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Are Dogs Allowed on Myrtle Beach? 2024 Guide & Regulations

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Dogs Allowed on Myrtle Beach? 2024 Guide & Regulations

Myrtle Beach is a top tourist destination. People come in from across the United States and Canada to visit this luxurious spot, which includes 60 miles of fine white sand and an endless ocean view. The area is filled with attractions and entertainment, such as golf courses and amusement parks, so the fun can continue even when you are ready to get off the beach.

For dog lovers, Myrtle Beach is an especially convenient vacation destination since the beach is dog friendly. However, there are specific rules and restrictions that apply, so keep reading to make sure that your dog will be welcomed during your Myrtle Beach stay.

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The 3 Rules for Dogs on Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach’s busy season runs through the summer. Since that is when the area sees the greatest tourist traffic, the restrictions on dogs increase. These restrictions are essential to guarantee that all human visitors have their own space on the beach and ensure everyone’s safety in such a crowded area.

During the busy season, which is from May 1st to Labor Day, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10:00 AM–5:00 PM. That means that if you plan to take your furry friend to Myrtle Beach during the busy season, you will need to plan to visit early in the morning or later in the evening. However, on all other days of the year, your dogs are welcome to visit Myrtle Beach any time of the day.

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1. Are Dogs Allowed Off-Leash on Myrtle Beach?

Many people enjoy letting their dogs off-leash while visiting beaches because it allows them to splash in the waves and burn off some energy. However, at Myrtle Beach, off-leash dogs are prohibited. Since Myrtle Beach is so popular, keeping the dog on-leash is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

If a dog is not well-trained or becomes agitated by the crowds, the results could be disastrous for everyone involved. So, if you plan to bring your dog to Myrtle Beach, you must make sure you have your dog’s leash.

2. Clean Up After Your Dog

This often goes without saying for any public space, but you will need to clean up after your dog when visiting Myrtle Beach. All droppings must be properly secured in a waste bag and disposed of. Other visitors deserve to enjoy a beautiful beach, so make sure you and your dog leave the area just as you found it.

3. Rules for Dogs on North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach has different rules than Myrtle Beach. From May 15th  through September 15th, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 9:00 AM–5:00 PM. However, for the rest of the year, dogs are permitted at all times.

Much like Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach requires you to have your dog on a leash. Likewise, you will need to pick up after your dog to keep the beach clean.

Other Places in the Area to Take Your Dog

Being on a leash at the beach may not be enjoyable for all pups. Luckily, there are dog parks nearby. If you’ve traveled a distance to visit Myrtle Beach, there are a few great pet-friendly hotels you can stay at.

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Top 3 Nearby Dog Parks

After you and your dog hit the beach, you may be looking for fun activities. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog parks in the area.

1. Barc Parc South

Some consider this 14-acre park to be a staple of the Myrtle Beach area. It has a lake for dogs to play in and plenty of natural shade to rest and relax. The park is split into areas for large and small dogs. For humans, there are shelter areas and nearby restrooms.

2. Barc Parc North

Barc Parc North is a favorite among locals. This area provides lots of shade and drinking fountains for dogs who have spent all day in the heat. It also offers a safe, fenced-in area where dogs can run around off-leash.

3. Surfside Beach Bark Park

This park is within walking distance of the Surfside Pier, making it a convenient spot to take your dog. You will need to purchase a Surfside Beach license to enter, which is around $10 per dog.

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Image Credit: lenin-estrada, Pexels

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Top 3 Nearby Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you are looking for a place to stay that welcomes your furry family member, take a look at the list we have compiled below.

1. Red Roof Inn Myrtle Beach Market Common

Red Roof Inn is happy to house your pets during your stay in the Myrtle Beach area, and they do it at no extra cost. Only one pet is allowed, and pets larger than 60 pounds are prohibited. Well-mannered pets may be left unattended as long as the front desk is notified and left with the necessary contact information.

2. La Quinta by Myrtle Beach N Kings Hwy

This hotel opens its doors to a maximum of two pets per family. There will be an additional pet fee, which is $25 per night. This amount will not exceed $75, but pets are not allowed to be left unattended.

3. The Sandbar Hotel

Dogs that weigh less than 60 pounds are welcome to stay at The Sandbar Hotel. This will require an additional pet fee of $30 per pet per night.

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Image Credit: stockfour, Shutterstock

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Taking our pets on vacation can be difficult since some locations are not pet friendly. Thankfully, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas are more than accommodating to dogs and dog owners. If you are considering taking your dog with you to visit Myrtle Beach, make sure that you research your lodging and other planned activities to ensure that your furry friend will be welcome.

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