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Are Dogs Allowed on Governors Island? 2024 Update

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

Governors Island in New York City

Are Dogs Allowed on Governors Island? 2024 Update

If you’re visiting New York City and are looking for things to do with your pup, you may be wondering if dogs are allowed on Governors Island. The good news is that yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome on Governors Island, but only on Weekend Winter Dog Days, with the exception of service dogs, which are allowed any time 1. The island is a great spot for you and your pup to explore together, with plenty of activities, attractions, and natural beauty. To ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting the island with their dog, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of these restrictions so you can plan ahead for a fun day out with Fido!

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What Are Weekend Winter Dog Days?

Weekend Winter Dog Days is a seasonal program in which dogs are allowed to come to Governors Island on Saturdays and Sundays during the winter season and until April 30. After April 30, only service dogs are allowed on Governors Island. Dogs are allowed to come over to the island on the ferry until 3 p.m. and can stay until the island closes. After 3 p.m. dogs are not allowed to come to Governors Island. The island is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter.

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Dog Rules and Regulations for Governors Island

When bringing a pet onto Governors Island during Weekend Winter Dog Days, you must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Dogs must remain on a leash at all times (maximum leash length of 6 feet).
  • Dogs are not allowed inside any buildings, except in designated pet-friendly locations.
  • Dogs must be under control by their owners at all times. No excessive barking, running away, or aggressive behavior is allowed.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and disposing of waste properly.

Dog-Friendly Attractions and Activities on Governors Island

At Governors Island, you and your pup can enjoy a fun-filled day out in the sun! With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable for both of you. Don’t forget to check out all the dog-friendly activities and attractions that Governors Island has to offer – there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Here are some ideas:

  • Take a stroll around the island’s promenade and admire the stunning views of Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.
  • Explore Fort Jay, the oldest building at Governors Island and home to some fascinating history.
  • Let your pup run around the lawns in Liggett Hall and take a rest on one of the benches there.
  • Visit the Picnic Point and enjoy a picnic lunch with your pup – make sure to bring along some treats for Fido too!
  • Check out Clam Cove, an enclosed area where dogs can safely explore without worrying about leash restrictions.
  • Take part in any of the special events offered on Governors Island, such as yoga classes or festivals.
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Tips and Tricks For Enjoying Your Day Out with Fido

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your day on Governors Island:

  • Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your pup hydrated and energized throughout the day.
  • Make sure to check the weather before you go.
  • Bring along a first-aid kit for your pup in case of minor injuries or scrapes.
  • Avoid over-exerting your pet – take frequent breaks and watch out for signs of exhaustion or hypothermia.
  • Lastly, make sure to bring bags to clean up after your pup! It’s important to keep Governors Island clean and tidy for everyone.

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Frequent-Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of Governors Island?

The island is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the summer, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter.

Are there places where I can have my dog off-leash?

No, all dogs must remain on a leash at all times when visiting Governors Island. There is an enclosed area in Clam Cove where dogs can explore freely without worrying about the leash restriction though.

Are there places to eat with my pup?

Yes – certain restaurants and cafes offer pet-friendly seating areas, so you can grab a bite to eat with your pup.

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Are there designated areas for cleaning up after my pup?

Yes, throughout the island you will find dog waste bags and disposal bins. Please make sure to always clean up after your pup!

Are there any pet-friendly activities on Governors Island?

Yes – you and your pup can go for a hike, explore Fort Jay, or even take part in a yoga class together.

What should I do if I need assistance on the island?

There are staff members and volunteers on the island who will be able to help you. Just look for someone wearing a red Governor’s Island T-shirt!


Visiting Governors Island with your pup is sure to be an incredibly rewarding experience for both of you! With plenty of attractions, activities, and natural beauty to explore together, it’s the perfect spot for a day out. Remember to follow the rules and regulations for pets on Governors Island if you plan on bringing your pooch along, and make sure to follow our after-visit care tips to keep your pup safe and comfortable. Have fun exploring!

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