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12 Common Beagle Mixes: With Pictures & Facts

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

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12 Common Beagle Mixes: With Pictures & Facts

Beagles are commonly considered to be one of the top dog breeds for families, and if you’ve spent time around this breed, you already know why. These dogs are loving and always ready to do something fun. On top of that, they’re also intelligent, sociable, and gentle. It should come as no surprise that people have opted to cross Beagles with other breeds in an effort to get the best traits of both breeds. Below are some of the most common Beagle mixes that you might see.

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How Are Beagles Classified?

woman walking a beagle dog on leash
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: Up to 20 pounds (under 13 inches), 20–30 pounds (13–15 inches)
Height: Under 13 inches or 13–15 inches
Temperament: Friendly, merry, curious, sociable

Beagles are an extremely popular breed and belong to the Hound Group of the American Kennel Club (AKC), but did you know that they are classified in one of two ways in regard to their height in the US?1 Beagles can either be under 13 inches, or they can be 13–15 inches. However, in England, they can reach up to 16 inches.

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The 12 Common Beagle Mixes

1. Puggle (Beagle/Pug)

Image Credit: ifd_Photography, Pixabay
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 14–30 pounds
Height: 10–15 inches

The Puggle seems to be the most common Beagle mix you’ll spot. This mixture of a Beagle and a Pug usually results in a Beagle-sized dog with a slightly flattened face. They have a distinctive look that makes them easy to identify.

Puggles are usually good with children, thanks to both parent breeds’ love of them, making them excellent family dogs. Although they’re typically considered to be healthy dogs, Pugs do have some notable health conditions, especially related to their flat face and airway, so these problems should be considered when thinking about a Puggle for your home.

2. Cheagle (Beagle/Chihuahua)

Lifespan: 10–14 years
Weight: 20–30 pounds
Height: 9–14 inches

Although there’s a big difference in the size of the parent breeds, the charming Cheagle is a mixture of a Beagle and a Chihuahua. They tend to be slightly smaller than Beagles but considerably larger than Chihuahuas.

These dogs tend to be energetic and loyal, but the Chihuahua side of them may make them unsuitable for small children. They look very similar to Beagles, but you will note some differences between the appearance of a purebred Beagle and a Cheagle. They also may be less sociable toward other animals than a Beagle may be.

3. Poogle (Beagle/Poodle)

Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 11–25 pounds
Height: 6–16 inches

Also sometimes referred to as a Beaglepoo, the Poogle is a combination of the Beagle and Poodle. Typically, the Poodle parent is a Miniature Poodle, so these dogs tend to be smaller than Beagles. If the Poodle parent is a Standard Poodle, then you may end up with a larger dog.

Poodles are intelligent and loyal dogs, making their temperament a nice compliment to the Beagle. These dogs tend to be very cute and have rough, Poodle-like coats. However, many people do not realize that the coat type is highly variable, depending on how the genetics of the parents are expressed in each individual dog.

4. Beagador (Beagle/Labrador Retriever)

Lifespan: 12–15 years
Weight: 40–70 pounds
Height: 18–24 inches

The Beagador is a mixture of the Beagle and Labrador Retriever. This combination of breeds usually results in a loyal, playful, fun-loving dog. They may be energetic and athletic.

These dogs are typically a desirable choice for families with children, but they tend to be a more compact size than the large Labrador. The coat is dense and likely to shed moderately. They have a lifespan of up to 15 years, making them an excellent companion for years to come.

5. Doxle (Beagle/Dachshund)

Lifespan: 11–14 years
Weight: 20–30 pounds
Height: 9–11 inches

The Doxle is a combination of the Beagle and Dachshund, also known as the “wiener dog.” This designer breed results in dogs that are shorter and longer-bodied than Beagles, causing them to lean more toward their Dachshund parentage in size and shape.

This is a low- to moderate-energy dog that doesn’t require a lot of physical activity to keep them entertained, but they can benefit from routine exercise. Because of their longer backs, these dogs may be prone to developing back problems and injuries, so it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and regular physical activity.

6. Bagle (Beagle/Basset Hound)

Image Credit: Annette Shaff, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 30–60 pounds
Height: 12–17 inches

If you’re looking for a gentle, good-natured dog, then look no further than the Bagle, or Beagle and Basset Hound mix. The Bagle has an endearing personality and an irresistible appearance.

These can be great dogs for families, but early socialization is important. Children should also be taught how to properly handle the dog to prevent bites. Because of their low exercise needs, the Bagle is a good dog for seniors as well. It is important to ensure the dog stays at a healthy body weight to reduce the risk of problems with the joints and back.

7. Beaglier (Beagle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Image Credit: Darkydoors, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10–18 years
Weight: 13–30 pounds
Height: 12–15 inches

The Beaglier is a mixed breed dog that combines the Beagle and the sweet-natured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs can have long lifespans up to 18 years, but their small to medium size makes them manageable.

They tend to be gentle and loving dogs, but they may not be the smartest dogs, so training can be a challenge for some Beagliers. Both parent breeds are relatively healthy, so Beagliers tend to be healthy dogs. This combination of breeds may result in a dog that barks a lot, so they may not be suitable for apartments and condos.

8. Sheagle (Beagle/Australian Shepherd)

Lifespan: 12–16 years
Weight: 20–65 pounds
Height: 13–23 inches

Herding dog lovers, rejoice! The Sheagle combines the Beagle with the attentive and intelligent Australian Shepherd. Because of the variable size of Australian Shepherds, the resulting offspring can lean toward a smaller Beagle size or a larger Aussie size, making the adult size of these dogs hard to determine when they’re young.

They have long lifespans, and thanks to the loyal nature of both parent breeds, they’re also loving companions. They tend to be good with older children, but it’s important to keep in mind that herding breeds may nip at children’s ankles in an attempt to herd them, so this behavior must be kept under control.

9. Beagle/Corgi

Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 10–20 pounds
Height: 10–16 inches

The popularity of Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis has taken off in recent years, leading to a variety of Corgi mixes, including the Beagle/Corgi mix. These dogs may have short, long bodies that are quite compact, so they may weigh more than they look like they do.

Like Dachshund mixes, it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight to prevent excess strain on the back as the dog ages. Corgis tend to be happy-go-lucky dogs, making their temperament a nice addition to the Beagle.

10. Beaglebull (Beagle/American Pit Bull Terrier)

Image Credit: Tanya Consaul Photography, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 11–15 years
Weight: 30–40 pounds
Height: 18–20 inches

It’s no secret that American Pit Bull Terriers are a breed that is often misunderstood, but they remain a popular breed. Because of this, there are multiple Pit Bull mixes, including the Beaglebull. Beaglebulls are sturdy, strong dogs that can live long, healthy lives.

Although strong, they tend to be gentle and loving with children, but they are also likely to be protective of their people and make great watchdogs. Although the coat is short, this combination of breeds is likely to result in a moderate shedding level. Both parent breeds are prone to obesity, so you will need to work to maintain a healthy body weight for your dog.

11. Jackabee (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier)

Lifespan: 10–15 years
Weight: 15–30 pounds
Height: 12–16 inches

The Jackabee combines the Beagle with the exuberant Jack Russell Terrier. Because of the terrier parent in these dogs, they may be excitable and active, with a strong desire to work. Jackabees often benefit from having a job. They may not be a good option for families with small children, and these dogs are prone to barking a lot, so they’re not suitable for apartments and condos.

Although a small to medium dog, the Jackabee will benefit from moderate daily exercise. These dogs may become destructive or anxious if not provided with enough physical and mental stimulation.

12. Boggle (Beagle/Boxer)

Image Credit: Joy Baldassarre, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10–13 years
Weight: 20–70 pounds
Height: 23–30 inches

Boxers and Beagles are both great dogs for families, so the combination of the breeds, the Boggle, is also a good option. Although they’re likely to be good with children, they may be too rough for small children.

There is a wide size variance in these dogs, depending on the size of the parents, but they tend to skew toward the larger size. You can expect a dog that has cute, floppy ears and a zest for life when these two breeds combine.

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Beagles are beautiful dogs that make amazing companions, but you can also find some of the wonderful traits of the Beagle intertwined with another breed in these mixed-breed dogs. Since these are mixed-breed dogs with no breeding standards, there may be notable differences in size, weight, coat, and temperament between dogs of the same mix. Because of this, responsible, reputable breeders do not breed these mixes. It’s best to look into rescue dogs if you’re interested in a Beagle mix.

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