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How To Clean a Beagles Ears in 6 Simple Steps

Written by: Sarah Psaradelis

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How To Clean a Beagles Ears in 6 Simple Steps


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Beagles are popular for their large floppy ears, but they can get dirty easily. The structure of a beagle’s floppy ears is common in domesticated dogs and can make them prone to ear infections. Floppy ears can hold in moisture and dirt that can build up in the ear canal, and bacterial infections can occur.

The flaps of a Beagle’s ears do not receive much airflow, which creates a moist and dark environment where bacteria can grow, making it essential to keep your beagle’s ears clean as part of their grooming routine.


Preparing To Clean Your Beagle’s Ears

Most Beagles need their ears to be cleaned every couple of weeks to prevent ear issues from occurring. A deep clean is only necessary every 2 to 3 weeks, but a quick cleaning to get rid of dirt build-up is required weekly. When doing a weekly clean on your Beagles ears, you will only need a dog-safe wipe to gently wipe away any dirt that has built up in your Beagle’s ears.

When doing a proper clean in your Beagle’s ears you will need cotton pads or cotton wool and a dog cleaning solution. Avoid wetting your Beagle’s ears to wash them because water can enter their ear canal and become uncomfortable or lead to an infection if it is not dried properly.

Before cleaning your Beagle’s ears, you need will need these supplies:
  • Dog ear cleaning wipes
  • Ear cleaning solution
  • Cotton pads or cotton balls

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Step-By-Step Guide for Cleaning a Beagle’s Ears

1. Prepare Your Beagle and Supplies

Before you begin cleaning your Beagle’s ears, you should first make sure that they are comfortable and in a calm environment. You do not want to clean your Beagle’s ears if they are struggling to sit still or seem distracted to avoid injuring your dog. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies close by to where you will be cleaning your Beagle’s ears so that it can be a quick ear clean for your dog without having to leave the room to look for the supplies you need.

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Image Credit: Gursimrat Ganda, Unsplash

2. Wipe Surface Dirt

Before cleaning your Beagle’s ears, it is important to get rid of surface dirt by gently rubbing a dog wipe around the outside of their ear. This will help remove any built-up debris that has formed in your Beagle’s outer ear. Avoid removing any dirt that leads into your dog’s inner ear canal as it can cause injury. Make sure this area of your Beagle’s ear does not get wet while being cleaned to prevent moisture from building up. Surface dirt can prevent the ear cleaning solution from being effective as it acts as a thick barrier, so remove as much surface dirt that has built up in your Beagle’s ear before using a cleaning solution.

3. Apply Cleaning Solution To Cotton Pad/Balls

Choose an ear-cleaning solution that is specifically made for dogs and avoid using dog shampoos or human ear-cleaning solutions as this can irritate your Beagle’s ears. Do not apply the ear cleaning solution to your dog’s ear, but rather place a few drops onto a cotton pad or ball till it is slightly damp and squeeze out an excess solution that could drip into your dog’s ear.

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Image by: yangtak, Shutterstock

4. Gently Clean The Ear

Apply the cotton pad or ball with the ear cleaning solution to the underside of your dog’s ear flap. Gently wipe away dirt and discoloration that has formed in your dog’s ear. You can start by cleaning one ear first and then moving on to the next ear.

5. Dry The Ears

Once you have cleaned your Beagle’s ears, you should soak up excess moisture from the wet wipe or cleaning solution using a dry cotton pad or ball. This can help prevent moisture from building up or entering your dog’s inner ear canal and causing discomfort.

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Image by: Kate Kanmepol, Shutterstock

6. Reward Your Dog

Not all Beagles will enjoy having their ears cleaned, so rewarding them is a good idea. By offering your Beagle a treat after getting their ears cleaned, you will help them associate having their ears cleaned with something positive.

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Do Beagles Need To Have Their Ears Cleaned?

Beagles are prone to a variety of different ear problems due to their ear structure. Floppy ears in dogs can hold moisture, and dirt, and have poor airflow, which can lead to the canals serving as a breeding ground for the proliferation of yeast and bacteria. Beagle owners should regularly check their Beagle’s ears for signs of infection, which can be treated far more easily in the beginning stages.

Some signs of an ear infection in Beagles include excessive ear scratching, rubbing their ears against objects like furniture and walls, head tilting, and ear irritation. Severe ear infections in Beagles can cause a smelly discharge that has a thick black, brown, or greenish coloration; however, it should not be confused for a build-up of dirt that can form in your Beagle’s ear canal which appears black or brown and can be controlled with regular ear cleaning.



Since Beagles have low-hanging ears, they need their ears frequently cleaned as part of their grooming routine to make sure their ears are kept healthy. When cleaning your dog’s ears, it is important to take them to a veterinarian if you discover any abnormalities such as a foul discharge, redness, or unusual behavior that causes your Beagles to scratch or rub their ears. You can also consult with a veterinarian to discuss the best ear cleaning products for your Beagle if they are prone to recurrent ear infections and problems.

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