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Can I Buy My Dog a Seat on a Plane? 7 Airlines It’s Possible On

Written by: Grant Piper

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Can I Buy My Dog a Seat on a Plane? 7 Airlines It’s Possible On

It can be hard to stuff your dog under an airline seat for a long flight. It looks uncomfortable and restrictive. This raises the question; can you simply buy an extra seat to place your dog in so that they have more room? While this seems like common sense at first ask, most airlines actually do not allow you to do this. Most airlines, both domestic and international, will say no to the request for an extra seat for a dog. In fact, there are only seven airlines that will allow you to buy an extra seat with the purpose of helping you and your dog through a long flight. Even then, each airline has their own rules and guidelines governing the purchase of extra seating for a dog.

Here are seven airlines where you can buy an extra seat for your dog on a plane, including general pet fares and official information for each.

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The 7 Airlines That Let You Buy a Seat on a Plane for Your Dog

Primary Seats

These airlines allow you to buy a primary seat for your pet. This means that you can either bring additional pets or keep your dog in the seat next to you. Primary seats mean that you are buying the seat specifically for the purpose of traveling with your dog. This is different from comfort seats in which an airline will allow you to buy an adjacent seat for your own comfort but that you can sometimes use for your dog.

1. JetBlue


JetBlue is one of the few major American domestic carriers that lets you buy a separate seat solely for your dog. Your dog must remain in its carrier at all times, but if you purchase an additional seat, you can place the carrier on the seat next to you, or you can keep it on your lap. This allows you to be closer to your dog during the flight and monitor its needs. JetBlue also has affordable fares, so buying a second seat is not as cost-prohibitive as other airlines. The combined weight of the dog and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds, which makes it limited to small dogs and will exclude medium and large-sized dogs.

  • Can keep the carrier on your lap
  • Can place the carrier on the seat
  • Affordable fares
  • Limited to small dogs

2. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the official airlines of the United Arab Emirates (along with Emirates). Etihad has long been praised as being one of the most dog-friendly airlines in the world. But that prestige comes with a cost. Etihad is prohibitively expensive for the average traveler, with fares that exceed $1,500 per pet per flight. However, if you can afford the fee, your dog can sit in the seat next to you as long as it stays in its carrier.

In business class, all dogs must ride on the seat next to you. Buying an adjacent seat on Etihad allows you to keep your dog in a larger carrier (40 x 40 x 22 cm vs. 50 x 43 x 50 cm), giving you more room for long flights. It also allows you to bring larger dogs along for the ride that might not have fit under the seat in front of you. Dogs must weigh less than 20 pounds. You can use Etihad Guest Miles to offset the cost of the pet fare if you are a frequent flier.

  • Larger carriers allowed in the second seat
  • Very pet friendly airline
  • Can use frequent flier miles to pay for pets
  • Expensive

3. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a very friendly policy toward travelers with dogs. With the purchase of an additional seat, you can bring two carriers onto your flight, which is more than most airlines will allow. The first carrier must be stowed under the seat in front of you, while the second carrier can be placed on the adjoining seat. Alaska Airlines also allows you to have two pets “of the same species and similar size” in each carrier. This means that you can theoretically bring four small dogs with you on your flight, which is far more than you will be able to bring on almost any airline. Alaska Airlines also has a robust domestic route network for the United States, allowing you to fly to a variety of locations.

  • Able to fly with two carriers
  • Can accommodate four pets per passenger
  • Large number of domestic locations (United States)
  • Can get expensive with multiple pets
  • Can’t put a carrier under two seats in front of you

4. Belavia

belavia logo

If you are planning on flying around Europe, Belavia is one of the most pet-friendly airlines when it comes to flying with a dog. Belavia is the national airline of Belarus. Unlike most airlines, Belavia allows you to put your dog’s carrier on the seat next to you, and it vastly increases the size of the dog you are allowed to bring. Dogs sitting in an adjacent seat can weigh up to 50 pounds, which is far larger than most airlines allow. This means people with larger dogs can travel with them in the cabin, a privilege usually reserved for small dog owners. Belavia also offers affordable fares and an affordable pet fee. However, the airline only flies to select destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

  • Dogs can sit on the extra seat in their carrier
  • Dogs can weigh up to 50 pounds with the purchase of an additional seat
  • Affordable pricing
  • Only flies to select destinations, mostly in Eastern Europe

5. JSX


JSX makes this list for one important reason – it is the only airline that allows your dog to ride outside of its carrier for the flight. JSX allows your dog to lay on the floor in front of the additional seat you purchased, giving them the space to stretch out and receive petting from you and others. This also allows you to fly with a large dog. JSX allows dogs up to 79 pounds to lie on the floor with an additional seat, which is the highest weight limit out of any airline researched. The downside is that JSX is a semi-private airline with a very limited stable of destinations. (Check out JSX’s destinations here.) JSX’s fares are also more expensive per seat than traditional carriers, which can make the cost of buying an additional seat prohibitive for many travelers.

  • Allows large dogs (up to 79 pounds)
  • Dogs can ride outside of their carriers with the purchase of an additional seat
  • Small regional airline
  • Expensive seating compared to traditional airlines

Comfort Seats

Comfort seats are additional seats that airlines allow you to purchase for your own comfort or privacy. Most people use this feature to spread out a bit, so they feel less cramped or claustrophobic on flights. However, the policy can be used to help benefit you and your dog. Comfort seats are not aimed at dogs, and dogs can’t use them, but having more room can help make the flight more comfortable for you and your pooch by allowing you more room to move around and check on your dog.

6. American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines allows you to book additional seats for yourself for each flight. According to their official sales policy, there is no limit on the number of seats an individual can purchase for themselves. That means you can buy one, two, or even three additional seats for yourself to take up an entire row. This can allow you and your dog to have ample space to spread out and keep curious people away. However, you still cannot put your dog on the seat, and dogs must remain in their carriers at all times. American Airlines’ policy allows you to tailor your flying experience to best fit your needs. You must call ahead and speak to a representative to purchase additional comfort seats for your flight.

  • No limit on the number of extra seats you can purchase
  • Large number of domestic and international destinations
  • Dogs must remain in their carriers under the seat no matter how many seats you buy
  • The price can get hefty if you buy more than one additional seat

7. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines allows you to buy comfort seats. Comfort seats are extra seats designed to make you more comfortable during your flight. You cannot put your dog directly in the extra seat, but you can put it under the seat in front of the extra seat, giving you more legroom. You can also use the extra seat to give yourself a bit of a buffer between you and the other passengers, which can be a boon for both your dog and the other travelers on the plane. It is recommended to call ahead to book comfort seating and talk to an agent for the smoothest experience. You can even earn additional miles for your extra seat, which allows you to gain points for traveling with your dog.

  • More room to spread out
  • Can earn miles from the additional seat
  • The dog can’t sit on the seat
  • Fares and fees can rack up quickly for certain flights

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Purchasing an additional seat will cost extra, but doing so can come with a large number of benefits. Some airlines allow you to fly with additional carriers. Others will allow you to bring larger dogs with the purchase of an additional seat. Sometimes, extra space is a godsend for long flights where you and your dog often feel cramped. There aren’t many carriers that allow you to buy an additional seat for your dog, but the ones that do can provide ample benefits over those that do not, transforming a dreaded flight into a more comfortable one.

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