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BarkBox vs Bullymake (2024 Comparison): Which One is Better?

Written by: Savanna Stanfield

Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dogster Team

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BarkBox vs Bullymake (2024 Comparison): Which One is Better?

BarkBox and Bullymake are both subscription services that send you monthly toys and treats for your dog. The boxes can be customized to your dog’s specific needs, whether those needs are dietary or if you just prefer to receive more toys instead of toys and treats.

However, Barkbox offers more services besides just their standard toys and treats box. They also offer a box for dogs that are “super chewers” as well as a dental box and a food box. Bullymake only offers one type of box and it is designed for dogs who are tough on toys.

Even though both companies describe their product as being for dogs of all breeds and sizes, we feel like Bullymake is catered more to larger dogs than smaller ones. BarkBox seems like the better option if you have a smaller dog or if your dog isn’t necessarily tough on toys and if you’re looking for a wider product range.

BarkBox is also a bit cheaper per month than Bullymake. However, Bullymake offers more subscription options and allows you to cancel anytime without fulfilling your commitment. With BarkBox, you have to fulfill your commitment before your subscription will be canceled.

As you read the specifics about each company in this article, we encourage you to keep your dog and his or her needs and preferences in mind when deciding which company is the best choice for you.

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At a Glance

barkbox vs bullymake side by side

Let’s look at the key points of each product.

  • Contents: Standard box comes with 5 items; 2 toys, 2 treats, 1 chew; other boxes come with different products.
  • Customization: Offers standard box, SuperChewer box, or food subscription; caters to allergies and dietary needs.
  • Price: Prices are slightly cheaper per month than Bullymake; offers discounts on a longer subscription plan
  • Subscription and Delivery: Offers monthly and 6-month subscriptions; shipped within the first 2 weeks of each month
  • Special Features: Sends a birthday or adoption day surprise for dogs; each box has a theme
  • Contents: Standard box comes with 5-6 items; 3 treats, 2-3 toys
  • Customization: Caters to beef, chicken, and grain allergies; can choose a box with only toys instead of treats.
  • Price: Prices are slightly more expensive than BarkBox; offers discounts on a longer subscription plan
  • Subscription and Delivery: Offers 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions; shipped every 30 days
  • Special Features: Designed especially dogs who love to chew; make most of their products themselves

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Overview of BarkBox:

sweetie pies bakery barkbox items

BarkBox is a subscription service that provides toys and treats for dogs. Some of the products and services they offer include a standard box for dogs of all breeds and sizes, as well as a box for super chewers (dogs who are tough on toys), dental kits, or even healthy dog food that you can have delivered to your home every month.

The standard box and Super Chewer box contain toys and treats for your dog, and each box is themed based on either the holiday for that month, popular culture, or just general themes. For example, past themes include Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Spa Day, College Football, and even Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.

If you sign up for the standard BarkBox or Super Chewer box, the Barkbox team curates your box based on a questionnaire you answer about your pup before signing up for the subscription. They ask questions such as your dog’s gender, breed, and any dietary needs or allergies to make sure that everything included in your box is safe and suitable for your pup.

If you sign up for the dental subscription, Bark Brights, you get treats and toothpaste to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy. The Bark Eats box includes a monthly subscription of personalized dog food for your dog.

With BarkBox, you can sign up for as many of their different subscriptions as you want with a plan that works for you. That means you can commit only on a month-to-month basis to see how you like it or sign up 6 months in advance, often at a discount per box. But if you sign up for a multi-month subscription, you must finish out your commitment before you can cancel.

  • Offers 4 different subscription services
  • Works with allergies and dietary needs
  • You can sign up for a monthly or multi-month subscription
  • You must complete your commitment before you can cancel

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Overview of Bullymake:

Pet Subscription Box for Dogs and Cats
Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock

Like BarkBox, Bullymake is a subscription service that allows you to get toys and treats for your dog in the mail every month. But, all of Bullymake’s products are designed for dogs who are tough on toys and normally tear them up, so they make toys out of materials that are more durable and chew-proof.

Bullymake offers one standard box with a theme based on that particular month. Each box comes with either a variety of toys and treats or just toys depending on your preference and if your dog has any special dietary needs. When signing up for their subscription, the only information they ask for is your dog’s name and whether he or she has any allergies to beef, chicken, or grain. They don’t ask about your dog’s size or breed.

However, Bullymake offers a variety of subscription plans. For example, you can choose a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual subscription depending on how long you want to receive the products. If you commit to a longer subscription, the price per box gets cheaper. And with BarkBox, you can cancel your subscription at any time, even if you haven’t received all of the boxes in your subscription commitment.

  • Toys are made from durable materials
  • Works with allergies and dietary needs
  • Offers multiple different subscription options
  • May not be suitable for small dogs

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How Do BarkBox and Bullymake Compare?


Edge: BarkBox

Remember that BarkBox offers four different subscription services, so the products you get will depend on what service you choose. The standard BarkBox usually contains 2 toys, 2 bags of all-natural dog treats, and 1 chew that is based on the theme(s) for the month. The Super Chewer box (designed for dogs who are tough on toys) comes with 2 tough toys, 2 bags of treats, and 2 chews. The Bark Bright box comes with a 1-month supply of dental treats and a 1-month supply of enzymatic dog toothpaste and the Bark Eats box comes with a 28-day supply of pre-portioned food for your dog.

Bullymake offers one product, their monthly subscription box full of chew-proof toys. The standard Bullymake box contains 3 treats and 2-3 chew toys. The toys are super durable and are made from either nylon, ballistic, rubber, or rope. However, if you prefer to receive only toys, you can change your subscription to receive 4-5 toys instead of treats. Each box also has a monthly theme, usually based on whatever holiday or seasonal event is occurring that month.

Subscription pet Box with Organic Treats, Fun Toy, Bully Sticks, All-Natural Chews, skincare or wellness item, gadgets and seasonal gear
Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock


Edge: BarkBox

BarkBox allows you to choose which of their four subscription services you want, and you can choose as many as you want under one account. However, you will be charged for each subscription separately instead of paying one price. For example, if you subscribe to both BarkBox and Bark Eats, you’ll be charged separately for each one. BarkBox also allows you to customize your box based on your dog’s preferences and needs (including adding more toys instead of treats and vice versa). You can also choose which theme you want and how long you want to commit to a subscription for as well.

Although Bullymake doesn’t offer as many different subscription services, they are very customization friendly and allow you to change or cancel your subscription at any time. They also allow you to choose whether you want a box with toys and treats or just toys as soon as you sign up for their subscription. They also cater to beef, chicken, and grain allergies to make sure that each box is safe for your dog, and you can make any changes to your subscription by reaching out to their customer service team.


Edge: BarkBox

The exact price of BarkBox depends on what subscription service you choose. And the price is the same no matter what size dog you have. But, for all of their services, they do offer monthly discounts based on how long you commit. In other words, if you commit for 6 months at a time vs. 1 month, you’ll get each box for less money, but you’re still charged per month instead of having to pay for all 6 months upfront. They also offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous states, but shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada costs extra. Overall, the price of BarkBox is cheaper than Bullymake no matter how many boxes you commit to.

Like BarkBox, Bullymake offers discounts based on the subscription you choose, which determines how many boxes you get. If you sign up for a longer subscription, you pay less per box but still get charged each month instead of paying a quarterly or yearly price. Plus, all boxes are the same price regardless of the size of your dog. They also offer free shipping to the United States, but shipping to Canada costs extra. However, even with free shipping and getting a discount on multiple boxes, Bullymake costs a little more than BarkBox which is why we chose BarkBox as the winner in this category.

dog and its subscription box
Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock

Subscription and Delivery

Edge: Bullymake

BarkBox offers subscriptions on a month-to-month basis or on a 6-month basis. The boxes ship within the first two weeks of each month and are delivered within 3-5 days or 5-8 days depending on which shipping option you choose. If you don’t cancel, your subscription is automatically renewed after your commitment (either monthly or after 6 months). You can change or cancel your subscription whenever you choose, but you must still complete your commitment, including still having to pay for each box, before your subscription will be changed or canceled.

Bullymake offers 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. If you don’t cancel, the subscription automatically renews at the end of the time period of your commitment. They also ship your box every 30 days until you cancel. However, you can cancel at any time without having to fulfill your commitment by reaching out to their customer service.

Special Features

Edge: Neither

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned about BarkBox and Bullymake, we thought there were a couple of things worth mentioning about each company that didn’t fit into one of the other categories above.

BarkBox and Bullymake both sell exclusive products that you can’t find anywhere else or can only find at select retailers. But with both companies, you can reorder any product that your dog loves through their online shop. For example, if you run out of a specific kind of treat and want to order more, you can do so by visiting the website.

What we like about Barkbox is that they send your dog a surprise for his or her birthday or adoption day if you don’t know your dog’s birthday. But, we like that Bullymake designs and manufactures many of their own products and that they are built to last a very long time. For this category, we can’t choose a clear winner because it depends on your personal preferences.

pet owner opening subscription box with her dog
Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock

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What the Users Say

For your reference, we’ve researched reviews of each of these companies to see what users who have actually purchased their subscriptions and products have said. We’ve taken these reviews from each company’s website as well as third-party sites in order to have a fair basis of comparison.

For BarkBox, most users say that their dogs get super excited when the box comes each month and can’t wait for it to be opened. They also say that the toys and treats are very high-quality. The biggest complaint people have with BarkBox is that you have to finish your subscription commitment and be sure to cancel before it renews or you’re charged for renewing your subscription.

For Bullymake, most users agree that the toys they receive are super durable and last for months or even years and that their dogs aren’t able to chew them up as with other toys. However, many reviewers don’t like the fact that they are automatically renewed for future subscriptions and that they often have to wait a long time on hold with customer service.

Overall though, the majority of users seem to feel that the products they receive live up to or exceed their expectations. It’s also worth noting the fact that the auto-renewal of the boxes shouldn’t come as a surprise since it is stated on both websites. You heard it here too. If you aren’t satisfied with your box, you have to be sure to cancel before your subscription renews or be automatically charged.

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Our final verdict is that BarkBox is better for all dogs in general, or if you’re looking for a subscription other than just toys and treats. BarkBox also offers cheaper prices and discounts, especially when you sign up for multiple boxes, but you must fulfill your commitment before you can cancel. However, we think that if you have a large dog, especially one that loves to chew, then Bullymake might be the better choice for you as their products seem to be more durable overall. Although their prices are a little more expensive, they offer more subscription options and you have the ability to cancel at any time.

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