somewhat tricky to adjust
    • May not fit your budget

    3. CoyoteCollar

    Gizmo wearing orange CoyoteCollar with chrome spikes

    The CoyoteCollar is the most streamlined product the company offers. This simple collar protects your pet’s neck with a ring of 1-inch spikes. It’s fully adjustable, waterproof, and available in a range of bright colors. The spikes are attached to the nylon webbing collar with double-sided Velcro, which means you can take them off to make the collar fit with any of the vests.

    The collar is easy to put on — a simple buckle — and features multiple rings for leash attachment. All in all, this is an affordable and simple way to help your dog stay safe outside.

    • Waterproof and sturdy
    • Easily adjustable chrome spikes
    • Works with any of the vests
    • Simple buckle attachment
    • Very affordable
    • Range of bright colors
    • Not full coverage



    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    There is no money-back guarantee, but if your product arrives damaged or defective, you can exchange it for free if you contact the company within 72 hours. You can also return or exchange your vest within 30 days, but you will have to pay shipping. Read the full refund policy here.

    Do pets like wearing this vest?

    Every pet is different, so it depends on personality and what they’re used to. You know your pet best! We will say that our furry product tester adapted quickly and enjoyed the vest.

    What is the sizing like?

    CoyoteVest offers a range of sizes that will fit many different breeds. If you have a small to medium-sized dog, you should be able to find the right size by comparing your measurements to the size chart available on each product page. Keep in mind that larger dogs may not be able to wear CoyoteVests, though there are extenders.

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    Our Experience With CoyoteVest

    Since I have a small dog and live in an area with bears, coyotes, and hawks, I was curious to try CoyoteVest’s offerings. My 18-pound Pug mix, Gizmo, is always up for a new outfit, and we were lucky enough to try the bright pink classic CoyoteVest, the turquoise SpikeVest, and the bright orange CoyoteCollar, as well as fun and useful accessories like the rainbow CoyoteWhiskers, the Pee Light, and the HawkEyes.

    Choosing the right size is a key part of the vest shopping process. The website specifies that your pet’s back length is the most important measurement, which I found to be true, especially if your dog has a curled tail like Gizmo. Although my dog fell slightly between sizes (his weight is in the medium range, but his back length is small), the small vests I received were the right size.

    The vests are very easy to set up and put on, especially the SpikeVest. The original CoyoteVest has two buckles, one that goes around the throat and one that goes under the belly, while the SpikeVest has two Velcro straps in the same locations. Both models feature removable Velcro strips with chrome spikes that attach around the neck and along the back. They fit very similarly, although I found the SpikeVest easier to work with out of the box. The CoyoteVest takes a little more adjusting to get a good fit. Overall, Gizmo’s vests fit him pretty well, although they do tend to slide to the side, and his tail regularly ends up under the vest (which doesn’t seem to bother him).

    Since I also received the CoyoteWhiskers, I had a bit more setup to do before the vest was ready for action. The Whiskers come with more detailed instructions, especially if you get the rainbow color (which comes with a helpful suggested color order!), and putting them together took about 20 minutes of simple crafting. Luckily, once you have them set up, the velcro-backed Whiskers are easy to put on and take off the vest as needed. I did find that attaching the leash through the Whiskers did not work as well, so they may be better for off-leash adventures.

    I also tried out the CoyoteCollar, which is a cleverly designed collar with a simple buckle attachment and easily detachable chrome spikes. The collar seems like a good option for daily wear or a quick walk around the block. It offers streamlined throat protection at a great price.

    Overall, Gizmo and I enjoyed his CoyoteVest products, and I feel safer letting him roam in wilder areas. He also looks very stylish and gets lots of compliments while wearing the vests on walks. What could be better than a fashionable outfit (or two!) that keeps him safe?




    CoyoteVest offers a great range of protective gear for dogs. The original CoyoteVest and updated SpikeVest are nicely designed and offer great protection for smaller dogs. Made from durable, high-quality materials, these vests boast a variety of fun and safe features like chrome spikes, stab-resistant Kevlar reinforcement, and bright neon colors. Optional accessories like the Whiskers (available in all kinds of bright colors, including a rainbow option) and HawkEyes can take your dog’s armor (and fashion) to the next level.

    The original CoyoteVest’s overall fit and sliding could be easier, and the Whiskers do take a bit of assembly. But we think this vest is well worth it and is an excellent choice for any dog at risk of attack from another animal. It’s well-made, looks cool, and provides peace of mind for owners.

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