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Are Dogs Allowed in Joann Fabrics? (Updated in 2024)

Written by: Codee Chessher

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts (15006235042)

Are Dogs Allowed in Joann Fabrics? (Updated in 2024)

It can be challenging to find stores that allow dogs inside, and some stores are more relaxed than others. The popular craft store Joann Fabrics, for instance, has a general dog-friendly policy at its locations, but check their store locator or call the store directly to make sure.1 The exception is service animals trained to assist disabled people as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Service dogs are allowed anywhere, even Joann Fabrics stores that don’t typically allow dogs inside.

For more handy info on Joann Fabrics’ rules and regulations for dog owners, more stores that welcome canine companions, and how to keep your dog safe, read on.

Joann Fabrics Dog Rules & Regulations

Like anywhere you bring your furry friend, Joann Fabrics has rules you must follow to make the visit as fun and smooth as possible for you, your dog, and other store patrons. Check out the rules you must follow in Joann Fabrics stores below.

Dog-Related Rules in Joann Fabrics:
  • All pets must be fully vaccinated.
  • Pets must be on their best behavior in the store.
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up any messes your dog makes in the store.
  • Store employees may kindly ask you to leave if your dog is being unruly, they’re triggering an allergy, or other exceptional circumstances.


Service Animal Policy

As mentioned above, service animals are allowed in all Joann’s Fabric stores regardless of the individual store’s policy. There are a few hard rules on bringing a service animal into businesses like Joann Fabrics, but we’d suggest using a service animal vest just for everyone’s convenience. Technically, employees are only allowed to ask if your dog is a service animal, and they can’t ask any specific questions about the person’s disability either.

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Tifton Mall
Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Tifton Mall | Image Credit: Michael Rivera, Wikimedia Commons CC-SA 4.0 International

Other Dog-Friendly Stores

Joann Fabrics is one of a select few retailers that allow dogs in, and your natural next question is probably to wonder what other stores have dog-friendly policies. Check out our list of other stores that welcome dogs into their stores, all with their own exceptions.

Other Dog-Friendly Stores:
  • PetSmart: This pet store chain gladly welcomes all types of pets, including well-behaved pups on leashes.
  • Cabela’s: This hunting/sporting goods chain welcomes good boys and girls at all its locations unless prohibited by state or local laws.
  • Hobby Lobby: Another pet-friendly crafts store that welcomes leashed dogs at all its locations unless forbidden by state/local law.
  • Bass Pro Shops: Yet another outdoor retailer that knows your dog loves adventures and typically allows them inside.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Joann Fabrics

Traveling with your dog isn’t always simple, and it’s easy to forget or overlook certain things in all your excitement to hang out and shop with your dog. For your convenience, we’ve come up with some invaluable tips to help you make the most of your next trip to Joann Fabrics.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Joann Fabrics:
  • Pack doggy waste bags so you’re prepared for any accidents.
  • Make sure your dog is well-trained before taking them to stores.
  • Consider bringing treats along for the trip, even if you’re shopping for more.
  • Watch for signs of fear, anxiety, or aggression in your dog during the trip.
  • Call ahead to the store—policies may say one thing, but individual stores have a lot of leeway in deciding whether to welcome dogs or not.



Joann Fabrics is a wonderful craft store that knows your dog inspires creativity, and pets are allowed in the store on leashes if they’re well-behaved at most locations. For more info on if your local store, in particular, is dog-friendly, check their store locator or call them directly.


Featured Image Credit:Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts (15006235042) | Image Credit: Mike Mozart, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic

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