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10 Best Dog Training Apps in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

10 Best Dog Training Apps in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Training an active dog at home with a smartphone application

Depending on the breed, dog training can be both fun and frustrating. Some dogs pick up training very well, while others need more time and patience from you. With today’s technology, you can download an app onto your phone or laptop and start training your dog in minutes. Most apps are free to download, but some require fees in order to get full access to all they have to offer. These apps come in handy and can replace personal dog trainers in some cases, which can save you money.

In this guide, we’ll list 10 picks based on reviews to give you an idea of the best apps out there for dog training. We’ll cover the pros and cons, as well as descriptions of each app and how they work.


The 10 Best Dog Training Apps

1. Dogo Training App – Best Overall


Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: 7 day

The Dogo training app is one of the most downloaded apps for dog training to date. The app offers a 7-day free trial with the opportunity to purchase by the month for $9.99, or you can opt for a 1-year subscription for $99.99.

This app offers over 100 dog tricks and training courses with video instruction, and it offers a built-in clicker and whistle. All programs are tailored and curated by professional trainers and veterinarians, and dog owners can share videos with other dog owners for a unique experience; there’s even a video exam that you can submit of your dog’s performance. In submitting a video, you’ll get feedback within 24 hours of your dog’s performance, along with professional tips.

You can read articles about puppy training, obedience, nutrition, and health. It does not offer any free features, and you must subscribe to its premium service after the 7-day free trial. Some users complain that you have to subscribe to actually use the app, and the free trial is just a way to navigate the app. Nonetheless, with the many programs and features, this app comes in as the best overall dog training app you can buy to date.

  • Offers over 100 programs and tricks
  • Professional guidance
  • Connect with other dog owners with stories and videos
  • 7-day free trial
  • Must subscribe to actually use

2. Puppr Dog App– Best Value


Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: 7 days

The Puppr app offers a 7-day free trial. After the free trial, you can subscribe monthly for $12.99 or buy a year subscription for $99.99. This app has over 100 lessons taught by celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson and the Super Collies, live chats with trainers, easy video instruction, and the ability to track your pup’s progress. You can get help with potty training, trick training, and more.

This app also has a built-in clicker, and all lessons are taught using positive reinforcement.  It offers “Puppr Master Classes” that provides in-depth guidance on leash training and photo challenges that show off your pup’s progress with other Puppr users. It also has a Puppr shop with handpicked product recommendations by Sara Carson.

Live chats with professional trainers are available 24/7, and it offers in-app purchases that include premium lesson packs that come with two free lessons and additional locked content. However, you must subscribe to get these packs and premium features. Overall, we feel this app is the best dog training app for the money due to its many features and professional training tips from celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson.

  • Instruction by celerity dog trainer, Sara Carson
  • Over 100 lessons
  • Photo challenges
  • Live chat with trainers
  • Uses positive reinforcement training methods
  • Have to subscribe to get premium access

3. Good Pup Training App – Premium Choice


Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: 7 days

The Good Pup app is more expensive and costs $29.99 a week after the 7-day free trial. However, you’ll get your own personal trainer with this app, which offers weekly video chats or built-in text capability. This app tailors to your dog, and they ask specific questions regarding your dog to get an in-depth view of the problem areas you may need help with.

While this app is on the expensive side, it is very specific to you and your dog with private, one-on-one video chats. You also get 24/7 unlimited chats with veterinary experts, along with daily guided practice and progress check-ins. You can skip weeks and change training at any time, and you can try it for free for seven days. This company only recruits top trainers in the U.S. and Canada with expertise in veterinary care, behavior, and training.

Some users state that the app doesn’t work at times, and it may take a while for the video chat to load, depending on your device. Also, you may not receive the same trainer in each session if your trainer is unavailable at the time.

  • One-on-one video chat and trainer
  • Personalized to you and your dog
  • 24/7 unlimited chat/text access
  • Can skip weeks and change training
  • May not receive same trainer each session
  • Expensive
  • App may be slow to load

4. Pup to Date Dog App – Best for Puppies


Compatible with: iOS
Free trial: Free usage up to 10 events

Puppies need a strict daily routine, and the Pup to Date app provides positivity and organization to your puppy’s daily training. You can track your puppy’s potty schedule and set reminders for medication, feeding, and potty schedules. You can also use it with your Apple Watch, which is convenient while outside or if you’re not near your phone or iPad for tracking purposes.

You can log 10 events, but after that, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $3.99. This app is mainly for potty training and keeping your pup on a schedule, but the app makes it easy to track. The only drawback we see is it’s only available for iOS users.

  • Keeps puppy on a routine and schedule
  • Can log potty schedule, medications, and feeding
  • Compatible with an Apple Watch
  • Only available for iOS
  • Can log only 10 events before paying

5. Pupford Dog and Puppy Training

PupFord Academy

Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: Free app

The Pupford app is a free 30-day course complete with videos led by popular dog trainer Zak George. This 30-day course is free; however, if you wish to expand your learning with this app, you have the option to subscribe to the academy for $9.99 per month or $39 for 6 months.

What’s great about this app is you don’t have to subscribe to get the 30-day free course. The videos use positive reinforcement techniques with basic training lessons, including leash training, daily tips, Q & A, and more. It also offers a private support community for members and top product recommendations.

Some users state the videos take a while to load, and notifications may not disappear after opening them.

  • Free 30-day course
  • Basic learning lesson for free
  • Videos led by Zak George
  • Option to subscribe but not necessary
  • Private support community
  • Videos may take time to load
  • Notifications may not disappear

6. EveryDoggy Training App


Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: Free usage with option to subscribe

The Everydoggy app is free to download and use; however, if you want full access to games, courses, and tricks, you’ll need to upgrade and subscribe to premium. If you don’t want to subscribe, you’ll still get valuable training information for free. This app was created by top canine experts, and it comes with a built-in clicker and whistle.

A monthly subscription will run you $14.99 per month, but you’ll get over 70 tricks and games complete with step-by-step instructions via videos. This app offers crate training, potty training, essential commands, no barking techniques, how to teach no jumping on people, and more.

Videos are limited in the free version, leaving you to upgrade to premium to get access to all the app’s many features. The app also lacks the ability to save videos for later viewing, which makes it hard to find a certain video for helpful information in the future.

  • Free download and usage
  • Option to upgrade to premium
  • Developed by top canine experts
  • Subscription necessary for full access to videos
  • Expensive monthly fee
  • No option to save videos for future viewing

7. Pawsitive Training App


Compatible with: iOS
Free trial: Free download

The Pawsitive app is an android-specific app. It contains games, a clicker, and healthy food guides for your pup. It comes with illustrations and step-by-step streaming “how-to” videos for training a new puppy or older dog. The short videos touch on subjects such as socialization, behavior, nutrition, exercise, end-of-life care, and more.

You can download the app for free; however, to gain full access, you must subscribe to the streaming service for $3.99 per month or annually at $47. This app is one of the less expensive apps and is pretty straightforward. All videos are approved by a veterinarian, and they constantly add and update videos. You can also take a quiz to determine if your dog is happy and healthy. One downfall is that the app may crash often.

  • Affordable app
  • Has games, a clicker, and how-to videos
  • Includes nutrition advice
  • Quiz available for accuracy of pet’s health and happiness
  • Touches in many subjects
  • Have to pay for full access to videos
  • App may crash often

8. iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker

Compatible with: iOS (designed for iPad)
Free trial: Free to download

The iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker app is iOS-specific and designed mainly for an iPad, but it will work for an iPhone. This app is only $1.99 for in-app purchases and is free to use. It has over 50 animal sounds and effects to assist in your dog’s training. You can customize the frequency from 100 Hz to 35 kHz, and it comes with five clicker sounds. You can also record your own sounds.

This app focuses on clicker and whistle training, and it gives you information on how to train using clickers and whistles to get the desired behavior you’re seeking from your dog.

Ads pop up in the middle of training, which disrupts the training session. This app is very basic, so if you need extensive help with training, you may need to look elsewhere.

  • Free to use
  • $1.99 to upgrade for in-app purchases
  • Over 50 sounds
  • Can record own sounds
  • Customizable frequencies
  • Only good for clicker and whistle training
  • Ad popups disrupt training

9. GoDog Training App


Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: 3 days

The GoDog app contains a clicker, whistle, a health diary, an extensive set of lessons, a walking schedule, useful articles, and step-by-step video instruction from canine experts. It’s free to download, but in order to unlock all lessons and videos, you’ll need to subscribe weekly for $4.99, or you can buy it annually at $39.99.

The free version includes 12 basic lessons, articles, a clicker and whistle, a walking tracker, and five health reminders. You can share your dog’s profile with others, especially if someone else is helping train your dog or if you have a dog sitter, and it comes with a vaccination schedule. The lessons are curated in a way to make training easy, and all lessons are crafted by canine experts.

This app receives mainly positive reviews; the only downfall we see is having to pay for full access to all it offers.

  • Offers a free version
  • Contains walking tracker
  • Contains vaccination schedule
  • Easy to follow instructional videos
  • Limited information with free version

10. Pocket Puppy School Training App

Pocket Puppy School

Compatible with: Android and iOS
Free trial: Free app

Pocket Puppy School is easy to use, and it’s free. The goal of this app is to make the information easy to access for people of all ages and nationalities. You can chat with a personal trainer for 30 days, which is excellent if you’re training a puppy or an older dog. Upload videos to the trainer so that the trainer can see any behavioral problems firsthand, which allows them to troubleshoot the problem right then and there.

You can share your pup’s progress with other users, along with pictures and comments. Every completed lesson comes with a star for tracking progress, providing tons of information and tips for teaching your pup tricks. It also provides puppy-related products, so you don’t have to worry about where to find what you need. This app has a lot to offer; the best part is it’s free. The only downfall we see is the app may take a while to load when clicking on topics.

  • Free app
  • Excellent for puppies and older dogs
  • 30-day personal trainer access
  • Share progress with other users
  • Can track progress
  • The app may take a while to load


Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Dog Training App

Did you realize how many apps there are for dog training? Are you surprised? As you can see, many dog training apps are available for both Android and iOS users, but how do you choose the right one for your needs? If you have more questions, keep reading to discover how to pick the best one to get the most out of your specific needs and requirements.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is crucial in successful dog training, and when researching an app, ensure it teaches positive reinforcement techniques. Positive reinforcement training ultimately rewards your dog for desired behaviors. The last thing you want is to show aggressiveness toward your dog when it does something wrong. This will only lead to negative behavior from your dog, and it will cause your dog to be afraid of you. Also, your dog is not learning with an aggressive technique. All the apps we’ve listed use positive reinforcement, but to be on the safe side, always double-check any app you may be considering.


Some apps can be used with both Android and iOS, but some are specific to either one. The best way to ensure an app will work with your operating system is to download it directly from your app store.

App Features

Ensure you read the description of any app so you can determine if it’s right for your needs. For example, you don’t want to download an app designed for puppy training when you have a three-year-old dog that needs a little work on jumping up on people or barking. Videos are a terrific way to grasp what the trainer is teaching, and if you are more of a watcher than a reader, this feature is important, and you and your dog will benefit much more from the experience.

Reading reviews from users is another good way to determine the ease of use. You don’t want an app that’s complicated or doesn’t give good instructions on how to use it. Most users explain the dashboard of these apps, and that’s a great place to start before downloading.

Free vs. Paid Subscriptions

Most apps offer free downloads, but in order to get the most out of an app, you may need to upgrade to a premium service. While some apps remain free, the app may not have all of the features you require or desire until you pay to subscribe. Some are more expensive than others, and you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of sticking with a free app or upgrading to gain full access to all it has to offer. A benefit to free app downloads is most apps give you the opportunity to check it out first before committing to a premium plan.



We hope our 10 reviews of dog training apps help you make the best decision for your dog. To recap, for the best overall dog training app, Dogo offers a 7-day free trial, over 100 tricks and training videos, a built-in clicker, whistle, and video exams to grade your pup’s progress, along with a ton of features. For the best value, Puppr offers a 7-day free trial, instructional videos by celebrity trainer Sara Carson, 24-7 live chats, and photo challenges.

Featured Image Credit: Aleksey Boyko, Shutterstock

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