Atticus Needs Our Help

Atticus is an adorable 7 month old German Shepard that is now being fostered at Southern Cross GSD Rescue in Mount Airy, GA. Molly Moncure...


Atticus is an adorable 7 month old German Shepard that is now being fostered at Southern Cross GSD Rescue in Mount Airy, GA.

Molly Moncure is the founder of Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue and every day her inbox is filled with stories about dogs needing help.

But there was something so special about this pup, only 6 months old, who had trouble standing.

He was in a shelter in South Carolina that could only hold him three days before they would euthanize him. With his physical disability, he was not a candidate for adoption.The shelter had no idea what was wrong, only that he had problems getting up and walking, and that his spine appeared abnormal.

At the same time, Joanne Leicester saw his plight posted to a web board. Joanne not only has experience in dealing with dogs with disabilities, she is a vet tech at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Even though Joanne recently lost of one of her own dogs to renal failure, she volunteered to foster the pup and help to devise a treatment plan for him.

Initial assessment indicates that Atticus has had some severe trauma which has damaged his spine. At the moment, Atticus gets around with an endearing kangaroo hop and does not seem to be in pain, but this situation will not last.

As Atticus, grows, he will likely experience more difficulties, including altered sensation in his limbs and possible paralysis. Atticus is being fostered in a home with a number of other disabled dogs who are helping him to adapt to family life.

The neurology team at College of Veterinary Medicines Veterinary Teaching Hospital has examined Atticus, and believes that decompressing and stabilizing his spine provides his best chance, although it is possible that Atticus will eventually become paralyzed.

This operation, followed by a regimen of strengthening his muscles, may help to delay a dramatic deterioration in his condition. The surgery on Atticus will be performed in the next few weeks. Atticus will then undertake rehabilitation exercises in the hope that he can maintain some mobility for the foreseeable future.

Medical costs for Atticus are estimated at $6500 just for the diagnostics and surgery, but his fosters Molly and Joanne have not let that deter them. Once you commit to a rescue dog, you owe him the best possible care. And that is what Atticus is going to get.

With all the horrendous stories out there it’s so heartwarming to read one where two ordinary citizens step up to the plate to make a difference. You can help Atticus by making a donation to help defray some of the costs that Southern Cross has to bear.

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