lil’ pals microfiber collar

Whether you have a new puppy or petite dog, this collar’s adjustable design provides a perfect fit for small dogs. Get unstoppable style and unparalleled comfort with the Li’l Pals® Microfiber Collar!

a fun addition to any pet’s wardrobe!

Salty Dog bandanas are available in a variety of sizes (XS-L), colors and patterns. Each bandana includes a complimentary snack-size bag of all-natural Howling Coyote morsels, delightful, healthy treats for your dog, made only with oatmeal and chicken. Scan the QR code or visit the link below.

smarter petcare

Keep your pet safer, healthier and happier with the next generation Pawfit 3s pet location and activity tracker. With a 20-day battery life, pets love wearing the 100% waterproof, smart GPS tracker, wherever they may go.

because filthy happens!

FoamCare shampoo sprays on for quick coverage, foams instantly, conditions skin, and rinses easier than other shampoos! Available in regular, thick coat, and medicated formulas. Paraben-free, plant-based, and fun to use!

save my pet id tag

“What if I were never to come home…who would take care of my pets?” Pet parents, wearing my Save My Pet ID Tag, available in the original necklace, the keychain, and also in the bracelet version, are provided the comforting reassurance that their pets will be saved.

spleash: the spray leash handle

Spleash® is a patented spray leash handle that attaches to YOUR favorite leash (it is NOT a retractable leash). Spleash holds 12 oz of water and sprays at least 14-feet. Allowing you to refresh your pet on the go and protect them from off-leash animals, humanely.

paw-fect holiday gift: bobs from skechers

Oh so adorable! BOBS apparel and accessories are super-cute and incredibly comfy, plus they keep giving year-round: Skechers makes a donation to help save shelter pets across North America with every specially marked BOBS purchase. The perfect way to celebrate your furry BFF this holiday.

the life protecting Bow Wow Buddy™

Our Starter Kit includes our durable, dog-approved safety device that secures long-term chews, preventing dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat and the potential for intestinal obstruction. It also contains our premium 6-inch bully sticks, hand-selected for the safest fit. Includes a Stay Fresh jar. Available in 6 sizes.

a self-cleaning dog potty of their very own

Make potty time for your pup easier with Porch Potty Premium. Built-in sprinklers and a self-draining system keep this dog potty clean and ready for use. Say goodbye to late night walks in the cold with Porch Potty.

natural relief for dogs with itchy and sensitive skin

If your dog has itchy, irritated skin, the Manuka WashBar is here to help. This soap is specially made for dogs with sensitive or problem prone skin that needs relief. Formulated with Manuka Oil from New Zealand for its anti-bacterial properties, this bar works wonders, naturally! Plus no plastic bottle!

the pet hair remover that works!

ZeLo™ brand multi-surface lint rollers are specially designed to pick up pet hair, dander, and allergens. These cleverly designed rollers are from the makers of Japan’s best-selling lint roller, and were created to make pet hair removal simple and effective.

give the gift of healthy ears and skin

ZYMOX® Ear and Skin products provide comfort and relief for ear infections, itchy allergy skin, irritated paws and more. These trusted solutions are veterinarian-recommended, non-toxic, easy-to-use, and they get their effectiveness from the power of enzymes…not antibiotics or harsh ingredients. Available at pet specialty retailers, online, and

diphda crystal charm collar set

Our Vegan Cactus Leather Collar + Crystal Charm Set is matched for its aesthetic and energetic beauty. Treat your pet with our curated sets and turn the dog park into a catwalk! DIPHDA is women-owned, sustainable, and consciously made in Los Angeles, CA.

clear acrylic feeder with gold bowls

Handmade in the USA, this feeder elevates your pet’s dining experience – literally. This premium clear acrylic feeder with gold lacquered stainless-steel bowls brings the style into your modern home. Multiple sizes available.

wellness just got better

Yummy Combs® are made wide with thin walls to floss & scrub teeth 360° to the gum line, and deter gulping. It’s a complete and balanced treat designed with a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialists in Dentistry/Nutrition. Oral Care, Nutrition, Safety & Exceptional Wellness are the heart of this revolutionary, superior protein dog treat.

pet accident cleanup, in a snap!

Sprinkle & Sweep solves the nauseating process of cleaning up stinky pet accidents such as runny poo or vomit, and even works to quickly clean dog pee! Simply sprinkle it on to instantly eliminate pungent odors and solidify the liquidy mess. Using the Sprinkle & Sweeper, sweep and dispose with no residue or odor left behind!

stress-free travel

Pet travel can be unpredictable, so Sleepypod Atom easily adapts. Use it for in-cabin air travel, as a crash-tested car seat, and as a cozy pet bed away from home. Fits below airline seats and is loaded with features to include a trolley pocket and machine washable Ultra Plush bedding.

surprise party! treat puzzle

Dogs enjoy treat-filled interactive challenges with the Surprise Party! Treat Puzzle. Simply fill the presents with treats or kibble, and watch your dog use their nose, paws, and brain to find their way to the tasty treats. Great boredom-busting puzzle for all dogs of any age, breed or size.

dog licking mat

The Tarvos Dog Licking Mat helps calm and soothe your pet by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking. Safe Alternative for your dog to lick. Great for stressful times such as vet visits, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery as well as thunderstorms and fireworks.