A dog in a strawberry patch.
A dog in a strawberry patch. Photography by S.Rimkuss / Shutterstock.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries, Grapes and Apples?

You might know that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs; here's a rundown of other popular fruits.

I’m sure it’s occurred to you to wonder, what fruits can dogs eat? Can dogs eat strawberries? Can dogs eat apples? And can dogs eat grapes, mangoes, pears and raspberries…? Dogster has the lowdown on some of the most popular fruits and whether things like apples, grapes, strawberries, mangoes, pears, raspberries and other fruits are safe for dogs to have at snack, treat or mealtime.

Can dogs eat strawberries?

A dog with his tongue out next to a bowl of strawberries.
Can dogs eat strawberries? Photography by duxx/shutterstock.

Can dogs eat strawberries, and are strawberries safe for dogs to eat? You should probably remove the leaves and any stem that remains on top of the strawberry, but strawberries should be okay for your dog to eat.

Can dogs eat grapes?

Two dogs in a grape barrel.
Can dogs eat grapes? Photography by Artem Kursin / Shutterstock.

This is one of the most common dog-fruit questions out there, and for good reason. For reasons that remain almost completely obscured to science, dogs experience violent adverse effects when they eat either grapes or their shriveled cousins, raisins. Purple or green, seeded or seedless, it doesn’t seem to matter. Within mere hours of ingesting grapes or raisins, dogs have been observed to begin having fits of vomiting and excessive urination. Within just a few days, dogs have experienced kidney failure, lapsed into comas, and died from eating grapes.

If you see your dog eat some grapes, the best course of action is to proceed directly to a veterinarian, who will induce vomiting. Not all dogs react in this way to grapes or raisins, but is it really worth taking the chance? Since the cause of dogs’ reaction to grapes is unknown, it is best to keep grapes, raisins, or any of their products or byproducts completely away from all dogs.

Can dogs eat apples?

A dog balancing on apple on his head and holding books.
Can dogs eat apples? Photography ©damedeeso/Thinkstock.

Wondering if apples are safe for dogs? With many fruits, seeds, cores, stems or pits often contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs. Dogs may not particularly care for the outer skin of an apple, but as long as the seeds are removed, apples are safe for dogs to eat.

Can dogs eat mangoes?

Mango is one of those fruits with a pit large enough to cause digestive blockages and with toxic contents. Peel the thick mango skin and remove the pit, and your dog may enjoy a bit of tender mango flesh.

Can dogs eat pears?

Same as above with apples, with all the associated warnings about seeds and cores.

Can dogs eat raspberries?

Dogs aren’t accustomed to the sugar content even of normal, non-canned fruits, so as long as it’s a special treat and not the entire meal, these berries are okay by dogs.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Bananas aren’t a typical dog food, but they’re safe for dogs in small amounts. Photography by Nancy Dressel / Shutterstock.

If your dog has the desire and a taste for a nice, peeled banana, then feel free to allow your dog to eat it in moderation.

Can dogs eat oranges?

Oranges, peeled and de-seeded are fine for dogs. Aside from the reactions that many of us have in eating lemons and limes, which dogs share, even the sourest citrus fruit seems to work okay for dogs, if they’re so inclined.

Can dogs eat peaches?

The flesh of a peach is delicious, no one questions that. However, the pit of a peach contains cyanide, which is deadly to pretty much everyone. Cynaide may seep out from the pit into the tender peach meat that is closest to the center. The same can be said of plums and other fruits with a solid, centralized core or seed at the center. The risk to a dog’s digestive tract is also high with pitted fruits. Aside from the natural poison in the core, that seed is large enough to obstruct or block the intestines of your dog. Thinking of canned peaches? Probably better to avoid store-bought canned fruits and fruit-cups, too, which often contain way more sugar than a dog is normally accustomed to processing.

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Dog eating watermelon.
Is watermelon safe for dogs to eat? Photography by Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock.

It is advised that you remove the seeds before giving your dog a taste of watermelon. Better safe than sorry.

Can dogs eat blueberries?

I wouldn’t recommend giving your dog a whole bowl of them, but a few here and there are more than acceptable, as long as the dog likes them!

Can dogs eat pineapple?

Pineapples are fine for dogs, provided, of course, you’ve removed the prickly outer husk of this island favorite.

Can dogs eat coconut?

A puppy dog biting a coconut.
Is coconut good for dogs? Photography by DAE Photo / Shutterstock.

Both the coconut meat and milk are all right for dogs, as long as they don’t have too much of either. Coconut oil for dogs is actually great for a variety of things — coconut oil can help a dog’s itchy skin and coconut oil is good in recipes for dogs, too.

Does your dog eat fruit?

One caveat, of course, even for the fruits that are safe for dogs, is everything in moderation. In John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath, one thing that still sticks in my mind is that eating too much fruit — in the absence of other foods during the Great Depression — often gave characters recurring bouts of “the skitters.”

Tell us: Does your dog eat fruit? What fruits do your dogs seem to enjoy the most, if any? Are there fruits aside from those mentioned above that you’re curious about? Starfruit, perhaps? Or are you a “we call it dog food because it is food for dogs” traditionalist? Share your dog’s favored fruits in the comments!

Thumbnail: Photography ©damedeeso/Thinkstock.

Learn more about what your dog can eat with Dogster.com:

65 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Strawberries, Grapes and Apples?”

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  2. I have a 1 year old ChiPin named Wylee and he loves broccoli, squash, corn, green beans, carrots, potato, apple, orange. He loves basically anything I eat, and wants to “taste test” it lol. I eat pretty healthy so I let him. The only thing he really turns his nose up to that baffles me is fish. He doesn’t like it at all. I haven’t fed him watermelon yet, but I bet he would love it! I knew about the thing with raisins, but not about grapes, so he won’t be getting those until I speak with our vet. It’s not a burning need for me to feed him grapes, but I eat them and I don’t want him to accidentally get into them. I do feed him chocolate in moderation with no adverse effects. I’ve been doing so since he was a puppy.

  3. Thanks for this post! I don’t see any problem with what your suggesting, this is not the first time I’ve heard about it, I don’t want to risk my dog’s health so I’m not giving him anything until I asked my vet if it’s safe to give them fruit. There are interesting posts online talking about giving fruits to their pet’s. Like this one. https://drmartypets.com/can-dogs-eat-grapes/, hope this will help also. Thanks

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  5. I grew up in an apple orchard, I observed my dogs that would go out in the orchard to look for mice and gophers, my folks didn’t believe in poison’s to eliminate the pests. But the dogs during apple harvest, would eat the apples that fell on the ground, and the dogs would be just fine

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  7. My dog has a carrot in the morning. This is our way of letting him know that we are going to work and then he has a Strawberry after his lunch. Carrots are his favourite. I put them in the freezer in the summer as this also helps hydrate him in the warm weather.

  8. My 6 mo old Lhasa Apso Roxy loves Bananas and oranges I gave her a piece of strawberries last night she didn’t like it . Can’t wait to try watermelon . ???.. thanks for the great info on fruit and my fur baby .❣️❣️

  9. My two German shepherds eat the apples that fall off our trees. Even after they have been there awhile. It is hard for me to always get them picked up. It hasn’t seemed to harm them even though they consume the seeds. Of course they eat and chew on anything they can find (14mos.). I do worry about the seeds.

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  11. I try several times to give some fruit to my dog but I notice that some fruits he liked so mush to eat and maximum he refuse . I dont know what is the main concept behind this ! can anyone explain ?

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  13. My dog had a problem with soft poop production around the age of two and the vet suggested adding vegetables to her food for added fibre. After a few tests I settled on apple and both she and her younger sister eat half an apple each day with their evening meal. The apple is sliced and diced with the core and pips fully removed and binned. They have been eating this for over four years everyday without fail, and it’s done the job. The vet regularly comments on their healthy teeth.

  14. Can dogs eat pickles? I have a 11 year old collie/shepherd mix and she loves pickles. Whenever I go to Mcdonalds I give her the pickles, which isn’t every often.

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  19. I have a beautiful Saintbernard and an unidentified rescue and they have a strong addiction to both dragon fruit and apples

  20. Chantelle Turner

    my Tibetan Terrier is 12 now and she loves grapes, she has been eating them since she was around 1 and has never had any reaction to them ever and she usually has around 10 at a time, not very often but she loves them as a treat. Ive not tried them with my chipin just yet as he is only 8 months old and im not sure if i want to try it after reading about them and he is very small, i might try him with a half of one in the future, as i dont really believe everything written about dogs and grapes simply because i know so many people who give their dogs grapes and nothing has happened. Neither of my two are keen on any salad, my Tibetan thinks she likes cucumber but you can just tell she doesnt with the sour look on her face and the fact that she spits it out and then goes back to it as if she doesnt know what it is lol

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  23. So now that I have discovered that 40-60% of all dog food is starch (which converts to sugar) the advice about how they are not accustomed to sugar is a lot more interesting. I guess they are.

  24. Our pup, Sweet Tea is a Cataholua/Cur Hound mix and she has been eating watermelon and mango since she was about 2 months old, she is almost a year old. She loves fruits and veggies. We cook a lot of fresh veggies and I let her try most of them especially when they are grilled or steamed without seasoning.

  25. My Shih Tzu, Jesse, loves banana and little bits of strawberries once in a while. Sometimes we also give a small slice of apple. We only give little bits and not on a regular basis to avoid adding extra sugar to his diet. We mostly stick to healthy, low calorie dog treats.

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  30. Thanks for this amazing article.
    It actually helped me during writing this article:

    BTW: You can use the infographic in the article if you want.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  31. Our dog Max (an Anatolian Shepard) eats almost everything…., the only thing he doesn’t like is lettuce and cucumbers. Max LOVES grapes I gave them to him before I knew they were bad for him and now he does his roll over trick when he sees me eating them and I usually give him one for his efforts…. they don’t seem to have a short term effect on him.

  32. I have 4 dogs so I’ll start with Skippy, American Pitbul who’s 15yrs he actually loves grapes. I didn’t know about the effects until about a year ago but he has never had a reaction to them. The green seedless are his favorite but he gets them once in a while . He also loves cucumbers, granola bars, and peanut butter. Miya, pure Border Collie is 16 she loves granola bars and coconut cookies for dogs and bacon treats. Shade, is 4yr old Pitt/ Lab mix he eats everything loves cucumbers and just about any fruit. Lastly our new addition KatieDid, she is only 7 month Border Collie/ Blue Healer mix and a rescue. She’s a pup and eats everything including bird seed from our feeder crazy pup.

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  35. My husky loves apples and any green vegetable. I made him an apple and parsley cake for his birthday. He had to share it with our other husky and 2 Pitbulls. Nothing was left. Whenever I walk over to my aero garden, he’s right there to get some parsley. I let him have basil in moderation. He and my other husky ate some raisins that I dropped on the floor, I made them throw up and neither one had any adverse reactions.

  36. I have two dogs, Riggs & Maddie. Rigs I got as a puppy…Maddie is a rescue @ approx age 3 1/2 (guessing). Riggs likes bananas, watermelon & apples. Maddie is a berry connoisseur!! She LOVES blueberries, strawberries & blackberries with her morning kibble. She also loves watermelon, bananas, apples & pears. I only put a couple of each of the berries…she’d probably eat the whole pack of berries if she got hold of them! She also loves veggies. Almost any kind! Mostly carrots, broccoli, cucumber …even lettuce! Riggs just likes cucumbers & carrots! Funny how different they are!

  37. My 15lb Chiquaqua eats bananas, but you have to shove a little in his mouth first as when he sniffs it he thinks he doesn’t like it, but when he gets a taste he comes back for more and this happens every single time…..he is a very fussy eater and often leaves things I give him on the floor, but the minute I tell him “if you don’t eat it, Bella will”, He quickly grabs it and runs away and eats it (Bella is our little Shorkie who eats anything and everything, even poop if I don’t catch her in time on our daily walks… ” they also eat cucumber, tomatoes, and most vegetables…………sure are a pair of little mooches

  38. I remember some years back when an online article appeared that described a large breed dog who actually died after he ate a whole box of raisins. Suddenly raisins were in the news as being terrible for dogs.

    I used to give my 55 pound dog 1 or 2 grapes or frozen grapes (a great summer treat) per day, and she loved them and had no adverse reaction. I have also noticed that coyotes (canine cousins) in the southwest eat juniper berries on a regular basis – and these are used to make gin!

    I think you can give a dog almost any food – in moderation. Obviously, consuming an entire box of raisins would make almost any person pretty sick, so if you use common sense, like giving your dog only half a grape to start with, I think you’ll be fine – and so will your dog!

    1. NO. WRONG. PEOPLE- IGNORE THIS COMMENT. Dogster please remove this comment for the safety of dogs. Please don’t put MISINFORMATION on the internet for others.

      Thank you!!

    2. Thanks for weighing in. Some foods are wholly deemed dangerous for dogs, like grapes and raisins. For a list of human foods dogs can and can’t eat, check out this article https://www.dogster.com/dog-food/human-food-for-dogs and also check with the ASPCA’s poison control: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control

      1. I worked as both an exotic animal keeper as well as a vet tech for many years , albeit many years ago, and I NEVER heard a thing about grapes or onions being toxic to dogs. I have myself fed small portions of one or two grapes to my best friend – whom I love more than any person including you(lol) and I am horrified to hear that they are now considered a possible source of renal failure? Since when and where can I find more actual data on this statement? It’s not worth the risk obviously, and I won’t feed him grapes anymore, but I am also loathe to be scared about something without knowing the reasons why. Can you provide the science behind this statement?

        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for reaching out! Please see this article for information about dogs and grapes:

          Can Dogs Eat Grapes? What to Know About Grapes and Dogs

          In the article, Dr. Heather B. Loenser, DVM Senior Veterinary Officer of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), says “For reasons that still aren’t clear to the veterinary world, grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and can result in acute (sudden) kidney failure.”

        2. After rushing my LH ee English Cream Dachshund to the vet after she ate two red seedless grapes I accidentally dropped on the floor when opening the box, the vet told me she was fine. He said that there is no worry with seedless grapes. It is the seeds that will cause renal failure. He also indicated that one or two won’t have any effect, but to limit or withhold any purposeful ingestion.

    3. The article says “not all dogs react this way.” Years ago I had a dog that ate a few raisins occasionally. no problem. But the risk is that you don’t know how an individual animal might react. I have yet to read the figures on how common the bad reaction is. So I’ll play it safe with our pups, but would be nice to have real data.

    4. No. Horrible advice. You are not educated enough to share your views on this topic. Please remove your comment Deborah “Dumb” Dobson. Thank you.

  39. Yes my dog eats fruit and veggies. She particularly loves oranges (only clementine or tiny naval oranges she won’t eat the big ones). If I get an orange or a banana out she won’t leave me alone until she’s had some. She also loves blueberries, tomatoes, and other fruits. As far as veggies she eats carrots and just about anything else. She absolutely will not touch celery or green pepper. She’s kinda strange because she also won’t eat fish at all no matter what.

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