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10 Super Bowl Party Safety Tips for Dogs (2024 Guide)

Written by: Jeff Weishaupt

Last Updated on July 3, 2024 by Dogster Team

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10 Super Bowl Party Safety Tips for Dogs (2024 Guide)

The Super Bowl is a time for fun, food, and festivities, but it’s important not to forget about your dog during this time. With so many people, noises, and distractions, dogs can easily get overwhelmed or even injured during the Super Bowl party.

Luckily, there are certain ways you can make your dog feel safe on such an occasion. From providing a safe space to supervising interactions, you can easily celebrate the big game while keeping your dog comfortable and calm.

Keep reading for 10 Super Bowl party safety tips to keep in mind for your dog.

The 10 Super Bowl Party Safety Tips for Dogs

1. Keep Your Dog Indoors

Having a party during the Super Bowl can be stressful for your dog in many ways. The loud noises, commotion, and unfamiliar guests can overwhelm and frighten your furry friend. Keeping your dog indoors and away from the noise and crowds will help them feel safe and secure.

With guests coming and going, there’s a greater risk of doors being left open. During the party, your dog may run out without your knowledge. The best decision is to lock your pet in your bedroom with plenty of food, water, and air circulation.

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2. Avoid Feeding Your Dog Party Food

It can be tempting to share your party snacks with your furry friend. Still, you must stay aware that many human foods can harm dogs. Foods high in fat, salt, or sugar can cause digestive issues and even lead to serious health problems.

Chocolate, avocado, onions, grapes, and raisins are toxic to dogs. It’s essential to keep your dog’s diet consistent and avoid giving them table scraps. Instead, provide them with regular meals and healthy dog treats.

3. Keep Trash Cans and Recycling Bins Covered

During a Super Bowl party, it’s easy for dogs to get into the trash and scavenge for leftovers. This can be a potential hazard for your dog, as they may choke on food scraps. Such mishaps are much more probable when you’re too busy tending to guests to supervise your dog.

To prevent mishaps, keeping all trash cans and recycling bins covered and out of your dog’s reach is important. You may place them in a secure location, such as a closed pantry or cupboard.

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4. Watch for Escape Attempts

With so many guests coming and going, your dog can easily slip out the door unnoticed. They may wander off, get lost, or be involved in an accident. To prevent escape attempts, keeping a close eye on your dog throughout the party is important.

Consider keeping your dog on a leash or in a secure area, such as a crate or a designated room. You may also remind your guests to be mindful of the door. The easiest option is to post a sign near the entrance to remind guests to be cautious and not to leave the door open.

5. Make Sure Your Dog Has Identification

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. That means your furry friend may still find a way to escape. So, it’s crucial to ensure your dog is properly identified in case they get lost.

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with ID tags detailing your contact information. Microchipping your dog is an additional safety measure to greatly increase the chances of your dog’s safe return if they are lost. But remember to keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company.

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6. Provide a Safe Space

Super Bowl parties can be overwhelming for dogs. To make sure your furry friend feels comfortable during the party, you must provide them with a designated safe space. The best way is to set up a comfortable bed or crate in a quiet room away from the party noise.

If your dog has a favorite blanket or toy, include it in their safe space. That will provide them with a sense of familiarity and comfort. Additionally, you can play calming music or white noise to help drown out any party noise.

7. Avoid Loud Noises

Dogs have much more sensitive hearing compared to humans. That means loud noises can be particularly stressful and overwhelming for them. It’s important to take steps to minimize noise levels during the Super Bowl party to help keep your dog calm and relaxed.

One way to do so is to keep the TV volume or music at a reasonable level. Consider playing soft background music instead of increasing the volume on the sound system. This can help create a more peaceful environment for your dog.

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8. Supervise Interactions With Children

If your Super Bowl party has children, it’s important to supervise any interactions between them and your dog. While dogs can be great companions for kids, you must ensure they interact safely and appropriately.

Make sure they understand that they should approach your dog calmly. Encourage them to stroke your dog’s back and avoid touching sensitive areas. The children must also learn to respect the dog’s boundaries to avoid any aggressive retaliation.

9. Be Mindful of Decorations

Many typical party decorations can be a choking hazard if ingested by your pet. That includes streamers, balloons, confetti, and ribbons. These items can cause gastrointestinal blockages or other health problems, demanding veterinary attention.

To ensure your dog’s safety, keep all decorations and party favors out of reach. Hang streamers and balloons high or in areas where they won’t be tempted to play with them. If you notice your dog has ingested any decorations, seek veterinary attention immediately.

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10. Plan for a Post-Party Walk

After a Super Bowl party, your dog may feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. A great way to help them relax and unwind is to take them for a post-party walk.

Walking your dog can help them burn off any excess energy they may have built up during the party. It can also help them release any stress or anxiety they may have experienced from being around many people or loud noises.


As you gear up for the Super Bowl, remember that your furry friend needs extra attention during the party. By following these 10 safety tips for dogs, you can help ensure your dog stays happy, healthy, and safe throughout the festivities.

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